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When I loaded up the webpage to DualCor’s new PC PDA, this tagline at the bottom caught my eye and it was cleverly worded :

Delivering the Holy Grail of Enterprise Mobility: 100% replication of the fully functional, fully connected, non-diluted, intra-enterprise desktop experience in a completely mobile hand-held device.

I can imagine all the Google engineers carrying this around to do their work. I can also imagine myself having one too if the budget permits. The idea of having a 40GB handheld devide that can boot Windows XP for normal computing tasks and switch to Windows Mobile 5.0 when the user needs speedier PDA functions is a marriage made for success.

The funny thing about DualCor Mobile PC PDA website is that it does not cover anything about the phone specs. So we are not sure if its tri-band or quad-band like the ETEN M600 that I’m going to get this coming weekend. We’ll keep you posted and here goes the mouth watering tech specs.

DualCor Mobile PC PDA tech specs :

- 6.5 inches long, 3.3 inches wide, 1.2 inches thick
- 1.5GHz C7-M processor from Via Technologies
- 5″, 800X400 LCD Display
- 800×480 Resolution ( same as the OQO )
- 40GB shared hard drive
- 1 GB NAND flash memory
- Windows XP Tablet Edition
- Windows Mobile 5.0
- 3 USB 2.0 ports (2 Type A, 1 Type B)
- Mini-VGA port
- Stereo headset port
- Telephone headset port
- CompactFlash Type II slot

DualCor Mobile PC PDA Computer site | Cnet Review

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