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My wonderful buddy, Ingrid, over at Play-Girlz, got to do an awesome interview to an awesome little adventure game that I like to call Scratches, which is a game by Nucleosys. Many moons ago, when I first started to write in this little blog, I wrote about Ingrid getting to play the demo of Scratches and it pretty much made her have nightmares and wet the bed (well, I’m not sure about the last part, but I wouldn’t be surprised). I have played the game and… well… it is pretty spooky.

Anyways, Ingrid’s interview consisted of her asking questions to none other than Agustin Cordes, one of the super masterminds behind the spooky, yet very charming adventure game. In it, there are tales of sexual gratification, hookers, some bondage conversation and whether the world will end in the next year and a half like everyone predicts. Ingrid also asked what Agustin’s favorite game was. Agustin replied with “If you would have asked me about my favorite adventures, I wouldn’t have a clue as they’re always shifting positions.” Ahhh, you gotta love it. By the way, the Space Quest series and Monkey Island II were amongst some of his favorites.

I know, the article sounds all crazy, but you can expect nothing less from a girl named Ingrid.

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  • gnome

    Top stuff!

  • Amber

    Them play-girlz are evil.

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