Problems with Visual Studio 2005

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Sat, Nov 5 - 11:22 am EDT | 8 years ago by
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Well, it shipped.

Isn’t that great given the recurring problem at Redmond : nothing ever ships? As we speak, Visual Studio 2005 is out there … in the real world. Now duck! reports this, “Microsoft has rejected a request from developers to push back delivery of its oft-delayed Visual Studio 2005 in order to fix bugs. … Through a feedback form on the Microsoft Developer Network Web site, developer customers asked Microsoft to release a third beta of Visual Studio 2005, which is due for completion on Nov. 7.”

VS is so buggy it’s generated a barrage of howls from developers in many quarters. Even that shrinking violet, Mini-Microsoft has this to say :

If you can’t trust your compiler, man, your whole world starts falling apart. All of you Microsofties posting “whoo-hoo, we shipped!” to your blog I hope are going in next week and, after the cheering, put deep concerted effort into creating a near-term service pack for VS. I know we wander around joking that Orcas will really be a big service pack for VS 2005, but as of this week, no one is laughing. Our customers ~ our developers ~ deserve a lot better quality and we need to react quickly to avoid a deepening distrust.

Dear O dear! We need a service pack before we’ve had the service? There could be an infinite regression coming on here.

[Via and Mini-Microsoft]

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  • Damon

    I have to say I have been disappointed w/ the quality of VS 2005. I had been using Beta 2 version since it was released back in April. I had even used it for current projects to see how well it worked. It seemed like it was able to see the debug symbols for things built w/ the DDK when the 2003 version simply wouldn’t work w/ them. It had no problem compiling everything that I was doing in VS 2003.

    I have now upgraded to VS 2005 and started using it. Right out of the box, it will not compile projects that build flawlessly w/ Beta 2. It complains of undefined symbols (which are a part of VS 2005 itself). I have upgraded the DDK and I still get the same problem. If I go back a few versions in DDK, I get even more errors.

    Overall, the application is incredibly slow compared to Beta 2. Upgrading to VS 2005 has been several steps backward from Beta 2. I am completely disappointed.

  • John

    Thanks for the feedback, Damon. Interesting info.

  • Les Stockton

    I received a copy of Visual Studio 2005 after attending a Tech Ed event (MSDN) yesterday. After installing, the computer seems to run slowly and not sure why. Even when VS isn’t running, the system still seems to be sluggish. I’ve checked and Explorer seems to be logging activity even when the machine is fairly idle.

    I’m running XP Home. The installation didn’t have any hiccups, so I was wondering if you might have an idea of what the problme is and how to resolve it or work around.

  • Philipp

    Crashes often, sometimes hangs so bad that only a reboot helps and performance is just ridiculous. Compared to VS.NET 2003 (which definitely has it’s issues), the quality of this product just sucks :-(

  • Mark Chequer

    I used Beta 1 … thought it was good, I used Beta II thought that was better …. I used the RTM thought my machine had a problem (continual crashing of VS 2005) and running slow. I reinstalled the whole machine, installed VS 2005 final and it crashes about 3-5 times a day (more if unlucky). … and runs slow.

    I run 90% MS stuff so can not believe the developers at MS are not seeing this. I hope there is a OMG at ms and ‘I’ve found the problem’ and rush out a hot fix. This needs to be resolved.

  • Farhad Jalali

    After installing VS 2005, all application at my computers be run too slow! specially i have many problem in working with VS 2003 which still i’m using it!
    what the hill should i do?

  • Nimesh

    VS 2005 installs SQL server express edition with it by default. your PC may becoming slower becuse of it. try to stop the Sql Server Service and see if you are getting an improvement.

  • Jason

    Thanks for that feedback Nimesh and help to the community here!

  • Wade Maxfield

    VS 2005 express edition has crashed twice today working through the introductory videos. It takes my entire machine down with it, rebooting. I’m running Windows 2000 Professional, SP4 + updates.

    It is bad that it crashes, worse that it reboots the entire machine. Some work gets lost each time, it seems. Does anyone have any suggestions to stop the reboots?

  • Alex

    I’ve got to echo the dissapointment here. I’ve been running VS 2005 Pro since it came out. I’ve been searching for tweaks and fixes since then. I have disabled SQL Server Express, I have turned off the splash screen, very minor improvements if any.

    This application’s performance is completely horrible. I do realize it is doing a lot of things in the background that are not immediately obvious–but that in itself is a problem. Yes I like the featureset, but I would like to know what it’s doing that’s taking so much time, and how to disable some of the features that aren’t necessary for me.

    I have about 3 crashes of the compiler a day, which cascades into the IDE crashing. Sometimes builds take over 10 minutes, somtimes less than 1 (of the same project.) The bug with not being able to design a form occasionally without exiting and rebuilding is terribly annoying, though I hear there’s a hotfix available upon request. Sometimes I come back to my computer and try to start typing in a code window, only to have to wait up to 5 minutes for VS2005 to wake up.

    There’s really no excuse for all of this. This product should by no means have been released yet.

  • Dave

    I am very comfortable with Visual Studio 2003. I tried my first project with Visual Studio 2005 with my website, and I am so disappointed in Visual studio 2005. It is horrible!! Constantly bombs out starting the same project. I have to reboot my computer many times a day. I cannot belive microsoft could let this software out. It is extremely slow, and it just feels plain buggy. I thought since I was new to Visual studio 2005, it was my fault. Then I saw this site as well as other and Thank God I am not the only one with problems. I will now continue to develop in visual 2003 until the next serivce for vs2005 is out!!

  • Joe P.

    Hi. My name is Joe and I just tried to install VS 2005 Standard edition. This product is the pits. After numerous attempts to install it just hange then finally it fails. I am experienceing very bad performance since its attempted installation (not even that works!). Since I’ve uninstalled it, my computer has been behaving very slow with other apps. Thanks microsoft for a frustrating experience.

    My installation hangs after installing the 2nd CD on “Executing action: RemoveTempHxDs”. I need toterminate all programs and shut down after this. Any ideas, please help.

  • Peter Samwel

    I agree. We have a solution with 300,00+ lines of code (C#) including 43 projects and VS2003 hummed with it. VS2005 on the other hand can’t even handle opening the web.config of one project to edit without having to “think” for 2-3 minutes. Here are my major gripes:

    Editing sucks.
    Intellisense sucks.
    Refactoring REALLY sucks (please Lord let resharper get v2.0 out the door soon!).
    Design view doesn’t mangle html, but it still sucks on speed.
    Source Control support (for anything OTHER than VSS) is atrocious (random crashes doing get latest w/ Vault, not picking up changes, not actually checking in files, etc)

    And if allllllll that simply wasn’t enough. I have to install a BETA2 patch for the damned IDE so i can have normal web projects. No offense, but the “websites” project type is only useful for hte most rudimentary and banal projects. IN THE REAL WORLD WE NEED FLEXIBILITY, not being forced into a model that MS thinks is “cool”.

    It’s like they took .NET development from a hardcore environment and turned it into a playground for the “newbie developer”. Great, help new people get a handle on things, but STOP FORCING the rest of us to deal with it.

    I have no faith left in MS on the IDE. As soon as I find an alternative (hell, notepad is ALMOST better productivity wise at this point), I’m recommending our entire shop get rid of VS2005.

    Can you say ‘sianora’?

  • Jason

    Yes, I removed Visual Studio 2005 the end of last week. I’m now back to relying on and using Dreamweaver for my web development needs. I can’t say “sianora”, I can say “sayanora”.

  • goon12

    I share an office with 3 other people, and hear nothing but sighs and groans. What’s the reason for all the sighs and groans? We upgraded to Visual Studio 2005. I deleted a file, through the Solution Explorer yesterday at 16:59, and it didn’t finish deleting the file until 17:04! Awesome!

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  • Roy Mash

    Like Joe P. my installation hung on “Executing action: RemoveTempHxDs”. I’m a little sorry I didn’t read this page before installation.

  • Cameron

    I just read the posts here and I’m sorry to hear that so many of you have been having such bad experiences with Visual Studio 2005.

    It’s unclear to me from many of the posts exactly what features and languages are being used.
    I work on the VB.NET team and I’d like to help track down these issues so that at the very least we can fix them moving forward.
    If your performance issues involve VB.NET (including Web) projects I’d like to work with you to identify the problem.
    If not VB.NET I will try to get you in touch with the right folks.
    I need to ask one favor though. If you do contact me please try to pick your top performance issue and try to be as specific as possible. Telling me it sucks doesn’t give me much to go on. The best scenario for me is either a repro solution or steps to make one.

    If you would like help in tracking down your performance issue please contact me directly at

    Cameron McColl
    Visual Basic .Net Team

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  • Anup

    I have been facing a lot of problems with VS2005. Whether it’s C# or VB.NET it causes sluggishness as described by others on this blog.

    The same application compiles under 2mins using VS2003, whereas on a VS2005 environment, it can take upto 10-12 mins (on a bad day).

    I upgraded my processor to Dual core and it still gives me the same performance. I installed another Gig of RAM. I am the only person using 2Gb of RAM, and the performance has marginally improved.

    Now on a bad day it takes about 8mins to compile. The average compile time is around 6mins.

    Not bad for a product that costs $800!
    While I am absolutely impressed with the things you can do with VS2005 and the .NET2.0 framework, I am not at all happy that we moved to VS2005 (on my decision as the Systems Architect).

    Developers are now spending about 2-3minutes waiting for edits to show up on the screen. There are millions of ocassions when the screen just goes white for 2-4mins.

    I would highly appreciate it, if someone could let us know the status of this situation. In an environment of Rapid Application Dev., VS2005 doesn’t do justice to it’s developers.

  • Cameron

    Would you be willing to share your app with me so that we analyze the performance and track down why it’s taking so long?

    If not would you be willing to run a tool that I can provide which will collect profile data on what the compiler is doing over time. With the profile we can often determine where we can improve our performance.

    Either way I would be delighted to help you track down the issue and if appropriate provide any subsequent fixes that address the issue.
    You can contact me directly at

    Note that I personally can only help address VB.NET issues. If you need help with a C# solution I can direct your request to my C# counterpart.

    I look forward to hearing from you and I promise to post our findings on this thread at a later date.

    Cameron McColl
    VB.NET Development team.

  • Dan

    Visual Studio 2005 does seem to be a bit sluggish but that’s not my main concern. My main concern is being unable to build existing projects and consume web services that work with any other toolkit imagineable except for VS2005/WSE3.0. Right now the development schedule doesn’t allow for us to move forward with VS2005. I am anticipating a service pack that may make it less painful to upgrade.

  • Profpylons

    At our development shop (we use C#) we’ve had build speed issues with Web Site and Web Service problems. After some investigation it seemed that the solutions are a bit over sensitive to the Build Order.. Get it right and it’s fairly quick, but get it wrong and you can be waiting minutes (I was waiting upto 8 minutes for a small (

  • Profpylons

    oh dear! That will teach me to use LT’s indiscriminately on peoples forums…

    That should have read:
    (I was waiting upto 8 minutes for a small (LT 5 pages) website to compile)

    Then I launched into a big RANT about how much Web projects have changed since VS2003… So you’re probably better off without it!!

    But my biggest gripe regarding VS 2005 is how much it has changed from the previous version. Things that were second nature thanks to a 5-year period of stability with the old environment. Top of my list are:
    1) The tabs now open right to left. If I wanted the last file I opened I used to move the cursor Up and Right. Now it’s up and left. Sounds small but I wouldn’t like to count how many times I get this wrong.
    2) The default setting to create all classes and interfaces without the public modifier. I don’t know about everyone else but I write far more public classes than private ones. An additional peeve is including the System.Text and .Generic namespaces.
    I’ve changed this template now (once I found which copy on the disk actually loads into the IDE), but it’s still a pain on colleaugue’s PCs. I shouldn’t have needed to do this..
    3) All the dialog boxes appearing too small and in the middle of the screen. The Unhandled Exception dialog is a good example. The first thing I have to do is move it so I can make it big enough to read the text. Either appear big enough, or appear off to one side so that I can make the box a decen size without running out of screen.
    4) Being unable to edit whilst debugging (At least the majority of the time – I’ve not figured out the rules for when can or can’t). Quite often while the application is running I’ll see the need for an extra comment or a TODO, or change a Literal string for constant it should have had from the start. In VS2003 no problem, but now I have to remember where these are until the end of the debugging session to make the changes. (As an aside I used to enjoy watching the debugger step onto lines of code I’d moved or deleted).

    I realise none of these are major problems – personally I don’t have a problem with speed or rebooting, which would be killers – but they do interupt my flow and thus concentration and feeling of productivity (cf ). It now seems like the environment is no loger working for me, but I’m working for it…

  • Sobokan

    Even more annoying, within the timespan of one week i managed lose my form layout 6 times in different projects.. VS2003 already had this bug as well but not as bad as this one..

