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    Ha, I can’t wait to see what search strings bring people to this post … but this post is about boobies, so what else could I title it?

    Some modders, with obviously nothing better to do, have created a patch that allows you to see the boobs on most of the (female) characters in Oblivion.

    Is this really necessary, I have to wonder? I mean, boobs are everywhere. You just type “boobs” into google, and I’m certain you could find some real-life boobs to ogle. But apparently the game doesn’t offer enough intrigue without the added nipple availability.

    From the modder’s own words…

    In the process of trying to create a nude skin for Oblivion, I found Bethesda had already done all the work for me. They just covered it up with underwear afterwards. (At least in my version — I know sometimes European versions are different, as those cultures accept the human body better.)

    Bethesda’s skins/models don’t really look amazing once they’re actually in the game, though… I’m sure someone will make better ones sooner or later. I’ll be looking forward to it too.

    Please note, this is a realistic nudity mod, not a pornographic one. The file included removes the bra welded to the skin of females of all races, showing things as most people know they are in the real world after removing upper body clothing. It will not show every female in the game as topless. I do this because I hate government/society/whatever forcing companies to “protect our innocent population from seeing those evil dirty things 50% of them posess personally anyways” not because I’m trying to turn it into a porn game.

    I suppose I should be all offended about this, and go on a rant about blah, blah and blah, but I don’t really feel like it. I have (WoW) auctions to check, and I think my lunch is burning. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with boobies. I don’t think anyone’s going to die from looking at boobies, nor turn into a serial killer, nor anything of the sort. It’s always good to know what boobies are, anyway.

    So, go download the patch, if that’s what you’re into. But if you’re underage, make sure your parents say it’s okay for you to look at the boobies.

    Boobies for all.

    That’ll teach the government.


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      • Matt

        What No pics?! Now, THAT offends me lol

        Whatever floats your boat I guess. I’m more mildly amused that this is someone’s way to “fight the man” rather than just playing the damn game. Because as we all know, woman always go around topless without their bras.

      • Cal

        Does it show the man-boobs as well…. :shock:

      • justin

        Yeah, i saw this earlier today; i was expecting someone to write on it.

        Funny stuff.

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      • john

        actually was doing a search in google for Oblivion patches and this is the first result that came up…

        anywho, for as silly as this mod is I was playing Oblivion in front of my gf last night to show her the awesomeness of the game. Since you can ride horses and she wanted to see that I jumped on a horse and the first thing we both noticed was they actually drew a bunghole on the horses…We both found that way funnier than it should have been.

      • senor freebie

        I’m not entirely sure I see a major problem with this. To go to the effort to change it is a little odd but there are certainly much worse mods going around (such as the massive amount of cheats for games like Oblivion). However, from a historical perspective, I don’t really see bras being invented in some fantasy era that roughly equates to our middle ages. Back then women in Europe would wear tight clothes around the rib cages, beneath the bust for support rather then around the bust itself. Sure, fantasy games through historical accuracy and the need for it out the window but it makes just as much sense for the bras to be there as it does for them not to be there.

        It is interesting that this hasn’t gotten into the news though. One of the GTA games got in trouble for leaving content they didn’t include in the game on the dvd that was a little to explicit for the rating. A modder released the content and they took the flak for it instead of him. The game ended up being recalled in numerous places.

      • stephenea

        well, actually I find it kind of offensive. There can be no real reason for this patch then profanity and devil worship (I’m serious ). Any way whats next, showing off a dwarvern fighters huge erection?

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