Motorola KRAZR Announced

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Mon, Jul 24 - 11:02 pm EDT | 8 years ago by
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motorola-krzr-K1-front-thumb.jpgThe reason why I’m so hyped up about the KRAZR isn’t really about the form factor or enhanced camera. I’m more interested in the enhanced phonebook feature that allows you to plug in more information. Though it is too early to say, I am also assuming that the KRAZR will have a very good Bluetooth integration with the Mac OS X address book via iSync. For more pictures of the KRAZR and its counterpart in CDMA networks, the Krazr K1m, click here.

I’m noticing a trend nowadays – after a gadget has reached the plane of consumer fame (i.e. iPod), the next step would be to brand it with something expensive (D&G RAZR and the U2 iPod). The next thing to do would to make it smaller (KRAZR and iPod mini).

Will we be seeing a smaller and slimmer Treo model one day?

* GSM 850/900/1800/1900 plus EDGE
* 2 megapixel camera
* 176 × 220 260k TFT
* Stereo Bluetooth
* MicroSD card slot
* Enhanced phonebook, support for more info (IM/address/birthday/etc)
* Screen 3
* Midi, MP3, AAC, AAC+ enhanced music player
* Size: 42 × 103 × 16 mm

EDIT: Funny, it is spelled KRZR not KRAZR :)

If you love Motorola’s design but prefer a PDA over a phone, you may want to check out the Motorola Ming A1200 which I have had for a few weeks. You can read the review here.

If you are interested viewing the new Motorola RAZR 2, have a look here.

[Source: MobileTracker]

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  • Mobile Reviewer

    2 megapixel camera seems impressive.

  • Rico

    I think it’s called the “KRZR.” This phone is just one out of hour “heirs” to the successful RAZR.

  • ben

    when does it come out in Australia its really sxc

  • Gina

    When will the krzr be available in the US? And is it better than the Nokia 8801?

  • Jayvee

    sadly im not from the USA so i can only guess :) SOON?

  • Rico

    I heard it’s coming out “Q4 2006,” and some people are saying more specifically on October 12.

  • Rico

    Oops, sorry for spamming Jayvs, just wanted to mention that people can sign up here for updates on the KRZR, including the release dates and such.

  • Imran

    i can’t wait tell it come out case am getting it

  • Mougl

    Ok, now and ONLY now will I consider buying another motorola handset. I currently own LG, and was considering the VX8600 Chocolate flip however this KRAZR has my attention. The camera seems impressive, and the enhanced phonebook is definately enticing, but what of all the previous issues with the RAZR series ie. speakerphone issues, MP3 player, etc. ?

  • http://www/ Mark

    This phone looks great.

    This phone is now available in the UK direct from the Motorola shop website.

  • Mark

    Here is a direct link for the website.

  • Zane

    The KRAZR K1M flip phone is now fully available in the U.S. at Verizon Wireless. It just released this month (October), so there is no real research on the good or bad points of it. However, if this phone follows it’s RAZR counterpart, then I would recommend truly waiting to see what others will say about this phone. The RAZR received several negatives reviews, i.e. weak battery, weak signal strength, breaks easy, drop calls. Just be aware of it’s potential for bad things on this phone to happen to good people!

  • Caylor

    Hey i have this phone best one yet…

  • John

    well it seems like to me a lot of the new slim phones all have battery problems. the A900 from sprint had battery problems and even the A900m isn’t that much better. I think they need to make the features they have optional, I never use some of the things my phone can do like AIM and the music store, but of course it runs down my battery justh having it stored in the memory. its cool to say your phone can do all this awesome stuff, but its pretty useless if u never use it and it just screws up ur battery.

  • alex

    suck balls

  • Madison

    Hey I want to buy this phone, but I first want to know about it. Can anyone tell me if it is better than the razr, and if it glitches or has any problems.

  • Leigh-Ann wilson

    I think the phone is too little and I work at a sprint store and alot of customers complain that it is tooo small that they prefer the razr over the Krazr…..But i think this will be a good market for the teenage group, all in all this phone is ok but did they think about the elderly people who will not be able to see the screen! Thank you for the oppertunity the express my opinion!!!