    Also, if i leave the IDE open at night and come back in the morning, it has mysteriously consumed 300+ mb extra internal memory while doing nothing..

    Also found quite a few bugs when deploying which drove me crazy until i figured that its not me generating bugs this time but VS2005..

    Thank you once again Microsoft !!

  • vivek

    I m working on vs 2005 from last 1 month,it is running web projects by using application development server using a port.though i created i virtual directory i was not able to run it through explorer,not on client machine.
    i repaired .net framework 2.0 it helped me by running on same system with explorer but still pages r not available on client machine.
    is there any conflict issue with iis & framework?
    plz resolve the problem.

  • Andrew

    > Roy Mash Says:
    > March 30th, 2006 at 9:34 pm
    > Like Joe P. my installation hung on “Executing > action: RemoveTempHxDs”. I’m a little sorry I
    > didn’t read this page before installation.

    Good 2-hour long dinner does it: you come back – RemoveTempHxDs action completed. It’s just toying with you.

  • George

    I have been using .net for my web development for awhile but have resisted using it lan apps because of its disappointing performance. I have recently purchase VS 2005 and from what I’m reading the performance issues have not been adequately addressed.

  • Deane

    I am so happy to have found this thread. I thought I was going crazy…

    Good God, this app is slow. I’m using on an ASP.Net project that’s hosted locally. It takes about a minute-and-a-half to save a file. Then two minutes to rebuild a tiny project with only four or five “compilable” files.

    Every once in a while, it just stops responding for a minute while it’s thinking about something. I’ve only had to reboot once, but two to three minute hangs are not uncommon.

  • Daryl

    OK – I am seeing VERY slow performance as well. I have read through all of the threads.

    Are there any solutions besides stopping SQL Server express?

    Something has to be wrong – my desktop seems fine with VS2005, but it did not have VS2003 previously. My laptop flew with VS2003, but I un-installed 2003 before installing 2005. Could there be some confusion when VS2005 starts up with something left behind from 2003?

    Cameron, does MS have anything to say?

  • Beaner

    The developers in my office installed VS 2005 Professional about two weeks ago. This week I opend up the IDE to check it out. I found if I create a new project (C# or VB), if I make the assembly name longer than a few characters (varies), that the project won’t run. A simple “Hello World” app appears to load and immediately unload without showing the form. I’ve made a couple dozen hello world apps trying to figure this out. Sometimes if I open the project properties and shorten the assembly name the form loads and runs as it should. My co-worker can load a project that won’t run on my machine and run it without problems on his. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, and repaired all without errors, and all without fixing the problem. I haven’t seen this problem anywhere else. Does anyone here have an idea?

  • bootstrap

    I programmed with beta VS 2005 for about 8 months,
    then unexpectedly and without warning it expired.
    So I immediately downloaded, installed and started working with VS 2005 Express. I CAREFULLY followed the “remove old version first” warnings before I installed VS 2005 Express, even down to the exact order the uninstall “had to be done”.

    Then I installed VS2005 express: !!! KABOOM !!!

    In minutes, my computer started crashing – and I mean spontaneous black-screen then reboot.

    This ONLY happened when I was running VS2005E, so I was pretty sure it was responsible. Immediately I ordered VS2005 Professional, since I need to compile for 64-bit anyway.

    $800 and 5-days later I carefully uninstalled VS2005E and installed VS2005pro and !!! KABOOM !!! Same results.

    So I low-level formatted my computer, which everyone knows is a major sacrifice, because it kisses many bought, paid-for and installed apps bye-bye because you can’t find those old keys, or the old keys do not work anymore because you appear to be installing software on two systems.

    So I ran the completely new and clean install of WindowsXP64 for several hours and re-installed everything I could manage and made sure my system was completely stable and working perfectly.

    Then I installed VS2005pro clean. !!! KABOOM !!!

    So let me understand. Either I must earn my living writing software for Linux, or switch to another profession. Is that the McSoft position?

  • Cameron

    Hi folks,
    Well it appears that more of you have joined this thread with a variety of issues from using VS2005. First off, I’m really sorry that your experience with the product has been anything less than amazing. Of course, I know that means little to you right now but if you are willing I’d like ot help each of you resolve your issue.

    First off, my primary focus is with the performance of VB.NET projects in VS2005. If you contact with the specifics of your problem I (or someone on our team) will work with you to indetify if this is a new issue or something that we have already addressed.

    If you do not want to or do not have the time to spend trakcing down the issue please be aware that we have already found and resolved a number of significant performance issues which we hope to release in the next Service Pack for VS2005.

    If your issue is not performance specifically but some kind of bug in the product I’d like to recommend you also post your issue on the VB.NET forums. These forums are monitired by many members of the VB.NET development and test teams here at Microsoft.

    I’ll also post some specific follow comments on some of the postings that don’t seem to have been answered.

  • Cameron

    To Profpylons:

    Regarding Build Time: Yes build order is very important in order to help the compiler avoid unnecessary recompilations. However, 8 mins for a small web project seems very wrong. I’m pretty sure the C# team would like to track down why this is happening. If you’re willing to help send mail to and we’ll get you in touch with the C# perf Dev.

    Your items 1 and 2 seem more personal preference and while I understand your position I’m also sure that if we changed it back we’d hear complaints from the folks who preferred the current design. I don’t know for sure but I would imagine the design was changed based on Beta feedback.

    Item 3: Dialog boxes should always appear in the center of the screen. Nearly all window apps do this. I’ve never heard of the dialog being too small. As a general rule MS goes to great lengths to ensure our UI elements present correctly on all OS/Language configurations. You might want to post a specific example of this on the C# forums:

    Item 4: VS2005 now supports Edit and Continue which means that you should be able to edit your source files while debugging. Again, if you’re not seeing that I recommend you post on the C# forums to find out why this is not happening.

  • Cameron

    A few posts back I suggested using the VB.NET forums and I forgot to include a link so here you go:


    Cameron McColl

  • Cameron


    You list 3 different issues.

    For the the first and third issues these sound like bugs in the product. Are you able to reproduce these failry consistently? If so, contact me directly and I’ll forward your details to the right dev so we can figure out what is going on.

    Regarding the extra memory consumption: contact and we will help identify the source of this problem. There is a good chance that we may have already addressed this issue so there might be a fix already available here.

    Cameron McColl

  • Cameron


    I recommend you post your issue on the ASP.NET forum to see if anyone knows the problem:

    Cameron McColl

  • Darren D’Orlando

    I have also had similar issues with building large (but not really) solutions in VS 2005. It takes several minutes using the IDE. So I started using msbuild to build the solution, which only take a few seconds. Then I just manually attach the processes to the IDE for debugging. Runs much better that way.

  • Frank

    We have all of the same issues. We have 4 developers on VS2005 with 2GB RAM and the product is still horrible with long compile times.

    Microsoft, will you ever fix any of these problems. This is beyond frustrating. The only suggestion I’ve seen here is to make sure you get your build order correct. Is there anything else that can be done to tune this application. The product has made a joke of rapid development. It takes us 3times as long to get things done and its 10 times as frustrating to work with this product. Microsoft should be ashamed of releasing this.

  • John Spurlin

    I am wondering if this may have something to do with the temporary files when developing web projects.

    I can take my current app, drop it on another box and everything compiles fast and the pages load fast. As I debug and start making changes to the project, it takes longer and longer for pages to load.

  • John Spurlin

    I also notice many times when the page is hanging, if I look to the status bar of the browser the WebResource.axd file is hung on a file. Sometimes it is just trying to download an image, for example, but it is taking “way too long” to load the image button.

  • Bruce Thomas

    I started work in VS2005 on 18 May. Only a week but I’ve put in about 90hrs. Biggest problems for me are:-
    1. The times when it says it can’t find the dll for the DAL and the forms won’t appear in the designer. Sometimes this happens every time I debug-run, then it’ll be OK for a while.

    2. I’m sure that things are happening that are not due to errors in my programming. I can’t see why I should suddenly be making 10x as many erros as usual. Just now I added some code for a context menu for a DevExpress grid that I’ve used repeatedly in 2003 and other bits of programme just stopped functioning. Events that seemed totally unrelated just stopped firing. So I deleted a couple of hours work then had a crash, where the report to MS took me to a Kb article about a fix where the red writing wasn’t what I’d seen. Suddenly the events were working again and I’m now re-adding the deleted code bit by bit, testing at each step to see what’s happening. This has happened several times today and so far I haven’t found a mistake.

    3. From time to time the typing starts misbehaving. For example, I go to type MsgBox (for testing!), type M and suddenly () appears unbidden. I do backspace and remove one bracket then backspace again and it reappears. So I have to type what I want with a load of errors being flagged up then go back and remove the brackets.
    If I shut down VS2005 and then re-open it the typing will be OK for a while then suddenly this will start again.

    I getting very tired of these problems and am very likely to revert to 2003 if I do not find a way to get over these problems tomorrow.

    I am not suffering from speed problems, but then I just bought a new, very fast computer so everything seems nifty compared with my old machine.

  • Bruce Thomas

    I just realised that this typing problem consistently starts after I do a debug-run and then continues until I close and restart VS.

  • Jos

    I haven’t worked with VS2005 that much, because of all the negative reactions. However, after installing VS2005 debugging ASP.NET in VS2003 gets extremely slow.

  • Jos

    As for the slow debugging: I have removed VS 2005 and all the other stuff that got installed together with it (including the .net 2.0 framework) and the temporary ASP.NET files as well.

    Even after restarting the IIS, My PC, etc. it didn’t help a thing. After reading a hint on the internet that “clear all breakpoints”, I tried it and it indeed solves the problem :) However I’m quite sure that this started happening when I installed VS2005…

  • Nathan

    I am using Visual Studio 2005 Pro, I am currently writing an application with compact framework and visual basic. My performance is terrible! My Solution contains 4 projects (for deployment mainly) and contains around 20,000-25,000 lines of code in around 15-20 files.

    It can take up to
    · 10 minutes to open my solution
    · 3-5 minutes to save (I press ctrl+s a lot, can you imagine how frustrating that is!)
    · 5 minutes to deploy
    · when the ide hits a breakpoint at the moment it is currently taking 6 minutes before I can do anything, vs just locks up and the hard drive is going nuts

    I’m, really stressing out and struggling, I have deadlines to meet and I haven’t been able to meet them, because this product is just so slow, I have searched for hours on the net looking for a solution to the problem, and so far nothing has worked.

    My system is this
    Windows XP
    Intel Centrino 1.6 (2mb cache)
    1.5GB ddr ram
    40gb 4200rpm harddrive


  • Martin

    We are having many of the problems described in the various posting.

    When will the next service pack be available?


  • Mark

    Yes, where is that SP? Q3 is here and we’re waiting (frustrated and impatient).

    I’m working on a database app with the compact framework, SQL CE and Pocket PC 2003. The project, only a couple 1000 lines of code, takes 5 min to load into the IDE.

    Time to build and deploy are reasonable (although not as speedy as I expected).

    After a debug run, particularly using the PPC emulator, it takes over a minute of disk grinding to show the form design screen again. During this time you sit and wait, trying not to punch something. At least once a day the design screen never shows up, or maybe its black-screen cousin is all you get, followed by a restart and another 5 minute wait.

    I appreciate your efforts Cameron. Are your conterparts simply disinterested? Maybe you got the short straw. This is not a language problem (I use C#), this is the no-way-RAD environment.

    XP Pro, Dell Dimension 8300, 1G RAM. VS2005 Pro.

  • Christopher Ford

    I love VS 2005…haven’t had any problems. I develop on Win2k3 and win2k3 R2…loads fine, runs faster than .Net 2003 on my box, Intellisense is a dream to work with…I don’t have any problems.

    Course, I read all the changes, made sure my code was compatible and changed the code that wasn’t. Builds fine, runs great, and faster than .Net 2003 ran it.

    So…no complaints here.

  • James Wilson

    @Christopher: Lucky you, I call BS. How big is your project? I have a 3Ghz machine, 2GB memory, SCSI disk. VS2005 crawls on a medium sized project (1,000 files or so)…Compiling, launching, loading solution.

    VS2003, by contrast is virtually instantaneous in everything it does for similarly sized projects.

  • awk

    IDE itself seems to run fine for me. But it the thing suddenly started to produce ubelievebly slow unmanaged c++ code – someting like 50 times slower than compiled in my other system which has vs2003. I’ve checked all the project options without luck. phew..

