Casio GW-400J Vibrating Watch

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Frankly, I don’t fancy wearing watches. I normally use my cell phone to look at the time. However, this vibrating watch by Casio could change my mind since it could also give my tired blogging wrist a good massage.

WatchReport gives a very good review on this piece, so here goes.

Casio GW-400J’s has a vibrating alarm, but it’s even solar powered. And atomic. And it has a countdown timer. True, it’s goofy looking, but I just named all my favorite digital watch features, and it’s very unusual to find them all in one place.

Here’s a list of features:

* Vibrating alarm. With the GW-400J, the vibrating function is all or nothing. Either you want sound, or you want vibration. The vibrating alarm applies to the alarms, countdown timer, and hourly time signal.
* Atomic (Waveceptor). That means this watch is automatically calibrated through radio waves transmitted by atomic clocks. It works in both Japan and the US. When your time zone is set to LA, Denver, Chicago, or New York, the watch automatically knows to use the US frequency for time calibration rather than the two Japanese frequencies.
* Tough Solar. Solar cells around the face keep the watch’s battery charged, and a sophisticated power-saving function will keep the watch powered for up to 19 months with no light.
* Water-resistant to 200 meters, or over 600 feet (which makes it suitable for diving).
* Thermometer which measures both air and water temperature between -10 and about 60 degrees Celsius (that’s about 14 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, although the units are only in Celsius since the watch was not intended to be sold in the US).
* Tide graph based on your general location.
* Moon phase indicator.
* World time supporting 32 cities in 30 time zones.
* Stopwatch with a resolution of 1/100th of a second and a max time of 100 hours.
* Four alarms.
* Countdown timer. Goes up to 60 minutes and has an auto-repeat function.
* Automatic calendar.
* Electroluminescent backlight.

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