  • pam

    does it have the same features as the razr. like does each function lock. how much smaller than the razr is it.

  • Timf in Calif

    I’ve owned my krazr for 3 weeks now, love it. Moved up from the V710 finally when Verizon came out with something better than the razr. great camera 1.3MP i think, great clarity, like V710, good size, carry mine on hip in case – little to big for pocket (kids may like it). Wife has a V3m – same usb charger- she wants my K1m. FYI,
    heard bad things about chocolate buttons failing.
    Also great reception in mountain near Santa Cruz.

  • Jayvee


    i held the krazr on several occassions .. dont you find the keypad to be a bit too tight? or is this something you get used to after a while?

  • stef

    does is have flash for the camera??

  • Brandon

    When does it come to canada and how much does it cost



  • Singer79

    Yeah, so the Krazr k1m is now available through Telus in Canada. I think we’ll get it within the next week or two.

  • Joyce

    Hello, just got a KRZR from Sprint this weekend. WAAAAAAAAAAY better than the A900 from Samsung. Way clearer. It is small (but I was going for that). With just the reception, it beats all.

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  • Ronnie

    Good info, however spell check would make it look a bit more professional. First paragraph, third sentence, ‘thought it is too early to say…’. There’s no ‘t’ in though.

  • george w bush

    KRAZR KRZR KRAZR!!!!!!!!!11

  • Tom H.

    I have the krazr and it most certainly does not sync well, or at all with Mac OSX. If you get it through Verizon you will find that they have, in all their greed, disabled/crippled some of the phone’s inherent functionality( in order to charge you an additional monthly premium to utilize built in independent functions). It will recognize with the bluetooth on my Macbook Pro, but you can’t do anything else further… No iSync, no importing of any data, music or pictures/videos. I’ve even read numerous reports online that people have been having trouble doing some of these same things with their PC’s. To add insult to injury, Verizon has very obviously gone to great lengths to no longer carry ANY phones that are remotely Mac compatible and appear not to be a carrier of the new Apple iPhone either. I HATE Verizon!

  • cait

    this krazr is just a cheap version of a razr

  • Lisa D

    KRZR will make you KRAZY! I hate this phone. It is difficult to use, the instruction book is worthless and the battery is dead in no time. If you have hours to wait on tech support, someone at Motorola will eventually help you. I do not recommend this phone unless you have a high level of technical skill and a lot of time to burn recharging it and getting things adjusted that don’t work right.

  • Ed W

    I needed to replace my bulky, candy bar Nokia and tried the Samsung C417 Rabia. Reception was terrible in my office. (I live in urban area with good Cingular coverage, but office is in rural area with spotty covergae.) I returned it and got the Krazr. I love it!! Reception is great in my office. Personalization has been easy for me. Also, the battery has lasted far longer than the Samsung. It is far more solid feeling than the V400 I had a long time ago and the Razr my friend has. I’m exceedlingly happy.

  • kayla

    i need to get a price

  • ron

    Got the KRZR recently… very disapointing, sync with OSX impossible, battery life is ridiculously short.. i don’t recommend to anyone and ABSOLUTELY NOT if you have a mac..

  • Jeorge

    It is so awsome

  • Jeorge

    Everyone should get this phone

  • asc

    Bought one for my wife last week. It lasted exactly 5 days until it just flat quit. will not power up, will not charge, will not anything. Had similar experience with first V3 2 years ago. Pity, the KRZR had potential. And to make things worse, I bought it in Hong Kong and live in Beijing…

  • Jayvee

    asc, thats a bummer. maybe you could still ship it and have it replaced?

  • Jackie

    ummm the KRZR is a gay piece of shit

  • Katrina

    I have heard so many great things about it and i want it but i dont need a plan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gina

    That piece of shit is worthless I would rathe get me the new RAZR2 v8! So to all of you who bought that crapy phone you just got played by the evil mastermind who created that shity piece of fuckin shit! Oh and that is a worthless piece of shit, shittin, shittiness filled with SHIT!!!

  • justgottasayit

    ummm…this phone is POOP! lol No, but seriously it sucks and i think Gina has serious cusing problems!

