Family Guy Halloween Costumes

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Thu, Oct 19 - 1:39 pm EST | 12 years ago by
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Oh, this is freakin’ sweet (and just a little creepy):



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  • NiCK

    a quagmire halloween costume needs to be made because I would buy that in a heart beat if anyone knows of a quagmire costume out there please email me

  • Kelly

    Looking for a Peter & Lois Griffin Costume for me and my boyfriend. If any one knows of anything let me know.

  • Eddie

    I agree we need a Quagmire costume.


    I too am trying to find costumes or someone who could make some for a reasonable price.I want a stewie costume for my 5yr old and a brian costume for myself. If anyone can help, please comment.If your info is of any help to us, my daughter has agreed that when she rules the world, your death will be quick and painless.Thank You !

  • rose

    hi im a big fan of the show and i also dont see a lois mask. if someone knows please tell me.

  • Cathy

    I’m looking for a Lois Griffin costume to wear with my husband who is going as Peter Griffin. Any ideas where I can find a Lois mask???

  • Aaron

    Hi i really like family guy and i want to now are those costumes in strores if it is please tell me where to find them at and how much it cost

  • Nick

    i want a herbert costume

  • Tim


  • justin

    please if anyone finds a Herbert costume…Let me know… Price is not a problem….!!!!!

  • Donna

    Hi needing a Brian costume, anyone know where to get one? Thank You

  • Beau

    Hi, I’m 2 years old, and want to be Brian for halloween this year…

  • josh

    hello there i am looking for a qaugmire costume and wondered if anyone new of a site that offered it to buy let me know asap

  • Todd

    I am in the process of making the peanut butter jelly time brian costume. They only sell costumes for Peter and Stewie but I found a way around that… Large Brian stuffed animal, cut the head off and right now transforming it into a mask. Not that easy but the only way to do it.

  • http://wat??? ronan


  • pug

    Hi, my hubby and i were Lois and Peter Griffin for Halloween 07. I am willing to sell the lois shirt and wig for 25 dollars. let me know if you are interested. IT WAS A HIT!!!!! email me at

  • jay

    i need a herbert mask asap if anyone knows of one please email me!

  • peter

    i am a big fan of family guy if anywon knows where a peter costume is in stores or shops so if
    anywon knows reply in commet area at bottom.

  • Cliff Wills

    I am Peter Griffin.

  • Henry Rosewall

    I’d love to meet up with you Cliff.
    I adore you. Would love you to sign my stomach.


  • Henry Rosewall

    I have a family guy fettish

  • sammi

    i need a brian in a banana costume asap… will pay any price to rent or buy!!!!!!!!

  • Todd Ludwinski

    I have one for sale, I wore it once last year. It was made from a banana costume and a brian stuffed animal. Email me tludwins539(at) for details and pics.

  • Jeremy Steibel

    I’m looking for a Lois Griffin mask for halloween for my girlfriend. Does anyone know where to find one or does anyone have one for sale. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Jessica

    Me and my boyfriend are going to Bourbon Street as Peter and Lois. I am going to get a red wig and find a button down shirt that is as close to her color as I can get and khaki pants. Also, the dark blue stud earrings are a must. I am probably going to spray paint a pair of old shoes the purpleish red color hers are. And I can’t forget the red lipstick!

  • PMurf

    Bird bird bird – the bird is the word

  • vincent

    I have looking for a death costume for 2 years! and i can’t find any.

  • Mike

    Looking for a Brian the Dog costume or mask. Please email me with details.

  • adrian

    i need too a quagmire mask

    please email me

  • carl

    need a quagmire costume really need it if anyone can help please send me an email thanks in advance carl

  • Cody

    I need a Quagmire costume asap! if any one has one, or can make a quagmire mask, please e-mail me at

  • me4ever22c

    i have a shirt just like the one quagmire wears. its NOT for sale.

  • Sal

    i have a herbert mask for sale. email me for details

  • Elle

    What size Brian is necessary to make an adult mask and where can I find one?


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