Nintendo 64 Handheld aka N64 Portable Mod

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Nintendo third home video game console for the mass market, Nintendo 64 aka N64, has been modded into a cutesy yet dynamic N64 handheld portable called L64. This powerhouse features more than just standard N64 buttons, LCD screen and speakers, it even gives you 4 ports for extra controllers support and a earphone jack so that you can attain N64 Nirvana without disturbing anyone.

Of course it supports all N64 games.

Hail to the Modders!!


The Best N64 Mod via TechEBlog and Engadget

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  • kitts

    i think this is very cool…if they put this out in the stores i would prally pick this one up styll…all u hav to do is use ur n64 game n thats it..u dont hav to go out n waste 100 of dollars jus for like 3 games……….or do u?

  • Kemi

    I’d so buy one of these. *drool*

  • Trypaw

    This looks awsome! But is it just now coming out? Becasue Nintendo 64 is so out of date. And if it is will it be avalible in all stores? I think it would be an okay idea… If it came out 7 years ago.

  • http://lionsdomain Mason the Nintendork

    OMG! do you people not understand? Nintendo didn’t make it, it’s a mod! omg! Well anyways whoever made it good job. The 64 is a pretty hard console to mod, the hardest next to the gamecube. Ayways if you made me one i would buy it! for anywhere around $150-$200. good job. P.S. i wonder about the battery life. if you gave it internal power!

  • Alex

    How much would it cost to buy an Nintendo 64 portable and were could I buy one in the UK ??

  • Jrapocalypse

    To trypaw,well technically it is not out of date considering the nintendo ds runs on n64 architecture,and i know this how because i may be the ddepest in gaming period,i know all kinds of stupid game facts.I am thinking this might of been made by be heck (benjamin heckindorn)

  • Cameron

    Okay, I have three things to say:

    1. All of the previous posters need to learn to speak English properly.

    2. You cannot buy this “L64,” it is a modded N64. It is not mass produced, and there was probably only one made.

    3. This is probably one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time.

  • dustin

    cool mod, only problem is what games support 5 players? do you all have to look over the shoulder of player 1 onto the tiny screen?

  • Jason

    This is great! :) I want one, i loved the N64

  • Wow.

    You guys are seriously lacking in the IQ department.

    A man known as “Marshall” modded his N64 into a handheld.

    This is not supported by Nintendo, they will not sell you one. In fact, Marshall isn’t selling these either, and he only constructed one.

  • Zeph

    Lol, if you bought a DS, you already paid for one of these things.

  • joe

    does this thing actually work or is it just a model? Something about the finishing details lead me to believe that this thing doesn’t actually work.

  • bonder

    this = win. Is it bad that the first thing I did after seeing this is look for prices on lcd screens so I could try this myself? Although, the controller ports seem silly unless the maker thought ahead and has a video output on it so you can play on a real tv as well. I mean, who’s gonna be huddled around that tiny screen to play 4 player Goldeneye?

  • joe

    That is another reason I think this is a model. Parts of it just don’t make sense as a working mod.

  • bonder

    It could be a working mod. I know of at least one other working portable N64 mod:

  • joe

    That guy, ben heck, is the freaking MAN!
    In case no one was familiar with his 360 mod, check it:

    I not only marvel at his skills and knowledge, but damn this guy must either be really fast or have a hell of a lot of time on his hands (he built 2 versions of the 360 laptop)

    Anyway, I never doubted the possibility that the N64 mod above could be done, I just thought the finishing details made it look like a model rather than a mod. If I saw ben’s unit without the the crazy wiring images, I would believe that his was real, it looks it.

    Than again we only get one angle on the unit above, which probably adds to my skepticism.

  • John Jackson

    That is cool.

  • Lifuchi

    Wow, sounds cool. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  • Name

    Damn, I want one of those, if only there was some way to buy it…

  • Option

    Why not just buy a portable that can emulate N64? The GP2X can do this. As well as emulate many other game systems.

  • Shadowmancer

    Someone drop me an email about how I can get my hands on one of these?

  • chris mozer

    Where the heck do I get one????!!!!

  • N64

    I think this is awsome! i wish i could get one. I already have a nintendo 64 and about 10 games ,
    but to have a portable , Wow that would be great,
    i wonder who made this. i have already seen different images on google.