  • Christopher Ford

    @James: You’re right, I did a test over the weekend. I don’t usually have projects with that many files, but I did do some tests on some of my larger projects with VS 2005 and VS 2003. and VS 2003 is faster.

    That being said, even though it is slower, I still prefer VS 2005 over VS 2003.

  • Andy

    “First off, I’m really sorry that your experience with the product has been anything less than amazing.”
    Please don’t try to spin this – “amazing” rarely defines any MS product, “barely adequate” is closer. In VS2005′s case, “garbage” is the word you’re looking for.

    In short, two problems:

    1. Unacceptable IDE performance: opening the solution takes forever, builds take forever, debugging takes forever and the IDE regularly freezes, refusing all mouse / keyboard interaction for several minutes. This is not a language specific problem – It happens in all pages C#, Script, aspx & VB.

    2. Script breakpoints are usually ignored during debugging.

    Let’s see that service pack ASAP

  • Mark Bussey

    I am also dissapointed with VS2005. I have been using VS2003 for apps for the PC, Web, and compact framework. Now, when I use the IDE and debugger to deploy an application on a mobile device with WinCE 5, it changes the names of assemblies, and creates folders with all lower case letters. What the!


  • Boris

    I am having continuous problems with Vs 2005. Every time I try top open a file or directory by browsing the FS, Studio locks up. Eventually it comes back, but its annoying, any ideas?

  • Charly PK

    I am creating a new project in C#. It worked perfectly for the last 3 or 4 days. I changed something in my code, probably in the VS-designed part (were I am not supposed to touch). I am not sure about this change since I did many other changes as well. But the point is that now, the VS IDE closes abrubtely when I open the project, after I do a few things. For example, I open it, I modify one line, I save it and the IDE is gone, voila, everything dissapeared. I rbooted my machine and it’s the same thing. I can do 2 or 3 operations and the IDE exits unexpectedly. My thoughs are: I could have done the worst possible thing with my code (which I don’t believe since I have been coding in C for 17 years and I know I am always very cautelous with what I do), but even aftewr doing the worst coding mistake, the IDE should just report the problem and thats all. What is the IDE for otherwise?. Now, I have no idea how to proceed with this. Reinstall VS 2005?. Go back to a previous version of my code which I know it worked OK (which is what I will do I guess). But what about trusting this IDE, with the thoughs in my mind that at any moment, you can lose everything you typed in since your last save just because the IDE didn’t like something you wrote?. I am surprised about this!.

  • Cameron McColl

    Hi Charly,
    You’re absolutely right, the IDE should never just disappear from underneath you. Clearly your project’s current state is exposing a bug which may or may not have been fixed.
    To find out what the problem is we will need to collect a minidump at the point where the IDE is crashing. If you contact me at we can provide you with a simple tool that can collect the minidump for you and you can then send this back to us for analysis.
    We can then send the issue over to the right person on the C# team to find out what they can do to fix the problem or at least work around it.

    Cameron McColl
    Visual Basic.

  • Cameron McColl

    Hi Charly,
    Looks like my first (more detailed) reply got lost for some reason so I’m trying again.
    If you contact us at we can help you track this down. You have done nothing wrong. The IDE should never just die on you.
    We have a simple tool that can help us figure out the problem and we’ll get you in touch with the right folks to get it solved.

    Cameron McColl
    Visual Basic

  • Cameron McColl

    I’m sending this on behalf of my Program Manager:

    We’ve received feedback, both directly from developers and in the forums, regarding slow performance of the Visual Basic 2005 IDE in certain situations (larger projects, projects with many errors, etc.).

    I’m sorry that these issues made it to production and degraded the performance of the IDE. The Visual Basic Performance team is working hard to address these issues via hotfixes and the upcoming Visual Basic 2005 SP1 while we work on engineering changes to make sure that issues such as these never make it into a shipping product in the future.

    Based on this feedback and forum posts, we’ve been working with customers to address these performance issues. We recently released a performance hotfix to address the following areas of Visual Basic 2005 performance:

    1. Improves the performance of single-stepping (F10) debugging.
    2. Improves the performance of Task/Error List Refresh.
    3. Improves the performance of Intellisense.

    You can learn more about this hotfix in the KB 920805 article ( In order to get this hotfix, you need to contact support and reference KB 920805. Details on contacting support can be found at

    Note that this hotfix rolls up all peformance hotfixes to date, so installing this hotfix will give you the best IDE performance.

    Again, we appreciate your feedback and we thank you for your patience while we address these issues. Please contact if you continue to see issues after applying this hotfix.

    Chris Mayo
    Visual Basic Performance Program Manager

  • Jim

    I am trying to debug an OnRowDataBounds method and if i start with out debugging i get a different value selected in a dropdown then i get when i try to debug and step into it. WHY would i get a different value when i try and step into rather then just continue or start without debugging? I believe this is bug with VS 2005 C# Debugger.

  • Cameron McColl

    Hi Jim,

    Please use the Microsoft Conect site to submit feedback directly to the C# team who will contact you and resolve this issue:

  • Chris B

    This ide is the most unstable thing I have ever seen. Simply copying and pasting text often causes the whole thing to crashes. The compiler crashes about 15 times a day whilst just sitting in the background ideling. Often it will get stuck in a loop crashing and reloading the project.

    I also love how if you get a bit of html around an object that vs 2005 doesn’t like then the compiling thinks the object doesn’t exist.


    I love VS 2005. I’ve built HUGE projects with it. If you don’t like it, you can always go back to PHP!!!!!!!! haha good luck with that. It’s all about knowing your tools.

  • Raven Caelladore

    I’ve barely started using Visual Studio 2005 – my college provided the CD.

    It would not be terrible, weren’t it for the fact it won’t compile anything (C++). Or rather, it does compile; and the same code that had a successful build in the morning won’t be built successfully in the afternoon.

    That, when it doesn’t find the includes, the ones that actually *came* with VS2005 – such as winsock.h, pdh.h (from the platform SDK, I copied it under the VC\include folder, the lib in its correct folder, etc.), hell, sometimes even windows.h will not be found. Undefined symbols, couldn’t find the include… the errors are endless.

  • Thanh Diep

    Breakpoint does not work?

    I have a problem with regards to setting breakpoint in ASP.NET web application. I have tried to Googled the problem but none of the answer solve the issue. Can anyone help me out?


    Problem Description:
    Set a breakpoint in a code behind statement of an ASP.NET page (C#), under a website project.
    Run the program in IIS (http://localhost//Default.aspx) under debug mode. The execution does NOT stop at the breakpoint.
    However when the program is run in Cassini under debug mode, the execution DOES stop at the breakpoint.

    Attempted Solutions:

    So far I have tried the following without success:
    - The program is run under debug mode
    - In web.config file there is the statement:
    - “network service” user is added to the “Debugger users” group
    - Re-register the assembly diasymreader.dll

    How to create the problem:

    Create a test website, say TestDebug.
    Add a label and a textbox to the default page.
    Modified the Page_Load method of the default code behind file as follow:

    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    Label1.Text = “Test”;
    TextBox1.Text = “Name”;

    Set a breakpoint at the second statement.

    Create a virtual directory under IIS to point to the test site TestDebug.
    Highlight the TestDebug virtual directory and select “permission”
    Add IUSR_ (Internet Guest Account) and “Network Service” to the permission.

    - Windows server 2003
    - Visual Studio 2005, Team Edition for Software Developers, Jan 2006 release
    - ASP.NET 2.0 with C#
    - IIS 6.0

    Problem Background:

    We have successfully developed many sites using ASP.NET 1.x without any problems. During the last three months we converted one of our sites to ASP.NET 2.0 and run without any problems (i.e. we could set breakpoints etc). Last week one of our machine had a hardware failure. A new computer was configured and during the testing of this new machine we noticed this problem. We start to test other developers’ machines, they all have the same issue.

    I am not sure what is happening here but I suspect there is some software updates (like security software) that cause this. All security software updates are pushed to our machines hence we have no idea when an update occurs.

  • Naveen Kada

    We are facing OutOfMemoryException very frequently in our projects. The solution is fairly large(around 3000 files) and contanins multiple web projects. We extensively used datasets in our solution. Is there any known issues related to this problem?

  • Jason Seeley

    I haven’t had the OutOfMemoryException myself, but several friends of mine have had it.. I suggested to them that they start using the ‘using’ clause or ‘finally’, or even just manually disposing their data objects and connections. Once they started disposing properly, they stopped getting the OutOfMemoryException problems. On the one hand, I think it’s great that garbage collection exists – but there is definitely a bug with GC with relation to database connections. Make sure you always dispose limited resources (such as database connections).

  • Richard Hein

    Hi Thanh Diep,

    The problem you have with debugging and wanting to break at a certain point that isn’t being hit is because you are not debugging the correct part of the application.

    When you have ASP.NET run in IIS, you have to attach to the process that hosts ASP.NET (dllhost or inetinfo, depending on the isolation mode you select in the web site configuration). Otherwise, what you are actually debugging is only the CLIENT-SIDE script, but the breakpoints you set have to be set from the RUNNING SCRIPTS window (under the debug-windows menu).

    If you look at the running scripts, you should see IExplore as a process (if that’s the client), and if you attach to dllhost or whatever, you should see it there at the top of another hierarchy. Then you can set client and server-side breakpoints wherever you want.

    Note that if you try to debug dllhost or inetinfo without either having admin rights, or setting up least-priviledge debugging (which is a HUGE pain – and I consider that a bug), you will get an “access denied” or similar message.

    Debugging on the built-in development server (Cassini) works because it is a different process completely.

    The performance DOES suck. I have a huge migration project to work on and it’s error after error making it particularly useless for this, unless I am on my 3GHz AMD-64 bit with 1.5 GB RAM, otherwise, it’s practically unbearable.

    Other comments concerning performance after you install VS2005 – try disabling the .NET Runtime Optimization Service in Services. This service runs when .NET assemblies are first installed, compiling them for the processor of your machine, generating native images. Disabling this service means that things will only be JIT compiled the first time you access a method of an assembly.

    Once the optimization service has run, then in theory other calls to the .NET assemblies in the GAC etc… with start up faster because it’s already compiled to native code. If you stop the optimization service, it should stop any post-installation performance problems that you experience when the IDE isn’t open (but they are still there when it is, sadly), with little impact on you if you just let it JIT compile as it does for .NET 1.0 – 1.1.

  • Richard Hein

    Jason Seeley:

    “On the one hand, I think it’s great that garbage collection exists – but there is definitely a bug with GC with relation to database connections. Make sure you always dispose limited resources (such as database connections).”

    Database connections, and anything that isn’t managed by the CLR MUST be disposed of properly – it’s not a bug. The GC can’t collect unmanaged resources, and db connections are the #1 unmanaged resource in use that you’ll find. This is .NET 101 – your team needs to read “Applied .NET Framework Programming”.

  • Richard Hein

    Debugging dllhost will cause instability in your system sometimes, therefore if you are debugging IIS web applications that are hosted in dllhost, you should kill dllhost (usually the one running under IUSR_machineName). This fixes a multitude of debugging problems. There is a warning dialog when you attach to DLLHOST that this can happen.

  • Richard Hein

    Kill dllhost after a few debug-run cycles, I mean.

  • Richard Hein

    File system navigation in Explorer problems:

    Try setting Explorer’s advanced properties to launch each explorer instance as a separate process. I found that this helped, and I assume it’s because IE and Explorer share resources otherwise. For good measure, in IE’s settings, uncheck “reuse windows for launching shortcuts”.

    Make sure script debugging is not disabled in IE when trying to debug.

    Make sure that IExplore process is killed and not reused after debugging, if it’s reused then you will get problems with memory, debugging and crashes.

  • Richard Hein

    Jim Says:
    August 7th, 2006 at 12:24 pm

    “I am trying to debug an OnRowDataBounds method and if i start with out debugging i get a different value selected in a dropdown then i get when i try to debug and step into it. WHY would i get a different value when i try and step into rather then just continue or start without debugging? I believe this is bug with VS 2005 C# Debugger”

    This is because the debugger is evaluating something – an expression or property. When you do something like put the mouse cursor over a variable during debugging, or if you put a property or method in a watch, it will evaluate it. So, if you inspect a value of a property that does something like increment a value or whatever in a loop somewhere in the chain, you will have side-effects that will change the values.

    These are Heisenbugs as inspecting the code changes it:

  • Richard Hein

    Jim: you can use an attribute [DebuggerStepThrough] or others that may be better for your situation to get around stuff like that.

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  • Damien Jorgensen

    I’ve been using VS 2005 since launch and I havent experienced any of the problems listed above!

    Its miles better and more stable than VS 2003! Maybe its time you lot upgraded your PC!