  • Cdizzle

    for everone who hates this phone u mut have adefective one. my battery last for ever basically and connects to osx mac perfectly i have transfered songs back and forth countless times. you are probably just hating on it cause you can’t afford it or just got a phone and want to switch

  • Laura

    I got a 1G SD memory card and downloaded 101songs (only using 1/2 the capacity – 509mb). Installed the card in the phone and it recognizes 936 mb- however “adding to library” only downloads 53 songs… I have formatted it, dumped it, reloaded it, checked music coming from memory card only. My computer shows that all songs are on the card. The memory card (when in the phone) shows 427mb left on the card and still only 53 of the 101 songs show up. What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions?

  • Kevin

    My krazr is only 7 months old and I already had to replace the battery. And I had to BUY the battery. they gave me a 25% discount since it was 7 months old. I think it should have been free!

  • evilsacramento

    “I might not know karate…but I know KRZR..”
    James Brown/The BIG Payback

  • Holli

    can u take the front screen off of a krazr? cause mine kinda cracked and i want a new one but before i do that i want to take the screen off and look at it so could u plz tell me thx bye

  • Bryan

    I have had mine for 2 weeks and the battery life is less than stellar. I am not one to talk on the phone, so I use it less than your average user. But I still need to charge it every night! Not good. Even when it sits unplugged overnight, I have about 1/2 of the battery life remainig. And this is with the backlight timers at the lowest setting!

  • Tara

    I have the Krzr and I love it. The tight keyboard allows for EASY text messaging!! Ive had it for a week and im not happy with the battery life, so I will be checking with Verizon i regards t replacing it. Other than that, GREAT PHONE!

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  • Pat Covernton

    will the Krazr be compatible with osx 10.3.9 ?

    Can’t figure it out

  • Andrius

    It’s all right phone. Not sure how long battery will last but it is nice in hand and not so wide as v3

  • nmjp

    I got my KRZR from verizon. Its F ing Awesome. No Flash for the camera though. perfect size

  • lovedesign

    Has anyone with a KRAZR had problems with the front panel cracking? I had another problem with my phone and they would not honor the warranty because the panel was cracked. The person that wrote in about replacing that panel did anyone have an answer?

  • Kate

    This phone is pretty awful. The first thing i noticed is all the smudge marks your fingers leave behind on the shiny glass front plate. Also, I have to charge the battery every day (my crappy old samsung only needed a recharge every 5 days or so). The worst thing is some software problem, where lately every time i scroll through my text messages it freezes up for a good minute and goes to the main screen and tells me I have no service, though I can see the verizon tower from my apartment. Now its doing that freezing thing every few minutes, making doing anything on the phone impossible. I’m going to ask for a new phone tomorrow. blah!

  • Kevin

    Well- her we go- I’ve had it just around a year now and I’m replacing th battery for a SECOND time. What’s the deal with this phone? I’ve never had battery isues like this. The battery works for about a full day when u first get it, then after a month or two, it starts runing out a lot faster, but lasts the day. Then , after a few months, your lucky to get a few hours out of it. THIS SUCKS!

  • Debbs

    If you want one go to Ebay.

    If you have a MAC quit whining and throw away the MAC allready no one is compatible with that overpriced crap.

    I just bought one and charged the battery correctly by letting it die all the way and then charging it as I have with all of my past phones and the battery is working awesomely. Now if it lasts the 8 years of my last phone I will be getting my money’s worth.

  • Kevin

    I always follow the manufacturer instructions for first time battery use, as well as draining the battery now and then so it can get a FULL charge. This battery still sucks-

    As for the MAC thing – It wasn’t me that said anything about macs…but if you’re telling someone to stop whining and get rid of their mac…you have no idea what you’re talking about. Not going to get into a flame war here…just saying….

  • fred

    i LOVE the krazr

  • riley.

    k im wondering is 90 $ a bad price for a krzr and is the battery that bad all im going to use it for is calling and texing… it will probly be off for more then half the day!!???? please answer

  • Montgomery

    krazer must die on my third and still bullshit verizon is to stupid to fix the problem they say get an upgrade!!! well screw you verizon shove it up your ass

  • kyle

    i have a new krazr ,the chrome 1 but i cant get my songs from my memory card to set as a ringtone . help?