The 1st Gymnast to Score a Perfect 10 in Olympic History

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    LTTWho is Nadia Comaneci?

    She is a gymnast from Romania who competed during the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal.

    Comaneci first received her perfect 10 score on the uneven parallel bars and continued to receive the maximum mark 7 times during the said Games.

    She had won a total of 9 Olympic medals [1976 Montreal Games and 1980 Moscow Games]. And a total of 4 Worlds medals, 2 gold and 2 silver, during the 1978 and 1979 World Championships.

    Comaneci stepped into the limelight during the 1975 European Championships, where she won 4 gold medals. She retired after her victory in the 1981 World Student Games due to a natural physical development that inhibited her performance.

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      • catherine

        umm.. wher doing a Quick Quiz Question for our homework and wher doin a gymnast and i think its u?
        the only person who scored the perfect score :P
        well im off cya

      • HELEN SHAW

        This is soooo cool



      • amber moore

        my sister has scored 3 perfect 10s when she was only 10 years old in levels 5 and 7. she’s had multiple 9.9000 on all events. she’s 11 years old now and is being polished for the 2012 olympics.

      • Big Mac

        amber rose thats really cool hopefully i’ll see her there bc im being trained to compete in the 2012 olympics too good luck to her and she must be really good if she’s only 11 and all ready being trained

      • Amber Moore

        oh really? what sport are you training in?

      • april

        ….you know the new scores max out at 17 right? and if you seriously got perfect 10′s your name would be world news instead of the Iowa girls

      • Amber Moore

        the new scores max out when you get to the elite and olympics levels. my sister is competing elite this year, she turns 12 in december.

      • mmhh

        Oh really????? of course! you are going to the olympics and so is ambers sister!!?? are u guyz competing for Canada? and “april” what event are u training for??? hmmmmmmmmm? :/

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