  • Dre

    Ok…so ive been looking for a somewhat portable N64 console. I’ve seen this really cool one a few years back that was basically a Nintendo 64 controller that plugged directly into the TV and played actual roms directly (software driven). Ive been looking online everywhere for it. I know it exists, maybe if someone looks up the same and finds it you could possbly post it?

  • Patrick


    Sure, thanks for the info!

  • optionsretarded

    Option is retarded. You CANNOT EMULATE 64 ON A HANDHELD CONSOLE! not even the gp2x

  • Mack

    Neone wana know an easier way to make a portable n64?..Just install Project64 on to a laptop and download any n64 rom (game) you want off of lime wire. But remember, its illegal to download the n64rom if you do not own the actual game. But I still like the idea of jaming the guts of an lcd screen, n64 and controller into a compact portable. I think im going to try it. The only thing is… how did he move the start botton below the A,B and C buttons? Anyone know?

  • rgsgww

    ok guys this is a “mod” it is not coming out…u have to make it yourself

  • Mack

    rgsgww: Well Duh! it’s a mod..It contians the guts of a sony lcd screen,n64 and n64-controller all wired together and closed in some kind of plastic form…google search “portable n64″ will find other people who have done the same thing

  • http://none boby peyton

    to dre the n64 controller thing is a thing called a super power joy. they are a 68 nes games on it. And its in n64 controller looking case. The joy stick on it does nothing but take up space it comes with a light gun controller and can play fanticom fames

  • Jon Jon

    Very cool.

    Where can I buy one of these for X-mas!

    Although, I don’t understand why Nintendo is releasing this 5th Gen handheld when they have the 7th Gen Wii out which will play the N64 Super Mario!

    Still, that button on the side leads me to think that this is just a Photoshopped April Fool’s Joke that’s a few months early.

    Anyway, guys you can pick one up at Best Buy. My friend just got one.


  • palmertech

    To Bobby peyton and Dre, there IS a REAL portable n64, does nobody know about it? Check this out, it is a portable n64 made by nintendo in China:
    By the way, google “PSP r13″. you get links to a psp n64 emulator that plays most games fullspeed. Check out my site in a week when it is done and i will show you how to use it. Also, here is my n64 ds case mod:
    See! Not hard at all! Watch to the end of the video for the cool part!

  • William Beachley

    i was just wondering how can i get one of these portable n64s do you sell the and if so how much?

  • Jenny

    I’ve always wanted an N64 but I never got one. But this is pretty nifty. But since this is old, iuno if it’s even around anymore.

  • collinE

    I have been google searching and looking everywhere to try and get a custom made casing for an N64 portable that I want to make, but I can’t find anyone who’ll make one for me. Ben Heck’s looks ghetto and I can’t find a nice one like this anywhere. I’m pulling my hair out. If anyone finds any info, email me

  • collinE

    JonJon, Nintendo did not make this, this is an independent mod. Also, your “friend” either lied to you or you are a liar. This has never and will never be sold at Best Buy.

  • revoltkid

    i am making one
    yet mine will resemble more of a laptop because i bought a v-tech (baby) laptop for less than $50 at radio shack
    i wired up the lcd screen to it and it works fine…..
    i want to make an integrated power source (battery powered), instead of having to plug it into a wall every time i want to play.
    i am having trouble…..
    if any 1 has any ideas please throw me an email at……

    and…..if u want just respond here to help me
    actually…..if u found some links that can help me..plz throw me an email too

  • ShockSlayer

    Its real. Made by marshallh. Not benheck. He will not build you one. It has tv out. the 1st player controller port is on a switch so its not 5 player. Only two exist in the entire world. It has been done by many people, including myself. Anyone who has doubts should check out

  • Nick

    ill pay for it plz i want it thats so cool! could you possabley…….make a price?

  • Travis Ling

    ino nintendo didnt make this i wish they did cause i buy it any where from about 100-150 but people say theres no point cause DS uno, well DS didnt have that many good game compared to the n64, Zelda games were way better for N64, but i want this thing sososos bad

  • wut

    it’s cool. but theres not ONE site that offers step-by-step instruction to make one, and even I have electronic and solder experience. Also, do you have to be a pro ‘hacker’ to build one?

  • Mack

    wut:Ive built one and the wiring is not too hard to figure out…But if you plan on making one, I would suggest planning out your project thoroughly before you start…especialy the case that holds the electronics. Thats where I messed up on. If you keep searching google, you should find a step by step tutorial.

  • collinE

    If you google marshal and L64 then you’ll get to this guys webpage and he shows how he built it.