  • colbert

    I think RAM and CPU speeds do matter also here. Better get a hardware upgrade and do some spyware scans.

  • Betty


    Just installed visual web developer express edition. Installed okay but when i try to run any script i receive the message, “Access Denied”. File not found or access denied. I am running windows xp professional version 2002 service pack 2 . configuration page displays the same message. Please can you help.

  • Thanh Diep

    Hi Richard Hein,

    Thanks for the reply. I managed to solve the problem and post the solution on the forum


  • dave lowe

    oh my god!!!

    what is this rubbish? after installing visual studio 2005 my pc has become unusable – how on earth did this disgraceful app get released? i have tried to create various apps (web apps, web services, etc) and the compiler is SOOOOO slow it cuts down productivity to virtually zero. is there gonna be a service pack to fix this rubbish cos until there is im going back to vb6 (i know, it must be bad if i’m choosing to use vb6)!!!!

  • Sarika ( vbperf team)

    I’m sorry that you’re having these compiler issues and that it’s affecting your work.

    We have released a performace QFE to resolve compiler issues.
    This is a known issue that we’ve resolved in a hotfix. Do you have the fix installed?


    If you don’t have that fix installed, we’ve released a hotfix that rolls up all the performance improvements we’ve made to date, including this compiler stability issue. You can get details on that hotfix and how to get it by contacting support at the following URL:;EN-US;920805

    If you haven’t installed that hotfix, please contact support and get that fix. There is no charge for the support incident since this is a known issue.

    Please respond at and we’ll get you back up and running ASAP.


    Sarika Calla

    Visual Basic Performance Team

  • Even Steven

    We’re using VS 2005 and TFS for source control in a Windows Forms solution counting 16 projects. It’s a nightmare! The IDE simply is so full of bugs that it’s useless. Every other time we try to open a form in design view it can’t load. Close the project and open it…and wait for a minute for it to open…and the form will open. For it to report an error the next time. Add hundreds of other bugs and you have a terrible product.

    How this can be put on the marked without a fix now for a whole year is beyond me. It does not work! If Microsoft needs to know what doesn’t work this clearly shows that they never use their own product! I’m 100% sure they would get a lot of bugs in any kind of project of a certain size. It doesn’t even need to be very big.

    It’s quite clear that VS 2005 is too big a project for MS. They are trying to put too much into it and the codebase probably is so complex that no one at MS really know what’s going on.

  • Rob Henry

    Visual Studio is one of the worst offending software products Microsoft produces. It is the most unpredictable software product ever!

    Case in point: I went to change a setting using the Tools…Option menu. As I moved through the Help tab it started performing a VERY long execution sequence updating the help. I could not do anything else within the dialog box and my system was hosed for ten minutes.

    Whoever thought to allow a long running execution sequence in a setting dialog box, and also without the user selecting to do so, should be immediately fired from Microsoft; and their boss, too! What kind of dipstick does it take to do such a thing??!!! Only a complete moron would say, “Hey boss, I got an idea, while the user is selecting their setting in a modal dialog box let’s launch into a long running execution of updating their help files! That would be helpful, huh?” And only a bigger moron would agree to let them do that!


    Oh, let’s not get into the CACHING of web site binaries! [deleted], who in their right mind would allow the caching of DLLs that are part of a solution such that when debugging it turns out that the executing DLL is NOT the DLL represented by the code within the solution??!! Somehow the DLL is stale and was not rebuilt even though the code in the DLL did change! Man, Microsoft hires some STUPID people!

    Bill Gates has worried that a kid in his basement might produce a product that could easily compete with Microsoft. Guess what? By producing such LOUSY software, Microsoft has lowered the barrier to entry on that idea. Any idiot can produce a better development environment without all the BS and bugs that Microsoft has seen necessary to introduce into Visual Studio. Way too many people at Microsoft have too much time on their hands and just feel the need to add crap into the products.

    I am finding that with all the time wasted searching MSDN help and online web sites to learn how to use Microsoft products and the wasted time getting around bugs or having to sit around while Microsoft’s buggy software does what it wants to and not what I need it to, I could code in Assembly language and get the job done faster and with far better results. At least the environment is predictable, repeatable, and reliable. Not something anyone can say about Visual Studio 2005.

  • Chris Mayo, Microsoft

    Even Steven:

    I would appreciate it if you would contact me at so I can get in touch with the VSTS team to address your issue.

    Chris Mayo
    Visual Basic Program Manager

  • Chris Mayo, Microsoft

    Rob Henry:

    I’m sorry you’re having performance issues. I’m a PM on the Visual Basic team that is responsible for the performance of the VB product.

    Would you be willing to work with my team to help reproduce the issue you are seeing with the help file being updated and it’s impact on the performance of the IDE? If so, please contact me at

    I understand your frustration with this performance issue. Performance issues that impact day to day work reflect badly on us and our product. In some instances, we didn’t see issues in our testing that developers are seeing in your development environment. We’re working hard to more closely replicate customer development environments in our automated and manual testing.

    We’d like to work with you to identify the problem your are experiencing and address it from both a servicing perpsective and an engineering perspective.

    With regard to your issue with DLL caching, I’ll forward your comments on to the ASP.NET team to reply.

    Chris Mayo
    Visual Basic Performance Program Manager

  • Steve

    my only problem with Visual Studio 2005 is how slow it is to load projects.

    The same projects take 5 seconds to load in SharpDevelop but just browsing to open a project in Visual studio can take 2 min, and then 2 min to open . I am not sure why but if the project is on the visual studio start page it only take 10 sec to load. so it must have to do with creating stuff for the start page.

  • Sarika ( vbperf team)

    We would like to track this problem down with your help. Please contact us at and help us identify the problem more clearly by providing some more data on machine configuration and the solution structure.

    From your initial desciption it seems that loading project from File Open dialog is slow at 2 places:

    1. Browsing to find the .sln/.vbproj file.
    2. Loading the project/solution.

    VB Perf Team.

  • Jason

    What about the loss shortcuts?
    There is no longer a re-build short cut and it isn’t even in the menu. You now have to right click the project to re-build.
    The short cuts for opening and closing region blocks?
    I used to use ctrl+o but now that’s open file. I didn’t use the region short cuts too much but if I forgot at least I could right click on the left side of the enviroment, but not anymore.

    What about the new implementation of a tab control so that new tabs are opened on the left? Just WHY would anyone do that?

    ALL IN ALL EVERYTHING IS FRIGGEN SLOW! Slow to debug, slow to open files and slow to switch from source to design view. I’m in a position where I must use VS-2005 and honestly the I am now considering quiting my job FOR NO OTHER REASON.

    My day is now broken-up with hundreds of small breaks as I wait for visual studio to catch up. These distractions break my concentration and lead to a lack productivity. As McConnell says in “Code Complete” people are happiest when their are getting things done. Visual Studio is no longer the tool-set to get things done.

    Please also be sure that I hate linux and I sing the praises of Bill, Microsoft and Capitalism every chance I get. This being the FIRST exception.

  • Mark Baker

    Along with all the other people posting on this website I am writing as another disgruntled VS 2005 user. My team of developers here have been using VS 2005 day in day out since its release a year ago and we’ve been struggling ever since. Our development laptops despite having more than adequate specs are struggling performance wise and we’ve even had to reinstall all software on the latops a couple of times within a year because they just get slower and slower and slower and a reinstall seems the only cure. VS is regularly crashing in the region of 4 or 5 times a day and we regularly getting errors during compilation where the only realistic option is to end task VS to get back up and running again in the quickest time. We also suffer with slow project load times, slow compilation times and now all sorts of weird stuff is going on now that we’ve added a second web project to our solution e.g. intelisense has stopped working properly, when we compile we are getting Build Failed messages but no errors are listed, things are just generally a mess. One of the big selling points by MS was how much time developers would save with power and tools within VS 2005, but I can say categorically that we’ve wasted huge amounts of development time over the year trying to cope with using VS 2005. We’ve missed so many deadlines its ridiculous. Recent development tasks have hit an all time low with deadlines being missed because of development time taking twice as long as expected. And as for the latest reincarnation of SourceSafe, well thats just a joke – how can you take a product that has been around for years (VSS 6.0) and was considered rubbish and past its sell by date anyway and make it worse? Yes I know VSTS is out but we’re a small company and can’t afford the ridiculous cost for VSTS and to be honest I pity those that did pay for it looking back on comments made about it.

    Anyway having read the above I notice there are hotfixes around that might address some of our issues. However using the links provided in this blog on the 16th October none of them seem to work any longer. Is this a temporary thing? Are they available anywhere else? Is there an SP in the offing. I keep seeing old forum posts talking about a SP due out in the early half of 2006, but I haven’t seen one and its now the very late half of 2006. Any help would be appreciated.


  • bootstrap

    BTW, the offers of help from
    are a fraudulant attempt to PRETEND they care and
    PRETEND they are helping people “on the side”.
    I hereby report that my three requests to their
    offers of help have not been answered. As you
    can see above in this thread, I have been trying
    to get help since about May 8th, and three tries
    to get help from those vbpervs has got me zero
    reply in 7 months (last attempt ~ 2 weeks ago).
    Just thought everyone here should know that they
    appear to be just playing nice HERE for good PR.
    Maybe somebody else has had better luck. Dunno.

  • Yuriy

    Charly PK Says:
    “But the point is that now, the VS IDE closes abrubtely when I open the project, after I do a few things. For example, I open it, I modify one line, I save it and the IDE is gone, voila, everything dissapeared.”

    Andy Says:
    “Please don’t try to spin this – “amazing” rarely defines any MS product, “barely adequate” is closer. In VS2005’s case, “garbage” is the word you’re looking for.”

    So, maybe VS disappears when garbage collector runs…

  • Chris Mayo


    I’m sorry that you’ve had such a hard time contacting me and my team. I can assure you that is monitored daily and we all check our Junk Mail folders on the off chance that a performance related email is filtered out as SPAM for some reason. We’ve used the performance investigations and feedback from this alias to create two hotfixes related to perf and fixed a number of bugs for SP1.

    Resolving your issues and servicing VB2005 to improve performance couldn’t be more important to us.

    I’d appreciate it if you would try again using the alias. Please don’t include any attachements or jpegs, etc. in your mail. I’m in the office today and tomorrow and will check the alias over the weekend. If you don’t get a reply in 24 hours, please submit a Microsoft Connect bug, which is also monitored daily. Details at Please make sure you select “VB” for the language and it will go directly to my team.

    Chris Mayo
    Visual Basic Performance Program Manager

  • Jason J

    I bought VS2005 for C# development in early 2006 and installed it on a 2.0GHz Pentium notebook. I was somewhat taken aback at how long it took for the IDE to open, how slowly it responded to basic clicks within the editor (like tab changes), how slowly it performed builds.

    I can expect building a project to take a little while, depending on the size of the project. What doesn’t make sense is waiting five seconds to change to a new tab.

    When I bought a new notebook PC with a Dual Core processor, VS2005 started behaving itself.

    It’s a shame that I had to employ the brute force approach, and apparently that “buy a better computer” approach doesn’t work for everyone, anyway. But it worked for me.

    As slow as VS2005 is, the good news is that the final product runs quickly, regardless of the processor.

  • Jason

    When controls we on a web-form you used to be able to draw a square around those controls and move them as a group. Now you must select ever control individually. Now it more resembles old crystal reports.

    Removing that functionality was great idea thank you so much 2.0 Dev team.

  • Brian Hutchison

    You can no longer drag menu items or tool strip items from one menu / tool strip onto another one. You must cut and paste them – immediately losing any event callback connections you had in place. Lovely.

    At work I have a dual Pentium Xeon 2.66 with 2.5Gb – and it takes 30+ seconds to switch between design and code view or code and design view – up to minute round trip for adding a callback.

    Every so often VS2005 decides to update Intellisense – another 30 second wait. Then the auto recovery information – another 30 seconds.

    Opening the on-line help is another 30+ seconds. It is quicker to do a web search.

    The doubly annoying thing is that it locks the entire system – you cant even make use of the other processor.

    At home I have a Core 2 Duo E6700 2.66 with 2Gb – ALL of the above timing problems go away. Sorry – but Intel just aint that good at improving processor performance. Something just isn’t right.

    It also isn’t my machine – other developers in my team using more recent machines than mine have exactly the same problems.

    The above problems occur in all language modes – we’ve tested.

    VS2003 had its problems but VS2005 is getting way beyond a joke for us.

    Brian H

  • David

    I am extremely disappointed. The performance is terrible. I would not reccomend this product to my worst enemy…well maybe to them :)

    Sometimes it locks up walking through code, sometimes it just locks up and I am beginning to hate typing anything that makes the intellisence pop up because that is a 10-20 second delay.

