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Next to, is one of the web’s most popular Internet retailers. They also happen to have a very nice affiliate program with great commissions. Instead of having to rely on an affiliate middleman (eg. Linkshare) you are able to interact directly with them and that is why they are able to offer such generous commissions.

Generous commissions you say? That’s right, checkout this table.

Total Sales/Month Commission Percentage
Less than $500 25%
$500 to $2,000 26%
$2,000 to $5,000 27%
$5,000 to $10,000 28%
$10,000 to $20,000 29%
$20,000 and up 30%

You might be thinking that 25% commission on a $10 poster is not that much, but two things separate this service from Amazon. A $10 book from Amazon at 7.5% (highest you can get right now) will help put in a whopping $0.75 in your bank account while a $10 poster from will get you $2.50. Also, they include framing which can get every expensive so your earnings are likely to increase.

They pay monthly and place a 10-day cookie on customers computers so you have 10 days to make money from just one click.


Even better is that they have just now introduced a webservices package that works similar to Amazon Web Services. This leads to even greater possibilites for integration within your website.

This service is good for entertainment sites, college focused sites, home decorating type sites and a couple of others. It’s hard to go wrong with a program from a well-respected site that pays such high commissions.

Join now.

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  • Scrivs

    What do you mean by feasibility? I mean you can easily setup a domain that just sells posters, but how much will it earn is another question.

    Do you go out of your way to promote it or do you just sit around hoping that people find it. It’s possible, but realistically you probably will not earn that much.

    Also once people find that they can go to they will just return there and ignore your site.

  • Mike M

    So what’s the feasability of setting up a site just to sell posters?

  • Paul

    A possible better way for the small fry would be to concentrate a site on just one kind of poster or maybe even one poster. SEO the heck out of it, links, etc… get your positions and then move on to another one. Might be easier for rankings than to try to just build a big site that is ultimately just a copy of with a different layout. My 2 cents.

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