    I posted on this back in April 5 months ago and after MUCH research and some pouring over the forums, I’ve found out a lot about marshal’s L64. Also, that dude ShockSlayer that posted in June just finished his 6th portable N64 so it’s definitely possible.

    I’ve been following some others’ instructions and am partway through completion of one of these.

  • Mack

    I begin to wonder how well these would sell if one were to mass produce the mod.

  • Dre

    Ok Kiddies… On this never ending quest to find the “perfect” handheld that emulates everything… I’ve been very impressed by the PSP’s progress. Their homebrew applications emulate a number of systems including the N64. Thats right the N64 can be emulated on the PSP! YouTube it. Sure…it lags on some of their systems but for some reason others get it to work at full speed which means its possible. Im also impressed by the gp2x but still find the PSP to carry more quality. Short of buying a used N64 to play only the best games, it looks like the PSP is the way to go…unless you find of brew up a unique creation of your own. Im getting a PS3 for my birthday. I wonder if they emulate a N64 for that yet?

  • Cact

    Dre: You do know that the general rule of thumb for emulation is that the system emulating the older system is to be at least 8 times a powerful to emulate it perfectly?

    The PSP is not a system that will be able to emulate everything, not by a long shot.

    The best part of these portablizations is that is uses the technology and the actual system. There is no emulation, just the system in a different form.

  • Mack

    “the “perfect” handheld that emulates everything”
    Try the macbook air! Lol…

  • Dre

    Of course the PSP wont emulate everything cact but its argueably the best moddable handheld out there at the moment.

  • Elvryndle

    Hey, does anyone KNOW how much achieving the necessary materials to build this thing would cost. I’d rather pay someone (preferably the guy who did this one) to do it for me, because I am not exactly sure I could wire it. But I actually DO have 2 working N64′s and 6 controllers, so I just would need to know how much the LCD would cost. And if ShockSlayer really has created 6, could I buy one?

  • William Beachley

    I have a N64 that I would love to make one o those N64 portable mods is there any way you can email me in either intructions on how to do it or some way i can buy one from you thank you for your time please email me soon

  • matt

    This is awesome! I would definetely buy one!!!

  • BigBilly

    I would buy one. I’d spend up to $600.00

  • mack

    Wow, I would definatly build one for $600. I just dont have the machine shop to do it.

  • eb

    wait, isn’t there a gameboy already?

  • N64is still cool

    WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAA!!! i want one!!!!!
    i dont care thats its 2009 and nintendo wii and DSi etc etc exist
    this is sooo cool!
    im off to search ebay now.. lol

  • Daniel

    Whoever did that, is a freaking God. Wii, PS3, 360 or not. I’d still rock Ocarina of Time everywhere I went!!!

  • jojo

    WOW! Where can i get one?

  • Daniel

    Hey nintendo its either this or you shall finally put oot and mm on the ds

  • aclahayn

    they are perfect dark for gameboy…and n64 mate

  • papa bear

    i would totally throw away my psp and rock one of these if i could get my hands on one!

  • William

    How about a wii laptop? ben heck made one, and its smaller than this! basically just a screen and batteries :-P

  • Keaton223

    Most epic remake ever on the DS

  • Banjo-Kazooie

    this is awesome im going to look at EBAY for this awesome

  • Erik

    u hav got 2 be kiddin
    this actualy exists
    whats the price

  • skull kid

    i want a portable 64. i want to play zelda majora’s whenever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hamish

    n64 shits on the gameboy. you can get pokemon stadium, super mario 64 and shit on the gameboy. whats perfect dark like on the gameboy, 2d? haha

  • Rigoberto Ruiz

    how much are you selling it for im offering 100$

  • Collin

    I HAVE to have one of these. Please send me a link where I can purchase one of these. It would mean so much to me, because I have a friend who has a N64 and games for it, and I will ask him if I can have the games. I don’t want his N64, I just want this piece of awesomeness. If at all possible, just e-mail me at PLEASE let me know of some way, ANY way, to get one of these. Thanks!

    – Collin Stephens

  • Ricky Wreck

    …dude… seriously?… you OBVIOUSLY don’t know the meaning of the 64.. i cant play Perfect Dark on the gameboy… think man THINK…

  • DoomRater

    Ricky Wreck, there is in fact a Perfect Dark game for the Gameboy Color. Try getting your hands on the N64 transfer Pak and sticking the game in there while playing Perfect Dark on the N64 to unlock a few cheats automatically…!

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