    Everything and I do mean everything I do in the IDE is slower than 2002 or 2003. EVERYTHING!

    Also my VB.NET 2005 apps run slower than they did when compiled under 2002/2003.

    What really worries me is that the product has been out a full year now.

  • Mark N

    I’ve previously published my frustration with VS2005 on this blog, so I am no particular fan of the product.

    I recently lost a hard drive and did the whole reinstall of the OS routine. I have found that 80% of my problems with VS2005 are now gone. My only conclusion is that the upgrade from VS2003 contributes to the mess that most of us have experienced.

  • Jay M

    I have been using VS2005 daily (just updated with SP1 last week) for over 2 months now. While I feel it is a major upgrade to VS2003, one area that I think was a major step back is the un-intuitive behavior of opening new tabs to the left of existing tabs.

    I just cannot get used to it as it runs counter to the default tab behavior of most applications including Firefox, IE7, the old VS2003 and the one before that.

    I have searched the web for a fix to this and I have seen many people complaining about it (the default tab behavior). Perhaps Microsoft would listen just like they did before when they released the WAP project type even before including it in SP1. One solution would be to make this behavior updateable/configurable via Tools > Options.

  • Doug

    VS 2005 is an appalling piece of software. It wont compile any of my VS 2003 applications. Its coming up with errors Ive never heard of before. To make matters worse it seems to corrupt my previous 2003 apps so that I cant even get to them to work on 2003.

    The HELP system doesnt work either. I installed MSDN 8.0 fine but the HELP system cant seem to find it.

    I paid about £200-£300 for VS 2005. With all the wasted time Ive spent on it Id gladly have paid twice that amount never to have heard of VS 2005.

    Is it possible to get a refund on this software. It really annoys me that Ive paid good money for this product.

  • Brian Hutchison

    Well, so much for Service Pack 1.

    I was so hopeful, there were at least 2 bugs listed in the release notes that related to the delays experienced switching between design and code view.

    So, a 450Mb download plus over an hour installing and what is the result:

    - switching between design and code view (C++/CLI) may be a bit fast – but still way too long 10 to 15 seconds.

    - switching between code and design view is about 3 time LONGER than before! Waiting for almost 2 minutes before I can start touching my dialog designs is totally unacceptable.

    I have not had time yet to test if any of my other problems have been resolved – this was the one that was hurting us most.

    By the way, a colleague recently got a brand new Dell Core 2 Duo E6700 machine with 2Gb RAM and he has exactly the same problem – this is on a totally uncluttered machine XP Pro + VS2005 and not a lot else. We’ve tried turning off the virus checker, disconnecting the network – nothing works.

    I had hopes the the new machine would help, since my home machine dos not exhibit this behaviour, I could then make a case for a new development machine – but how can I? I cannot give any sort of guarantee that it will help in any way!


  • Brian Hutchison

    After a considerable amount of faffing about I have isolated one of the causes for the huge delay when switching views.

    When built in debug mode our project generates about 200 pdb files totalling about 400mb.

    For some reason Visual studio 2005 looks at these files (and a few copies of them it holds in “ProjectAssemblies”) whilst switching between code view and design view.

    Our over-zealous IT department have our Virus checker set to check every file that is even thought about in the same room.

    We are having words with our IT department … I’ll let you know how we get on.

  • Brian Hutchison

    Another grand theory bites the dust.

    It is *not* the virus checker + VS2005 that causes the slow code/design view switch problem.

    I convinced our IT department to turn it off on my machine whilst I ran some tests. Absolutely no difference – in fact it was quicker on occasions with the virus checker running.

    The only work around we have is to clean the solution before any serious GUI development work. Fortunately we can get away with that to an extent as around 90% of our code base is built outside the VS2005 IDE which only builds the GUI itself and a small interface layer.

    I am convinced it is related to the issue of multiple copies of PDB, DLL & EXE files being placed in ProjectAssemblies (to the tune of 5Gb) but have no solution to that either.

  • sad and lonely

    Total problems on my end. Debugger doesn’t work! It reports bad data values. This product is worse than broken. Intellisense locks everything up, can’t work on our projects. I’m about to throw my computer out the window.


  • Cutie

    Another disgruntled developer…

    I must say, I just don’t get it. I am developing a web app. And from time to time, when i debug my javascript files, i keep getting the old files, even after i clean the solution. It seem the debugger kept a copy of the file and using it over and over again, even if i have changed it.

    This is really frustrating, especially since i am quite new to javascript and have to fix my error so often.

    Do you guys encounter the same prob? and any solution?

  • Jason

    Hey Cutie,
    I’ve encountered the same problem when deploying changes when I’ve only made changes to my javascript file. I’m only guessing but what I think may be happening is that the js files are getting cached in memory and the website doesn’t see the change. So the only way to affect the change is to start and stop the website via IIS.

    Something most developers fail to realize is that javascript supports try catch statements. I find those really helpful when trying to debug problems.
    Good luck

  • Cutie

    Hie jason,

    thanks for your help. but restarting the website doesn’t help…

    however, someone from another website advised me to clear my temporary internet file from IE. n it does solve my problem.

    post it here to share with you all..

    thanks alot anyway…

  • Shane

    I’ve had the same problems as Cutie and Jason, if you’re running IE6 the Developer Toolbar has an option to disable the cache and clear the cache, very useful. Unfortunately I have not found a DevToolbar which works with IE7. :(


  • Shane

    I hate to reply to my reply, but I just found that MS has released beta 3 of IE Devtoolbar.

    And it’s working under IE7 & Vista. Vista users tip: log out and back in for the tool bar to work.


  • Chris

    At least I’m not alone.

    The performance of VS2005 is appalling. We have a large WinForms C# project and it’s just about impossible to work on it.

    The turn around from the designer to code and back again is measured in minutes.

    Compile to execution in debug mode is 30+ seconds.

    The first call to a web services takes 30+ seconds. The disk and cpu are idle. It just waits.

    Everything is slow. I changed the configuration from Debug to Release mode and it used 100% cpu for a minute or more.

    Not a happy camper.

  • DJ Park

    Chris -

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re having so many performance issues with your project. If you contact me at, we can work with you to track down the issues you’re seeing and hopefully provide some work-arounds that will help your situation.

    Another approach you can take is to submit your issue to the C# team via the Microsoft Connect website. This will ensure that the issue is tracked appropriately.

    DJ Park
    Visual C#, Program Manager

  • Chris


    I spent the weekend rebuilding my PC and that seems to have fixed the major issue I have and that is the the time from pressing F5 till the application starts. I re-read my post and this time was actually 3 minutes with %100 cpu before the app finally started.

    This is better now. The problem that I still have is that the first web service call takes too long.


  • Christophe

    Our company decided to stop developping in .NET. Development in .NET takes way too much time and MONEY. Most of the time we got stuck resolving ‘unexplainable’ errors and making ‘workarounds’. Simple applications that consume days instead of hours, well that isn’t worth trying anymore. There will be a big chance we don’t even buy or try future releases any more. We’ve had it! We’ve got a company to run and clients to keep happy and that’s hard to achieve while developping in the Microsoft .NET environment.

  • Brian Hutchison

    Christophe, I envy you that choice.

    The latest insanity in our catalogue of woe is that VS2005 has just eaten all my disk space (again) with its multitude of copies of the “ProjectAssemblies”.

    Unfortunately this time there is insufficient space to shut down VS2005 and save any of my work. VS2005 has all the ProjectAssemblies locked so I cant delete them to make space to shut down VS2005 …

    This is after a week of evaluating third party docking and toolbar control suites only to find that none of them work correctly with C++ – specifically using the “/cli” switch instead of “/cli:pure” – we have to use the “impure” version to permit access to the 95% of our code base which is legacy unmanaged C++.

    Oh well, off I go to see which of my obviously worthless non-microsoft files on my hard disk I can delete.

  • James

    Visual Studio used to be on of the bright spots from Microsoft. I cut my teeth on Visual Studio 6; and even integrated several firmware compilers into it for my embedded work.

    After a few hours dicking around with VS2005, installing two service packs and other nonsense, I can safely say Visual Studio 2005 is the worst Visual Studio release in history. I have multi-thousand line projects using attributed ATL classes that are impossible to compile using the new compiler. And these safe versions of the CRT. What a joke!

    Apple should eat these guys lunches this year(2007). Fire Steve En-Ballmer before its too

  • Bryce

    I’ve got problems with VS 2005 too that haven’t been discussed here…

    I have it opened and I dragged a completely unrelated file into the window. It’s a vbs file that VS 2005 shouldn’t (and doesn’t) treat specially (no intellisense, no colorization, etc…). I use he mousewheel to scroll through the file and I find tha the devenv.exe process takes up all the CPU! I can see it at 0% until I start scrolling, watch it spike when I scroll, and after it refreshes I see it go to 0% again.

    Anybody else seeing this too? Any suggestions on fixing it?

    Thanks (another unhappy camper)…

  • Carlos

    1. The smart device native debugger shows WRONG information for aggregated data in virtual functions.
    2. The project settings from time to time become spoiled.
    3. IntelliSense thread hangsup the studio at least once a day regulary. It could be repaired only by deletring the *.ncb file.
    4. Theres often a situation when studio doesnt properly clean project files and start showing strange errors – need to cleanup myself from file system.
    5. The smart device native debugger doesnt show vtable.

  • Chris Mayo


    We’d be interested in learning more about this problem and getting to the root of the issue. Would you mind contacting me at so we can get some more info to reproduce the issue?

    Chris Mayo
    Visual Basic Program Manager

  • Travis

    All of you whining about VS2005 performance issues and your big heavy important applications you say you’re making… Do your clients and yourself a favor and upgrade that dumb machine you’re trying to work on!

    Our company has been using VS2005 with absolutely no problems. NONE!

  • Jason

    Travis, could you share with us the standard hardware of the systems your company is using so that we can compare what others are using and determine if an upgrade to hardware is truly all that is needed?

  • Kim

    I’ve got VS2005 with SP1 and a large VB solution with 5 projects.

    I HATE IT!

    The text editor is very unresponsive. It is regularly lagging more than 10-20 chacters behind my fingers. Sometimes it stops doing anything for 30 secs or more.

    As a programmer I spend most of the day typing in the IDE, so when this is an annoying experience my whole day becomes a drag.

    I try and imagine where the cursor should be when I’m typing.

    There are so many posts about this topic, its happening to lots of people. If the VB team can’t reproduce it then WTF are they doing!

    They should all get in a bus and go visit some devs in the local area with the problem.

  • Jim Black

    I feel sorry for the Microsoft employees who are trying to fix all the bugs. But the prob is with the people at the top. This product should never have been released. Its a disgrace and reading through previous posts clearly many people and companies have lost a lot of money through no fault of their own. I for one wish Id never bought it. An expensive mistake on my part.

  • http://none Bob

    I’ve used MSVC v1.5, v2, v4, v6, VS’03, and now VS’05. I have to say that life as a developer using Visual Studio 2005 just really sucks. Waiting on Intellisense – WITF is this sooooo sloooooowwwwwww? IDE whiteouts – again, WTF? Slow compile times – it seems that no matter what hardware I throw at this thing – it’s still TOO SLOW. Openening projects, shutting down, Intellisense doing whatever it thinks it needs to be doing…daily use of this software makes me just want to say F MS – maybe hop over to the Linux side. Granted the codebase I work on is huge, typical /master/ SLNs consists of 80 – 100 projects, total of around 80,000 lines C++/MFC/ATL/STL, but VC6 still rocks and VS’05 just bites!

    The real question, does anyone at MS actually use VS’05 for large projects? Useability testing – can never stress that enough.

  • Jason

    Hey Travis,
    “Our company has been using VS2005 with absolutely no problems. NONE”
    I’m guessing when you say “our company” you’re talking about you and your buddies from high school that just wrote an application to organize your CD collection and are now working on a program to determine which is the most righteous TOOL album. Maybe when you start to write real software applications you’ll see the shortcomings of VS2005.

    Talk about whining you sound like such a little bitch. I wish the Internet wasn’t so anonymous so I could reach out and slap you.

  • Jay M

    Just a comment to those bad mouthing VS2005… Yes it’s not perfect (see my comments on “Tabbing” above) but I have been using it both at work (P4 2.4 Ghz with 2 Gigs of RAM) and at home (P4 3.0 Ghz with 2 Gigs of RAM) and I haven’t encountered any of the major slowdowns others are reporting here.

    And no, our team is not creating Mickey Mouse applications either. There are 5 of us doing heavy duty development with the IDE linked to the VS 2005 Team Foundation Server for Source Control… We are doing a multi-tier ASP.NET application, with BI Reporting from both Database (Relational) and Analysis Services (Multi-dimension Cube), and the only bug we encountered (confirmed by MS) was on the Remote Reporting drill throughs.

