Excel in Gmail via Google Spreadsheets

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    Did you notice it? That new little link in the footer of your Gmail message? You’ll only see it if you’ve got an Excel spreadsheet attached. There’s a quick link to open the document in Google Spreadsheets instead of just downloading it and opening it with Excel.

    I just had a thought that I wonder if this might actually help promote Excel, rather than drive people to Google Spreadsheets. If you’re not using spreadsheets to frequently, then Google Spreadsheets may just be what you need, but I think if you even start to push further than the average user you’re going to want something more powerful like…oh, I don’t know… the FULL VERSION of Excel?

    I continue to be impressed with what the latest Excel 2007 provides to the user. I don’t see Google Spreadsheets coming close to that anytime in the near millenium.

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      • Eric Coleman

        And what happens if Google pushes OpenOffice… yeah, screw excel.

        Really kinda pissed still that the new Office won’t ship with open doc support….

      • http://madduxsports.com/blog/ Jaynie

        I had no idea about Excel in Gmail, that is interesting. I have used Excel for so long I can’t imagine anything else. I am such a creature of habit…

      • http://www.interneer.com Matthew Steffen

        When I first encountered a promotion for Google Docs and Spreadsheets Beta version after logging out of my AdWords account I was skeptical. Could this application really offer all the benefits of software like MS Word and Excel in a web-based format? The fact that Google has been developing a few other very impressive web-based applications lately convinced me to at least give it a try. Google did not let me down, it does everything they claimed it would do, and does it very effectively. The fact that you can create a spreadsheet online, not only upload them from your hard drive, is my favorite feature. It is especially impressive that you are able to use the same formulas as in MS Excel directly on the web-based spreadsheet.

        Google Docs and Spreadsheets is a great collaboration tool. I can see it making a huge impact. However, I see this impact being for more simple collaboration needs. Students will probably use it more than any other group. It seems great for sending homework to yourself, working on assignments on various computers (in a library, computer lab, or other public computer labs common to academic campuses), and even for small companies with very simple collaboration needs.

        I do not, however, see this solution being implemented for large-scale collaboration. It lacks high-level database structuring, key reporting features, certain access control privilege settings, advanced search and are necessary for it to become a complete enterprise business solution. Nevertheless, I can only think of one application that has all these features; it could be called “Google Docs and Spreadsheets on steroids.” This web-based software, Interneer Intellect (www.interneer.com), would probably be more appropriate for mid-to-large sized organizations looking for a web-based collaboration solution. However, Intellect lacks the ability to create spreadsheets online. It does integrate with MS Excel, Access and Project to make up for that.

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