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This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!  Wikipedia has posted a mini Simlish dictionary:

“The Sims

There is currently no official Simlish dictionary, so not all translations below are necessarily correct:

No pala!!! Ooh kay kay keelah!!! (Sims 1 adult male, meaning “No fulfillment! Help ease my suffering!” “Pala” usually refers to the Comfort need, though can be used for others.)

Wah-sinakay!!! (Sims 1 adult male, meaning “I’m suffering!”)

Chumcha (meaning “pizza“) (definition confirmed by Maxis)

Dag Dag (“goodbye“, which by coincidence can also means “goodbye” or “bye bye” in Dutch) (definition confirmed by Maxis)

Deh Dah Da (Hello)

Dis gweld es frotogé, en a wooka-dis now! (Sims 1 adult female phrase, meaning, roughly, “the world is full of those! And that’s a plain fact”)

Egadasiliwahowlahoo’enburwati (Sims 1 adult male phrase of indeterminate meaning, often used during conversation)

Feefeena! (“Feed me!”)

Misbalah! (expression of dismay or intense frustration)

Mokey-hokey (meaning “okay”)

Nooboo (“baby“) (definition confirmed by Maxis)

Plicka (meaning “kitty” or “cat“)

Que-moh-nuzhnee? Esta booka-dee schvallow en dough cheeky-a-vunch! (Sims 1 women, meaning: “Are you joking? I know exactly where that’s going and I couldn’t agree more!!!”)

Kominsnala! (Sim female adult greeting. Means “hello!”)

Ee lala kala! (“I need a shower!”)

The Sims 2

Please note that the spelling and definitions of most of these words are estimated, and that they come from a variety of Sims games and expansion packs. Sims 2 Simlish is markedly different from the Simlish of the original games.

Yubelikhte?…Loliba-koctoe… (roughly means “Next target? That (over there) looks fine…” spoken only by teen females when gazing through the telescope.)

Ka friabai? (adult women, means “An engagement ring?”)

Moarsh doove, Moarshdoove (meaning “Ha-llo!!!” or hello dragged out by teen females. May also mean “howdy, neighbor!)

Ai! Kavtoosonne! (another teen female telescope phrase, meaning “Eureeka! There it is!”)

Awwww!…Mea-gufaaw! (male adult, meaning “Oh…that makes sense to me now…”)

Kavaala! Midoo!!! (teen female, meaning “Over here! I’m desperate!!!”)

Kailora! Pukalarado! (“Hey there! I’m hungry!”)

Oh, lipen! (adult women, meaning “Wait! Hold that thought!”)

Choe-kaase!!! Loof-leegah!!! (teen girls, meaning: “No way!!! That’s for certain!” Usually announced when they tilt heads back with enlightenment. Sounds like: “choke us!!!”)

Mistufa! Estoofla!!!? (female adult, meaning “(This) blocks my path! Please move it!”)

Oh, abalada! (adult males, meaning “Wait! I just recalled…”)

Meena ladien(I want to get close to you!)

Roochi mailor! (Let’s make WooHoo.)

Shoshu(“bye bye”)

Kamora! (Said when a sim, usually female, is fanning themselves from being in love)

Koodara, hm… Leeroray! (Said by adult females when ordering food. Roughly “I’ll take the (any food item).”)

Burnee hmmm…ad-tropheesh! (Said by adult males when pondering their next move)

Mayabellui” (often used in dirty jokes by adult males)

Maracha-lah vee??? (cried out by teen females when desperate, especially when made pregnant with third-party mods)

Oogibra! (adult females, meaning “Help! I need to be social!”)

In The Sims 2 expansion pack The Sims 2: University, Sims can do a school cheer that goes:

Baya su da karn

Baya su da bawnk

Baya baybi ohga aybee

Donk donk donk!

Gurbits! Gurbits! Voooooe Gurbits!(confirmed in Maxis chat) (‘Gurbits’ appears to be Simlish for ‘llamas’)

The interpretation of the cheer is as follows:

Beat them now

Beat them well

Win the game!

Yeah yeah yeah!

Llamas! Llamas! Goooo Llamas!

Baya” seems to be “beat”, however also could be “win”, and “basha” beat, but obviously the words “win” and “beat” are in the cheer. The other words are simply estimates, though “don” seems to be “yes”, or perhaps “win”., or perhaps “win”., or perhaps “win”.” from Wikipedia

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