    I suspect the problems some folks are encountering are due to the setup of their PCs. You need at least 1 Gig of RAM to get VS2005 humming.

  • http://none bob

    Jay, not to put down whatever you are working on, but “heavy duty development”? However, given the number of people complaining, just on this website alone, about the performance issues with VS ’05, I think it’s fair to say that our friends on the compiler team at MS did a horrible job on this release. I can’t say anything about the performance with VS ’05 and ASP.Net work since anything I do with that is just playing around. 99% of what I have been working on over the last 10 years has been with MS C++/MFC/ATL/STL/DLL/COM/the list goes on. Doing development such as this with VS’05 is a huge let-down as compared to with VC6 and VS’05. Granted I’m working with old technology but there are tons of corporations still using this technology because simply, it works, too much code to port, all those type of business decisions.

    BTW my VS’05 dev machine has 2Gb RAM, 200Gb free HD space, 3Ghz CPU. It’s a 2 year old Dell.

    More complaints:
    o why can’t you simple just turn of Intellisense within the IDE? Gee, that would have been real f’n hard to implement.
    o attribing the _____.ncb as read-only. VS’05 prompts to make it writeable, say no, and the IDE still dicks around
    o converting large VC6 workspaces – VS’05 makes the SLN, but screws up the dependencies
    o project settings – could this dialog be any slower?
    o man the list just goes on

    I really find it hard to believe that this product had adequate real-life industry testing. Or it did, and MS just said good enough, and released it.

    Well anyway…with that I think it’s B30.

  • Jay M

    To be fair, I did encounter more than just the aforementioned Reporting Service bug (which incidentally was caused by SP1) such as the intermittent 100% CPU usage spike that appears out of nowhere albeit not that often. The only solution was to close the IDE. This problem appeared to have been fixed in my case after applying SP1.

    I guess if you complain loud enough, MS might do something about it. Just like when many folks (including MVPs) complained about the new “Web Site” approach to creating solutions in ASP.NET. MS relented and released the “Web Application Project” patch that is for many, including me, a much better environment for bigger multi-tier web applications… development and deployment wise.

    Back to the hardware, it appears the hard drive also plays a role on how responsive the IDE will be. My PC at home performs faster than that at work I believe not only because of the extra CPU horsepower but also because it has 2 hard drives (7200 RPM Seagate Barracudas in Ultra DMA mode) with the windows page file on the second drive.

  • http://none bob

    Well I guess I casted my vote with complaining. Where I work, if we have a customer not happy with our product, you can count on a developer being on a plane in short order to provide a solution if that developer can’t provide the solution via remote access. Luckily, this doesn’t happen that often, and it makes one think about what they are coding/releasing. All that really doesn’t apply to the M$ mogolith.

    How much RAM on that machine with the dual drives? When I watch the mem being used with 2Gb RAM, less than half is being used so am skeptical about the HD being the bottle neck.

    I almost think there’s logic within the VS5 compiler where certain tasks are required to take x amount of time – guess that makes it almost hardware independent.

    It would be sweet if MS would actually post something to the effect of what hardware you need to do x type of development with VS’05 to expect what kind of performance results.

  • Chris Mayo


    Would you be willing to share some information about your project so we can understand the issues you are having?

    If the issue can’t be repro’d with the tools we use to collect profile data, we could remote desktop into your machine and you could show us first hand what you are experiencing.

    If you’re interested, I can be reached at

    Chris Mayo

    Visual Basic Performance Program Manager

  • Brian Hutchison

    To all those who say it is all about the size and performance of the machine – rubbish.

    I thought the performance issues were down to my three/four year old machine, clogged with numerous applications.

    Then a colleague got a brand new 2.6Ghz dual-core, 2Gb memory, large fast empty disk drive …

    … same problems. Slightly improved but only in direct relation to the relative power of the machines.

    As to disk speed, nonsense – most of the time it is not even accessing the disk – I’ve tracked it.

    I’m head of a team developing a new .NET user interface for an existing large (1million+ lines) application. Thankfully a good 95% plus of the code base is legacy C++ which is still built as DLL’s on the command line, and edited via xemacs, or we would all be insane by now.

  • Harry Steinmeyer

    Brian I have to aggree with you. Size does not matter, VS 2005 /w sp1 preforamnce is poor.

    I did investigation and belive there are Memory and Disk write issues. Here are my results.

    Windows XP Pro
    VS 2005 /w sp1
    2g memory
    3.0 processor
    Test project = Windows appliction / 15 win forms / 1 web referance / 10k lines / C#

    Open VS 2005
    Page Faults 10,274
    Handles 468
    Threads 15
    IO Reads 502
    IO Writes 11
    IO Other 5,838
    Memory 34,536

    Open Windows appliction project
    Page Faults 61,019
    Handles 976
    Threads 32
    IO Reads 41,981
    IO Writes 97,138
    IO Other 54,979
    Memory 116,358

    Minmize VS 2005
    Memory 7,349

    Maximize VS 2005
    Memory 17,300

    Switch from Code behind to Design view
    Memory 87,224

    Minimize VS 2005
    Memory 7,823

    This pattern of memory usage and disk writes seems to be the preformance issuse.

  • Harry Steinmeyer

    Please note that I had no problems with VS 2005. I only experianced profromance probelms with SP1. I just uninstalled SP1 and it’s running fast again.

    Unlike my post above, the memory usage now is steady at 16,148 code view and jumps to 23,467 when i switch design view with the same project.

  • Brian Hutchison

    Our problems started before SP1 and SP1 did nothing to help (or change) the issues. I installed SP1 in the hope of a fix as several of the issues in the release note seemed to relate to switching between code and design view, but no luck. None of our other developers have installed SP1 and they all still experience the same problem.

    The systems range from old cluttered machines to brand new clean machines.

    The issues seem more pronounced when developing in C++ and especially mixed managed/unmanaged code.

    It is very annoying as we have two developers who we have finally managed to move off Linux – this just fuels their arguments.

  • Ezequiel

    Visual Studio 2005 apesta!

  • Marilyn

    I’ve installed VS 2005 on a desktop with two processors and it’s running normal.

    I’ve installed it in my laptop with a single processor (2.8 GHz) and it’s horribly slow…same problems you guys are having.


  • Marilyn

    I configured MSCONFIG to start up “General/Normal” instead of the selective… and it’s working fine now.

  • Rob Henry

    I just had VS 2005 dump an entire weeks work and VSS rolled back that work. It looks like VSS had a failure, rolled back and VS picked up that change.

    Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Source Safe and STILL unreliable. What’s a guy to do but dump these POS products when they are so unreliable as to destroy work??!!

  • Jay M

    I guess I must have spoken too soon (see my comments above). I just encountered the 100% CPU Utilization bug while using VS2005 Business Intelligence module for Reporting Services while dynamically creating an MDX query to report off an Analysis Services Cube.

    All I am trying to do is to add “columns” to report to an MDX query and the CPU Utilization would shoot up… The VS 2005 icon then appears on the System Tray and displays “MS Visual Studio Delay Notification” and upon clicking, displays a balloon to “inform MS if this problem persists”. Hopefully some MS MVP will read this comment and figure out what the problem is.

    After heavily using Visual Studio 2005 for 5 months now I would like to also add that the VS2005 Help System is a step back from that in Visual Studio 2003 to say the least. I find myself using Google more instead of the VS2005 help system.

  • George Fitch

    I’ve generally been happy with VS2005, except for one odd IDE thing. Every once and awhile, the cursor will freak out with Intellisense and completely garble whatever I type. Me.TextBox1.Text would become M(e).(T)() …and so forth. The only fix seems to be exiting VS2005 and restarting. Very annoying. My machine is slow anyway, so I really can’t comment on the speed issues.

  • hans balder

    when I read these posts, I start being glad – even after trying to install VS05 for at least 16 times bumping out with error 1402 almost at the end – that I did not succeed. Sticking to VS7…

  • Eduardo Quintana

    Hi There!

    I am having a strange problem: when I select Tools->Options, the Visual Studio 2005 SP1 crashes. Always. I have removed VS2005, removed all references to it in the registry, all the files left on the C drive and reinstalled it.
    To no avail. It is behaving the same way. Then I installed it in a virtual PC 2007 XP SP2 instance and it worked flawlessly. Other problem I have is that with IE7, I cannot open web sites using the VS IIS replacement. IE tries to open the site forever and fails.

    I search the Internet and could not find any similar problem reported.

    Any hint would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance…

  • Eduardo Quintana

    Hi there!

    I have exercised the Tools->Import Export Settings…, trying all the options, mainly changing all setting to General Development Settings, restarting the VS2005 environment and then setting it back to Visual C# Development Settings, restarting the environment again.

    Miraculously, the Tools->Options (and the Tools->Customize… Keyboard option that was failing too) started working flawlessly.

    I hope this may help others with a similar problem.

    My problem with IE7 persists: I cannot run a website locally. IE6 works fine, but IE7 takes forever and then fails.

    Thanks for any hints on this one.

  • Brian Hutchison

    What idiot decided that the glorious new C++ “properties” in managed objects should NOT return the property value on a “set” operation. This is completely contrary to the entire C language. The following does not work if “b” or “c” are properties rather than simple class members:

    a = b = c;

  • DavAlan

    Having recently purchased, installed and used (or tried to) this new “visual studio 2005″ has probably been the most frustrating pc experience yet.
    I have a 1000mhz pIII desktop with win XP pro which, while running it with those horrible delays in the IDE fine. Trying to install to my notebook pc (similar to my desktop pc but running win 2000 pro) worked fine until I started those updates (which “overflowed” my hd forcing a pc reboot before the updates were done). Now I cant remove the “service pack 1″ and am unable to install any visual studio application to it now.

    The installation really sucks…anything goes wrong during this (power failure, etc) and your op system will need a replacement as well.

    Going to have to purchase a actual copy of win xp pro, reformat my hc and reinstall everything now to resolve the problems with my notebook, which hopefully resolves the problem.

    Not going to bother with my gripes over the IDE delays, and the extensive file creation done to compile and link even the most simplistic code ..ex a recent “Hello World” app that new programmers try…produced 1.5 mb of associated files and wont even run on a system without vs unless the user installs a “package” to provide the drivers

    My uncle used to say that I would try to wipe my ass by reaching over my back and now microsoft seems to think it can be done 2x around the waist, between the legs then over the back :D

    IMHO microsoft has taken the absolute worst features of Visual Basic, Visual C++, etc and combined them into a single overblown app.

    Productivity? forget it…you are likely to spend 10x your programming time trying to get this app to even run properly.

    Hopefully my opinion changes this week ;)

  • Nathan

    Oh microsoft please release sp2 and 3 and 4.

    It is so slow to do anything with smart device programming with

    I have to always wait around 20 seconds each time i switch from design to code and vice versa, and it takes ages to deploy and start debug. The ide will randomly freeze for a couple of seconds…

    I already have sp1 installed and I am running vs 2005 standard

    I am on a 1.83mhz core duo laptop with 100gb harddrive 1.5gb ram (667mhz) and i frequently defrag my hdd. I have around 30gb free.

    Please release your next sp soon!!

  • 2 steps ahead

    Stop wining about VS2005 and throw it in the trash can, where it belongs!
    Try developping Java in Eclipse and FEEL the difference! After months of slow and almost irritating .net development in VS2005 we decided to move to Eclipse and we’re glad we did it. I admit it’s not that easy to install and to set up at the beginning, but after a few tutorials you’ll rapidly discover its magnificant functionalities. And then you come back to thank us as we did too. What about .NET 3.0 and VS9? Well, we don’t feel like trying it and certainly NOT buying it! Buying VS2005 was like the most stupid mistake we could ever make while such magnificant open source projects as Eclipse are also available and even give you more. At the moment we’re developing applications at record speeds. We could even run a Java application that was written in 1996. This gives us that warm feeling that we’ve made a good choice this time as our work could possibly still being reused over a decade. Think about that and try it, believe me it’s never too late to move and start over again! Bye bye MicroSoft and ahoy Open Source!

  • Harvard_Bob

    I must say I am underwhelmed. I am using a trial version of VS 2005 Pro and even after the 500MB SP1 and all the patches for XP etc., this beast is still unpredictable. I seriously question whether I want to pony up 5 bills for an upgrade. I am running on a HP Pavillion dv9000 labtop with a 2.0GHz Core2 Duo, 2GB RAM, 7200 RPM . I have merely loaded several VB projects and VS has crashed and burned and amusingly asks if I would like to debug the crashed VS in a new instance of VS. Kind of sad if were not for the fact they asking real money for this betaware. Also the switching times between design and code views are approximately 5 – 10 seconds on a faily modest program. I also cannot understand why the time consuming features like intellisense cannot be turned off. Score one for bloatware. Bill, if your listening, you had better keep your developers (the paying ones) happy or we may just chuck it all for open source.

