Plug In Profit, is it really Auto Pilot Income?

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Thu, Aug 31 - 2:15 pm EDT | 8 years ago by
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One of the latest “get rich quick” schemes doing the circles at the moment is Plug In Profit, or PIP. In the package, the author “Stone Evans” reveals how in 3 easy steps, you can create a website that has 5 streams of auto pilot income.

The sales pitch is the same old, long winded content, filled with testimonials and the famous bank cheque which is supposed to convince us that this is the real deal. Anyone heard of photoshop? Evan also proceeds to tell us a story 2leftabout his 10,000 credit card debt and his fight to earn money online .. oh and of course we all feel sorry for him.

Naturally, he discovered the secret and now wants to share it with us.

How nice of him.

I dug a little deeper and found out that most people aren’t earning anything to rave about from the Plug In Profit system, but what they are getting is an education in Internet marketing and this can be value enough.

The problem with Plug In Profit, is that your website looks and has the same content (and opt-in letters) as everyone else. The key is to customize, and this is where your HTML & CSS skills come into play. One thing I did notice that sparked my interest was the pre-written email autoresponder campaign, which has 400 days of pre-written content. Impressive.

And where would a sales pitch be without the bonuses! The Plug In Profit system comes with a bonus eBook, titled “Confessions of an Affiliate Millionaire”. No joke, I laughed out loud when I saw the picture of this eBook.

To sum it up, Plug In Profit gives you a website that is geared to sell affiliate products and services (one I noticed was a telephone service in america..). It contains an autoresponder system that has 400 pre-written emails that attempt to sell various affiliate offers to your opt-in list (getting one is the hard part) and also you’ll learn about ezine advertising, marketing forums and a crash course in Google adwords.

Oh and you’ll also learn about blogs, how to launch one (which is apparently free ..) and how to blog and ping.

If anyone’s had any experiance with making money from Plug In Profit, I’d love to know so feel free to comment.

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  • Mike

    Sorry, no experience with the product. It seems like you are little jaded with all of these internet marketing offers. I have been also since I came back from holidays a couple of weeks ago.

    Since Duncan pointed out I feel myself drawn to the site. Not because I intend on buying any of the crap, but just to see how low and low these people can go.

    The latest thing he was promoting, was how to build a site with RSS feeds just by typing in a couple of keywords.

    It really makes me sad. Earning money from the internet can be easy, but it does take a lot of work, study and time. I am sure the newbies who buy the stuff come away very disillusioned with the whole thing.

  • Jamsi

    Hey Mike,

    Not jaded, just interested in the buzz these programs create. I had decided that WorkBoxers didn’t feature enough of these “make money online” type programs so I’ve dived head in.

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  • Miha

    I don’t get it. Why would somebody sell this crap when he already is a millionare? Scams, scams, scams,…

  • Mike

    When is enough money ever enough money? You earn more, you spend more. Once you have the taste of the high life, there is no going back!

    If I ever make it to the millionare status, I will still stay in backpacker hostels when I am on holiday. But then again…

  • Grace

    The thing is this isn’t the usual ebook that you buy – the plug in profit site is created for you free BUT you do have to join some programs, some free, some paid.

    As a newbie, as Jamsi said, the education is valuable, whatever I may gain, or not, with the programs.

    I have set up a blog following this 30 day system to see what happens at

  • SEO Montreal

    I doubt it. There are so many of them, and there’s no reason to go to one PIPS site rather than another. How are you going to draw traffic? SEO with dupe content? PPC when evans probably dominates the important keywords, and others are likely very competitive? Natural link clickthroughs? Who’ll link to you?
    So much junk you could learn on forums, IMHO.

  • John/JETCO

    Seems to me, the whole “PIPS” deal is really just a recruiting tool for Stone Evans’ favorite MLM programs. The hosting that’s required currently costs $24.95 per month, but the main selling point is that you’ll collect $10/month off everyone else you might be able to get involved. (It’s a hard sell when GoDaddy is about $3.99/month with a LOT more storage space included!) The (also required) Empowerment program is almost borderline pyramid scheme and costs about $20 more a month.

    If you feel like joining these types of programs, that’s well and good, but these are REQUIRED of you to get the free website set up for you. So I think it’s clear that Mr. Evans himself has the best deal by far.

    I’ve started my own modest little blog after just quitting PIPS, and I plan to do something similar on my own without having to make Stone Evans even richer in the process. Anyone that wants to follow my progress is welcomed to check it out once in awhile.


  • Maurice

    Just stay away! Hundreds of them out there! They all show you the big checks the received, and they are all after your money. Affiliate marketing works, but it requires A LOT of work and good market knowledge and strategy. There are really no freebies out there.