Jennifer Morrison in Playboy!

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Well, sort of. There’s a great interview with her at

Did you know she was a dancer and model before she began acting? And that she’s single? And knows how to skateboard?

You can find out these things, and lots more, in the interview, along with some gorgeous pics of Jennifer.

Hmm…I wonder what House would think o f sweet lil’ Cameron appearing in Playboy?

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  • CaptainCMorgan

    Has anyone else noticed Jennifer Morrison’s dramatic weight loss? In the pilot, she was nice and slim, but in maternity, she becomes incredibly skinny, and not in a good way. Don’t get me wrong, i LOVE Jennifer Morrison with all my heart, but I could see in the episode TB or not TB that when she walked her legs didnt even touch together. She was even on a magazine with Nicole Richy and Lindsay Lohan about incredibly skinny celebs.

    Who else thinks Jenny should gain the weight back? I’ll love her no matter what, but when you look anorexic, its not pretty. Lets just hope it doesnt get that far.

    ~My love to Jennifer Morrison, I hope you eat more fatty foods… or somehow lower your metabolism…~

  • nms

    Yes, she looks prettier and healthier in the first season!

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  • Cory

    While I commented over at AwfulBlogs, I’ll say here that I have not intent to post that sort of content here. If that’s what you’re looking for, so be it. You just won’t find it here.

  • eva

    Maybe the emotions that goes along with being engaged to Jesse Spencer made her drop such a significant amount of weight. I would love to see her with a healthy figure; we need more accurate representation of the diveristy of female bodies. Maybe House can take a tip from Grey’s Anatomy and hire an actor with a voluptous figure like Sara Ramirez. Jennifer, we love you, eat some chicken.

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  • Sean

    I barely noticed anything. She is the hottest thing ever, and I am pretty sure at about 300 lbs she would still be.

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