  • BikerAtHeart

    VS2005 could be the most frustrating development tool I have ever used.

    The compiler is slow and crashes. The IDE goes into la-la land at will. It forces me to restart multiple times daily. I bet I spend half my day staring at the hourglass of death.

    Nice try Microsoft, but I would rather have a quick responding, stable tool then a ton a features that work when they feel like it.

    In short, this stuff sucks.

  • Brian Hutchison

    “I know” says Microsoft, “Let’s make VS2005 get confused about project references, that’ll really annoy everyone.”

    Every time we load our project fresh into VS2005 (even if it is fully built) and build it, it whinges about a missing referenced assembly. So we add it, despite the fact we know it is already there, and it builds but whinges about duplicate references. So we remove it and it builds fine.

    Wouldn’t be so bad if we weren’t having to shut VS2005 down so often.

  • Fabian

    VS 2005 hands badly when opening up a new project, just installed it and it already pissing me off.

  • Brian Hutchison

    From a colleague:

    “Visual studio, visual studio
    Why do you trouble me so?
    I have changed only a minor file
    Yet you are doing a full recompile
    Very soon now I might have a fit
    You pain in the ass pile of monkey sh…”

  • Ian McDermid

    What a crock…I cannot debug threads in my UI (Windows) application. It all worked well in VS2003. If I set a breakpoint in a thread, it stops ok, but if I step or continue, the thread just “Deep Ends”, nothing happens. I have to use .Net 2.0 because of unfixed XML parsing error in .Net 1.1. Of course VS2003 does not work with .Net 2.0.

  • DavAlan

    Well, I finally got vs 2005 to run somewhat successfully on my IBM 1200 MHZ notebook with 1/2 gig ram.
    It now, at least will compile/run/debug basic vb, c++, and c# although still infuriatingly slow.
    I notice the local colleges here have dropped Visual Basic and C++ programming from thier schedules probably due to the pile of sh*t vs has become.
    They now teach Java exclusively (and
    they are not using MS J++ either).
    I cant imagine MS finding this to be profitable in any way.
    I also notice VS-2008 beta is now availible for download and at 2x the size of vs 2005 with requirements of 1 gig + RAM, 1.6 GHz processor, and god knows how much HD space.
    They are really pushing this new “ORCA” (I assume the replacement for that terrible .NET framework) bs hard, but before I spend more $ on it I am gonna give it a year or two.
    I am having problems convincing myself that bigger, and more memory usage is going to improve anything (ex. WinXP vs. Win Vista).
    IMHO, MS has lost a very huge segment of thier buisiness and will probably never recover.
    However, I still use Visual Basic as the program shell functions work flawlessly (unlike the C spawn() function) and retain VS-2005 for this reason and search the used software shops endlessly for an old VS-2003.

  • Suma Sushilendra


    I am Suma Sushilendra from C# IDE team in Visual Studio. Please feel free to contact me at for any IDE related issue that you might be experiencing with VS 2005 and I hope to work together to understand the situation in which the issue is happening and this will help the product teams to further investigate the problem or find a solution for it.

    Suma Sushilendra [MSFT]
    C# IDE team

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  • jerk

    where is my VS 2003? VS2005 & SQL2005 are just buggy, incomprehendible new skins to old packaging. Really sucks.

  • BikerAtHeart

    Could this crap be any slower? I am still in shock that we actually paid real money for this dev tool.

    VS2003 was pretty good (I missed the edit and continue but got used to not having it). Why would Microsoft put out a product like this?

  • Cameron McColl

    Just a friendly reminder if you are going to post complaints about the performance or stability of VS2005 on this forum.

    If you look back through the thread you will find a lot of posts from Microsoft employees including myself asking that you contact us directly with your issues.

    For VB issues:
    For C# issues:

    If you just want to complain then feel free but if you’d like to see about getting the problem fixed please consider contacting these aliases.

    Note: These aliases are monitored by the actual VB and VC# teams.

    Oh and the performance improvements in VS 2008 are very significant so please try Beta2 which will be released very soon.

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  • Jason

    Thanks Cameron for this great reminder about the importance of not just complaining, but offering solutions and productive input as well.

  • Jay M

    .NET 2008 might just solve many of the problems folks are having with 2005 but shouldn’t Microsoft put emphasis more on fixing the bugs on 2005?

    After all this is the tool (2005) many of us are now using to develop production applications… not 2008.

  • Nathan

    Not to mention all the new bugs that will surface with 2008.

  • John

    I’ve spent the better part of the last three days dealing with VS2005 just freezing whenever the Intellisense kicks in to complete something. It is a VB.Net project, and so far has nothing more than a form, and some code, one extra reference to a supplied data dll.

    It’s ridiculous.

  • Bob

    Today I tried to perform the highly complicated task of adding an event handler to a menu item in a C++/MFC project (right-clik, add event handler). After populating the dialog, VS’05 took more than 3 minutes to complete this task. Yes, THAT IS 3 MINUTES! For C++/MFC development, I really think that VC2.0 was by far better than VS05. So what are the requirements to work on the VS team at MS? 3rd grade education and the ability to count to 6 using your fingers? VS05 is complete garbage for C++/MFC development.

  • Shane

    I think the service pack 1 for VS 2005 might be causing a ton of the problems. Most of my problems came after the SP 1.

  • Suma Sushilendra


    After this post ( where people were asked to contact me with detailed info on the issues they were seeing, around 6 people did contact me and I was able to route them to more useful contacts and to Product support team after collecting all the details of the issue.

    Some of the investigations are still underway.

    I really encourage people to contact me with any issue you are seeing with VS2005 or any feedback/suggestions you have for both VS2005 and VS2008, Beta2 (

    It would be very helpful to know the following information when you email me the issue.

    1) What kinds of projects are there in the solution where the issue reports (C#, VB, C++ – Windows Forms, class libraries, web sites etc)
    2) How many projects are there?
    3) Are there any 3rd party component libraries or controls being used in the designers in the project
    4) In the case of delays, hangs, crashes, it helps immensely to get a dump of VS process at the time of repro. Contact me for more info on how to get dumps.

    Please contact me at for any issues on the VS IDE side

    Suma Sushilendra [MSFT]
    C# IDE team

  • Suma Sushilendra

    One more thing that helps to know is to know if you have SP1 installed on VS2005.

    Please make sure that you have the final release version of SP1 (version 20727.42.762) and not any interim release (beta)

    Suma Sushilendra [MSFT]
    C# IDE team

  • Ian McDermid


    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.ComponentModel;
    using System.Data;
    using System.Drawing;
    using System.Text;
    using System.Windows.Forms;
    using System.Threading;

    namespace Multithread
    public partial class Form1 : Form
    private Thread job1Thread;
    private Thread job2Thread;
    static readonly object threadLock = new object();

    delegate void setbtnStopCallBack(bool state);
    delegate void setbtnStartCallBack(bool state);
    delegate void setlblJob1TextCallBack(string text);
    delegate void setlblJob2TextCallBack(string text);

    public Form1()
    btnStop.Enabled = false;

    private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    ThreadStart thread1 = new ThreadStart(job1);
    job1Thread = new Thread(thread1);
    ThreadStart thread2 = new ThreadStart(job2);
    job2Thread = new Thread(thread2);


    private void job1()
    setlblJob1Text(“Computing Sum”);
    MathLib.Class1 mathlib = new MathLib.Class1();
    int x = mathlib.add(2, 3);
    setlblJob1Text(“Answer is ” + x);


    private void job2()
    setlblJob2Text(“Computing Sum”);
    MathLib.Class1 mathlib = new MathLib.Class1();
    int x = mathlib.add(4,5);
    setlblJob2Text(“Answer is ” + x);

    private void btnStop_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

    private void setbtnStop(bool state)
    if (btnStop.InvokeRequired)
    setbtnStopCallBack d = new setbtnStopCallBack(setbtnStop);
    btnStop.Invoke(d, new object[] { state });
    btnStop.Enabled = state;

    private void setbtnStart(bool state)
    if (btnStart.InvokeRequired)
    setbtnStartCallBack d = new setbtnStartCallBack(setbtnStart);
    btnStart.Invoke(d, new object[] { state });
    btnStart.Enabled = state;

    private void setlblJob1Text(string text)
    if (lblJob1Text.InvokeRequired)
    setlblJob1TextCallBack d = new setlblJob1TextCallBack(setlblJob1Text);
    lblJob1Text.Invoke(d, new object[] { text });
    lblJob1Text.Text = text;

    private void setlblJob2Text(string text)

    if (lblJob2Text.InvokeRequired)
    setlblJob2TextCallBack d = new setlblJob2TextCallBack(setlblJob2Text);
    lblJob2Text.Invoke(d, new object[] { text });
    lblJob2Text.Text = text;

    With the standard settings you cannot debug either of the threads. The program just hangs. This worked perfectly in VS2003. I feel I have been ripped off $AU499 for a sub standard product. I only switched due to XML handling problems with .Net 1.1. Had to go to .Net 2.0

    A workaround is to untick enable property evaluation and other implicit function calls in the tools menu. This of course means that you cannot see some variables as you debug.


  • Suma Sushilendra

    Hi Ian,

    I tried debugging the winform app you have posted the code for, in your post and I have default “Visual C# developer settings”.

    I tried debugging the app several times with breakpoints placed inside several places but I could not get my VS2005-SP1 to hang.

    I am sure I am missing something. Can you please tell me more specifics on how I can repro the hang?

    Suma Sushilendra [MSFT]
    C# IDE Team

  • Ian McDermid

    It is not the breakpoints that are the problem, I can set a breakpoint. The IDE takes up to one minute before I have control. If I then hit the continue or step button, control never returns, and the thread appears to stop. I get no further values in the locals, and the form never updates. I am running XP SP2

  • Nick

    Hi. I was insatall VS2008 beta 2 with MSDN and
    found what MSDN for VS 2005 corrupted. (Not found any topics and articles). How i can have both msdn versions installed?

  • Jay M

    If I were to play with VS2008 Beta (or most any other Beta software), I would install it and run it in an OS running in a virtual environment such as VMWare Workstation or Microsoft’s own VPC.

  • DavAlan

    Did anyone get a chance to try the vs 2005 express versions (probably too late now with vs 2008 betas out?)? I installed those (vc, vc#, vb, vj, sql) to a slower pc and that runs much better than the “real” thing. :|
    For me, vs 2008 is gonna have to wait on a pc upgrade later this year (when the prices plunge in advance of the xmas rush).

  • Neel

    VS 2005 Pagefault Problem.
    No matter how big or how small the Project is (VB Code) the application hikes up a lot of Pagefaults, Even some of Microsofts samples in VB (Vs 2005 Prof).
    Can any explain Why ? And how to fix Pagefault from being so high – an example figure is – 800, 662.

    Any one …

    Please provide some definite responses – Thank You.


  • Rich

    Hi guys,

    I am a senior developer down here in sunny Australia working for mining and oil and gas projects. I have been using VS 2005 for about a year and I keep going back to VS 2003. In short I think the VS 2005 is a 2nd rate product. Its buggy and slow and not flexible enough.

  • Stevey

    I recently tried VS 2005, and it just feels awkward. Everything from the interface to the lag, everything. Sure, I thought, it was because I did not install the service packs. Guess what, I went ahead to install the latest service pack.

    Here it comes:
    WHAT WERE YOU GUYS AT MICROSOFT THINKING? The service pack takes half an hour to install! Not only that but it requires more than 2 GIGABYTES on the C drive. 2 GIGABYTES for a service pack! And it installs itself on the C drive, never mind that the rest of the VS is on another drive. I completely lost count how many gigs the entire VS is, but it is a lot, and it bothers me. Not because I don’t have space on my HD (I have plenty) but because all that crap that makes it big, makes it slower. VS used to be slick and lean in the past, now it’s a bloated pig.

  • Paul

    I know I could write something constructive to help…but quite frankly I have no faith that it will help. I develop in .Net out of survival…it has a market share strangle hold in so many MS shops. The last two years have been a miserable experience in VS 2005 and I had a horrible experience playing with beta versions of Vista.

    I will not be moving to Vista and will be moving into IT management and consulting soon…so I will leave M$ at the way side (I think I might swith our framework to J2EE. Will make the developers happy). When I want to develop I will play at home on my Mac with Objective-C and J2EE ( I own no M$ software anymore at home. Overpriced Alpha and Beta Software ). By the way Apple’s IDE comes FREE and kicks the crap out of VS.

