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One of my favorite things to do with the Sims has always been getting famous people sims and having them interact with my characters.  Today I downloaded Sim Eva Longoria and Sim Paris Hilton and had them go to a night club with the editor of the Perez Hilton website.  (He asked me to make a Sim of him)

What do you think?  Did I do a good job?

You can download almost every celeb you can imagine at the official Sims webpage.  (it’s where I got the Paris and Eva sims)

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  • http://yahoo.com dan smith

    im trying to make some famous sims, too, even tho they all look retarded and constipated when i try. i only skimmed thru ur blog, so i might be talking shit.

  • http://SimsGamer.com Amy Tucker

    Holy crap! This is from FOREVER ago! I’ll try and get a tutorial up this week.

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