World of Warcraft Mouse – Every Race There’s One

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Now you can control the 8 races of World of Warcraft (WoW) under your palm! Introducing the World of Warcraft mouse, mouses or mice. Here are their *magical* features:

  • The World of Warcraft mouse series comes in 8 different, dazzling colours
  • USB connection that you can just plug-and-play
  • Translucent cover of the mouse looks cool to cause anyone near the mouse gawk in admiration
  • The WoW mouse uses a 800dpi laser engine for precision moves and pwning
  • Ergonomically designed to suit left-handed or right-handed WoW gamers
  • Each mouse has a special number embedded, means every mouse is limited edition and can be classified as a collector’s item

Behold! The 8 races and their respective mouse!




Night Elves





Currently, these mouses are available in China for 129 Chinese Yuan (US$16) but I believe they will invade other parts of the world really soon. Stay tuned…

WoWing & Mousing via Sina Games, WOW China

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  • Melvin

    Will this mouse be available to purchase it from USA? Im intersted in buying some of these mouses.

  • Patrick

    Hi Melvin

    No news that they will be shipping to the US and the rest of the world yet.

    Only in stock at China at the moment.

  • matthew

    Will these be avalable to australia and also whith the mice are they 1 class and 1 color e.g instead of the pink mouse with the night elf can u get it blue with a night elf

  • Patrick

    Matthew: Don’t think so as they are only available in China currently.

  • Steven

    Things like these never stay in just one country, they will sell like crazy!! Maybe we should start an importcompany…

  • Warcraft Guide

    Cool! I’m also interested. Hopefully, it will be release soon.

  • Andrew

    Where on the Net can you purchase these? I would love to have one or all lol.

  • sandra

    hi is there any chance i can get a warcraft mouse anywhere

  • wowpaladin

    Awesome! I’m interested. Can I purchase this online??

  • eq2plat

    Awww those are totally cool. I wonder if they’d release for EQ as well. XD