Quake 4? Been there, done that. Got the shirt.

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About the same time I picked up F.E.A.R. I got my copy of Quake 4. I had gone into EBGames I think it was, and had seen the pre-order boxes sitting there with a free t-shirt. I figured “what the hell” and placed my pre-order. Got my shirt and went home. The shirt ended up being too small of course. So it’s now a decoration upon my bedroom wall.

I played through on the Lieutenant difficulty, and that was a bit of a challenge. I’m no slouch when it comes to FPS games, I can generally score in the top 5 of a random online game, but I’m not exactly Mr. Fantastic either. My first impressions were okay. The game seems very mediocre. Nothing special, but nothing to baulk at either. It came off as Doom 3 with squads and flashlights. Now, I will admit, they DID brighten things up a bit, meaning I could see what I was looking at without having to bust out the flashlight and the locales where you fought varied a bit more than in Doom 3. Plus you get squadmates from time to time. You get an “armor” bitch and the “health” bitch, as I like to call them. A couple of guys whom if you “use” them will replenish your armor/health up to its max capacity. I tend not to call them by their names or think of them as anything like a human, because they’re either going to die or run off somewhere else just when you need one most. Emotional distancing is your friend in battle. And then there’s the “upgrade” guy. On scripted occasions you’ll come across him and he’ll upgrade one of your weapons. My personal fav was the homing feature for the nailgun. That one killed many a boss for me.

By far the most annoying part of the game was where you have to defend this guy as he removes some mines. I can’t just shoot them. Oh no. He has to go out there and disarm the things himself. The frustrating thing about this whole situation didn’t even have to deal with the game itself, but my own ineptitude of forgetting to save after I got past the part. You see I got past that part four times. The first 3 I forgot to save. Now, you’ll notice I got PAST it four times. That doesn’t count the number of times I actually had to play it. I loathe escort missions. I can’t focus on saving the world or defeating the minions of nafahvakolok or whatever if I have to watch out for some engineer who can’t be bothered to do his job and save his own ass at the same time.

Though, I guess that’s what makes me the hero.

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  • http://sublimeparadigm.com/blog Chris

    Hear hear.Had I played Quake 4 before I played FEAR, I probably would have enjoyed Quake 4 quite a bit.

    However, I played FEAR first, and after that, Quake 4 just didn’t cut it- not by a long shot.

  • http://www.fpsrantings.com Matt

    Yeah. It’s hard to go from something like FEAR to Quake 4. You get a bit spoiled and expect the same level of gaming and end up getting a little disappointed. Even if the other game was still good.

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