Tom Jackson Says What We’ve All Been Thinking

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Mon, Sep 11 - 8:20 pm EDT | 11 years ago by
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      • WBRS Sports Blog

        HAHHAA. That is awful, he can’t say that.

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        That was pretty freakin hilarious.
        Nice work.

      • Big C

        LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously watched it like 20 times! He just says it so blunt!

        Just listen to the way he calls Irvin retarted and look at Ditka and Irvin’s reactions!!!!!!!!


      • ec

        WTF? where’d it go?

      • Dan

        It would have been even funnier if he had asked “Have you been smoking crack again?” instead.

      • Jimmy

        How dare he offend the retarded people by comparing Michael Irvin to them!!!!!!!!!!

        ANyone notice how Michael Irvin’s eyes are barely able to open when he speaks, when it comes time to talk his brain uses so much energy it shuts down his involuntary motor skills, …I don’t think he can do two things at once.

      • william johnson

        Yes, I agree. Michael Irvin is retarded! He could not have been watching the Monday night game between the Packers and Eagles. To criticize Brett Favre in the shameless way he did is to have been mentally disengaged from reality. Brett Favre was obviously victimized by the poor play of several of his teammates, especially his receivers. In truth, Favre’s play was damn good under the circumstances, and could have been deemed excellent if it weren’t for the many mistakes made by his supporting cast, including the offensive line. If Michael Irvin’s brain was the size of his mouth he might be able to make an intelligent and impartial analysis of a player’s performance. As it is, the volume of his rants are only exceeded by the emptiness of his thought processes!

        Bill Johnson

      • Doug V
      • bigshermabg

        micheal irvin is a retard, no question, thank you tom jackson!! all that moron knows is who’s on the cowboys, and who came from miami to the nfl, he doesnt care or respect anything else, except crack rocks i guess!

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