  • Brian Hutchison

    Hmm, just came back to have look here after a while away trying to get some work done …

    Came across the post from Cameron at MS – urging us to contact them directly with our problems and giving us two direct email addresses:

    For VB issues:
    For C# issues:

    Pity I develop in C++ isn’t it.

    It is obvious, not just from this post but from the evidence of almost 2 years using VS2005, that Microsoft would rather C++ developers just went away and left them to play with their precious C# and VB.

  • Paul

    I see your point Brian Hutchison. Although they do offer support (albeit limited) for C++ their focus is mostly on the managed languages. They want everyone to go through their new framework. Why? Control. Just like the so called “Trusted Computing Platform” they are quite and subtley trying to control everything.

    It’s a shame because C++ is an awesome language and has its uses. Its not a RAD language and isn’t fit for every business application situation…but it fits for just about everything else.

  • Brian Hutchison


    There is no reason that C++ should not be a RAD language for GUI development. The only thing holding it back in this case is Microsofts appalling integration of C++ into the IDE.

    It stinks of a shoddy after thought if ever I saw one.

    If people think they have problems using this IDE with C# and VB they should have a try with C++.

    And don’t get me started with the whole C++/CLI “It Just Works” stuff.

  • Paul


    I love C++ but in reality I end up writing a lot less lines of code when I develop in C# or Java. This isn’t always a good thing, but it gets the job done rather quickly.

    I can get things out the dorr a hair faster (although the program is not a “hair” faster but quite a bit slower) I save time, and, thusly, money on the development side. However there are a lot of things I wish I could do that I can in C++ (Macros and better preprocessing, true multiple inheritance etc).

    Also, my developers can be younger and cheaper as these so-called RAD languages are more forgiving (I would never let one or two of my developers touch a pointer…and um… well so much for C++ for them).

    The other reason I choose a managed language over C++ for some of our interface RAD? Its a lot of web stuff.

    Don’t despair! We have a lot of middleware written in C++ (math libraries, optimizers etc) and are still developing in C++. Whoever said C++ was going to die was a total idiot.

  • Brian Hutchison


    I’m not a rampant C++ is the only way nut.

    Unfortunately we are in the processing of porting a 1m+ line application across from X to Windows & .NET.

    Less than 10% of that code is GUI and the rest is most definitely staying as pure C++.

    Unfortunately the only way open to us if we want .NET is to develop the GUI using C++/CLI interfaced back to the C++ code. It’s a struggle but it is possible.

    Some newer parts of the product suite have been written in VB.NET (2003) and we have a few C# components hidden in there too – for the very reasons you state. Applications that are 90/10 in favour of GUI certainly benefit from the RAD languages.

    We even have a large module written in VB6 – I’m really looking forward to bringing that one up to date :(

  • Paul

    I totally understand where you are coming from. Although, going to dotnet changes a lot of things and you’ll need to do a lot of “re-doing” of the forms anyway, why not switch to C#? If you’re business logic is separated out and only have “wiring” in your presentation layer it should be pretty easy to switch that over. Then you could actually keep any business logic there in C++, thanks to COM Interop and P/Invoke. C++ migrates pretty well to C#. Copy and paste and with some massaging…voila!

    As far as VB6? Run-away! We have ported almost all of our VB6 code over…only a few classic asp pages left to switch. I despise VB and dread ever having to work in it (.Net or not).

  • Cameron McColl

    In response to Brian Hutchinson’s comment about the lack of support for C++:

    Fair comment Brian. I actually wasn’t aware of a C++ performance alias at the time I wrote that reposnse. After seeing your mail I went and asked around and found out there IS indeed a performance alias for C++ issues.

    I strongly encourage you and the others with C++ issues to contact the team directly at:

    Sorry for not including that information before.

    Cameron McColl
    VB Performance Developer

  • Paul

    One for the C++ issues is the annoying “Updating Intellisense” crap that ties up VS for at least 5 minutes…

  • Brian Hutchison


    We are actually almost there with the port – just finishing off a few dialogs.

    The application deals in a huge number of highly complex C++ data structures and classes all nested to hell and back. All the early attempts we made trying to interface the C++ and C# failed miserably for various reasons.

    To be fair to good ol’ MS – when we switched to C++/CLI things started to work. Our problems were by no means over but it was a step.

    The VB6 will be a nasty one – its mostly DB, graphics and charting – three of the things MS completely threw out and started again with in .NET. So no auto-conversion happening there.

  • Brian Hutchison


    Thanks for that – I’ll certainly give it a try.

  • Brian Hutchison

    Well, thats been a week since I emailed support and I have not even had an acknowledgment.

    So much for commitment.

  • Cameron McColl

    The performance improvements in Orcas are real and you can try the Beta2 of Orcas right now at:

    Additionally, you can see me in a video presenting some of the VB performance improvements in action.
    I’d like to point out that most of the big performance issues that we have addressed in Orcas were submitted from customers through our performance alias.

    So at the risk of sounding like a broken record please try out the Beta2 and if you find any unresolved VB performance issues please contact us at

  • Brian Hutchison


    I’m sorry but there is absolutely no way we can afford to switch to a new development environment, especially one that is still in Beta, at this stage in our development program.

    A Service Pack to resolve real issues in the current version would be acceptable (and appreciated) but not a whole new version.

    Can we read into this that there is no hope of such a Service Pack and that no more effort is being put into VS2005?

    Given the vast differences in managed/unmanaged interoperability that were introduced between VS2003 and VS2005 I shudder to think what impact VS2008 would have on our development.

    So, forgive me if I’m not exactly excited by this announcement.

  • Chris

    I certainly hope the VS2008 is a better than VS2005. Frankly, it couldn’t be worse.

    My company has spent over a million dollars developing our product. VS2005 has almost killed it.
    It is significantly worse than 2003. It isn’t supposed work that way.

    We have a server side component that is written in Java and we use Eclipse as our development environment.

    We’ve developed a smart client in .Net using VS2003 and then VS2005.

    Eclipse is a better IDE in almost every respect. It is faster, less resource intensive and more stable. Eclipse is FREE.

    VS2005 works but it is slow, resource intensive and will fall over on a daily basis. The designer stops working for some forms and you have to close it down to get it to work.

    We feel that we backed the wrong horse with .Net. There isn’t a day that we don’t regret that decision.

    I really, really hope that VS2008 is what you say it is.


  • Paul

    Once upon a time I was so excited for .Net. And actually, the framework itself is pretty good. Not quite as efficient as J2EE, but pretty good. However any technology is as weak as its weakest link, and .Net is crippled by its current IDE. I thought Microsoft was done with releasing Alpha software after Windows ME?!

    Well, we’ve kept what .Net is practical and have officially switched to java. Wow! We love it. Yes Eclipse is free and I’m planning on getting XCode on my Mac (which is also free) to have fun coding at home. We’ve decided to trash our MSDN Premium subscription and move forward with true enterprise software. We’re even considering taking our newly written/converted web services and hosting them on unix or linux!!!

  • Brian Hutchison

    I have now had a response from Microsoft on the issues I raised with them. Whilst almost all of the issues I raised were answered, the answers were largely disappointing:

    - will be better in VS2008 (useless to me)
    - we’re aware of that (but no fix)
    - there might be a hotfix coming that might, if your lucky, solve this
    - I’ve reproduced that (no fix) please log it as a bug
    - try these workarounds (mostly things already tried and didn’t work)
    - this is how its meant to be (thanks a bunch)
    - please supply reproducible examples (most are intermittent and unreproducible things – but I have sent one off)

    To be fair, there was some useful stuff which I am following up on.

    We are making steady progress on our project but it should not be as hard as this. Whilst I can accept that you are always working within the limitations of the tools you are using – you should not be working around their failings – at least not nearly as much as this.

  • Gregg

    Just want to say that vs2005 crashes (reboots) my new core 2 duo PC like every 3 to 10 saves of a project, doesn’t matter the language I’m using just press save and KABOOM. I haven’t been able to find nothing similar on the net.
    I’m using xp sp2, vs2005 sp1, my HD is a brand new Seagate Barracuda SATA2, my Ram 1G Kingston, mobo Intel.
    I’m a newb programmer and would appreciate if anyone can help me.

  • Jason

    Gregg, check out the resources provided by Cameron with Microsoft at this comment

  • Kevin

    I’ve been using VB.Net 2005 for about a year I love what it can do when it works. As the only developer in my organization productivity is important and sometimes VS 2005 just kills a day. I just upgraded to a Core 2 Duo machine with 2gigs of ram and VS does run faster but most problems still remain especially the 10-20 sec delay when adding an event handler, the Delay notification box that pops up every few times you press F5 and so on. Perhaps NS should give VS 2008 to all owners of VS 2005 and just call it a bug fix/Service Pack. The only reason my organization can even think about VS 2008 is that I am at a non-profit and we have software assurance.

  • Jef

    Here we go again… and I’m getting irritated because this issue is by far not the only one that occured today…
    I’ve two projects in my solution. One project is referenced to the other. When I build the solution: no problems. When I publish the solution and install it, I can’t run it. -> On debug: Could not load file or assembly…blahblah
    (Even with local copy = true)
    Solution: Restart your entire pc, not only vs2005. Publish again: it works. Tsss… 2 hours wasted for nothing.
    What a fantastic IDE! Not!
    VS2008? Another ripp-off I don’t even consider trying! Give me back my money instead, losers!!
    Contact MS to report every issue… and then what? Wait some months till it’s solved? Why should I invest my energy to fix their bullshit? (Having a good laugh) Get a decent test team, morons… instead of degrading your clients to some ordinary testers…

  • Chris

    Has anyone upgraded to VS2008? Did it solve any of the problems?

    I did a quick test upgrade of our app and they’ve changed the webservices yet again. WSE 3.0 isn’t there anymore. It means we have to go through the process of working out what needs to change and then doing it.

  • Johan Stenberg

    To upgrade from WSE 3.0 to WCF, check out

  • sim


    how can I change the default C# compiler (programmatically) and use different compiler or anothe rone ??

    please help

  • Paul

    Well, I spoke of switching to java a few months ago on this. I did…and I love Eclipse. great IDE! Still haven’t had time to play with coding on my Mac, but I should have some more free time soon.

    Well, I got overrulled on some things, and see we have msdn subscription we got vs 2008. Its VS 2005 with a couple of minor upgrades and support for xaml. Thats it. Remember Windows 98? Remember 98 SE? basically a more stable version with a few extras? Thats VS2005 vs 2008. Except VS 2008 is still miserable with managing references.

    Anyway I’ve started a company with manager and we’re doing a bunch of cool stuff…all in java and c++ baby! Screw VS!

  • Curtis

    I tried to install the IDE, but right before it finished, it restarted the computer. After the reboot, it was running very slowly, so I restarted it again via the start menu. After it started again, before I could open anything it completely locked up, and eventually I had no other option but to pull the plug, so to speak. After trying to turn it on again, it struggles in DOS for a while until it tells me I need to repair the OS. After starting the process, the computer froze again…

    If anyone else has had this kind of problem before and fixed it, please email me (at

    I am never downloading a single file from the MS website again…

  • Thogek

    I’m recently having a problem (with VS 2008 SP1) similar to some described above, in which saving any updated code-file in a website project causes my IDE to freeze for anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds. This is very frustrating for anyone who prefers to save code edits frequently…

    It appears that the file save itself is occurring immediately, but the IDE freezes for 15 to 60 seconds just after the save occurs. Meanwhile, I see that the Temporary ASP.NET Files content for this application is flushed and regenerated.

    I’ve tried testing this with different solutions/projects on this machine (Win2003), and the effect is consistent.

    This has been going on for at least several weeks, but the freeze-delay became more frustratingly significant in the last two weeks or so. I’ve been Google-searching much of today, but have found nothing useful so far.


  • S.Touseef Ali

    VS 2005 And VS2008 are very slow i m totally disturb due to my performance tooooooo much down as compare to VB 6.
    On every run it takes too much time, my brain become hot and feel angry that’s why my logics gone Oh my God! what is this ……. when it will be like VB 6 fastest development environment …..anyone can help me regarding this matter.

  • vwdperf

    One correction to my previous comment..

    Hi Thogek,

    I am from Web Development Tools team and this is in response to the comment you have posted about perf issues when saving code-files on Sep 16th. Can you please contact VWDPERF-at-microsoft-dot-com with the list of issues you are seeing. We would like to understand more about the issues you are seeing and help you with your performance related problems. Thanks.

    Web Development Tools Team,

  • Jason Bean

    Thanks for stopping by VWDPERF and helping out our readers. You wouldn’t happen to know anyone in the Windows Live Writer team would you? =)