Gisele Bundchen Office Space Costume

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Gisele Bundchen likes Office Space and Flair

Via Kapped

Gisele Bundchen’s Halloween costume is full of flair like Jennifer Aniston’s situation in Office Space.

Jennifer Aniston in Office Space

When I saw this I realized I haven’t written about one of my favorite movies of all time!

Office Space is a timeless classic that everyone needs to see.  Anyone who’s ever worked in a deadend boring office job can commiserate with the characters in this movie.  It stars Ron Livingston (Currently staring in the TV show "Standoff") as Peter Gibbons who’s sick of his monotonous job.  He and his co-workers decide to rebel against the system and wind up getting into a difficult yet hilarious situation.  Jennifer Aniston does a great job in the role of the hot waitress in this movie at a restaurant called Chatchkies where you’re encouraged to wear a certain number of pieces of flair, but they really want you to wear more…

Also in this movie is David Herman who plays Michael Bolton who hates the photocopier in his office, Ajay Naidu who plays Samir Nagheenanajar, Gary Cole the dreaded boss Bill Lumbergh, and my favorite Stephen Root as Milton who has a thing for staplers.

Anyway, this movie is full of hilarious lines that my husband and I repeat regularly and you will too after you see it.  Some movies that I own I feel a bit stupid buying them because I don’t really want to see them more than once, but this is the type of movie that I can watch twice in a row and still laugh my ass off.  See it!!!

Office Space - Special Edition with Flair (Widescreen Edition)

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