It’s a pimpalicious Pimp Your Work contest! You can win cool stuff, easy.

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We’ve had this planned since well before the launch of this blog, but lots of stuff like American Thanksgiving and an unseasonal snowstorm threw some big, honking spanners into the works.  But now is the time … it’s time for you, our readers to win stuff.  Cool stuff.  Stuff that Scot and I like, have tested, and use.  Before I get to the goodies, let me tell you what you’re going to need to do to win.

In lots of our posts Scot and I ask you for your input, tips, and tricks.  Did you think this was just comment bait?  Okay, it was ;).  Now, though, it’s for prizes.

From now until Tuesday 6 PM December 12 just leave a comment here or write a post and send us the link (don’t for get the pimp line … with your best work tip.  Software, work life, meeting tips, etc.  Next week, Scot and I will look at all the entries and pick some winners.  Now, tell them what they could win Bob …

We have up for grabs:

  • MindManager (Win or Mac)
  • Activewords (it lets you automate tons and tons of functions on your machine)
  • Anagram (it lets you make To-dos, appointments, and contacts right from your Outlook e-mails
  • GyroQ for MindManager
  • GryoQ Developer Licenses
  • ClearContext (that awesome Outlook add-in that has made my e-mail easy to deal with)

How’s that!  I would like to thank all the people who donated software for this contest.  What would be very cool, and totally optional of course, is if you took a moment and downloaded and tried these apps (there are generous free trials on all of them) then posted a tip based on them.  No pressure, really.

Want to know what I can’t live without (yes I have tried and used all of these at some point)?

MindManager (duh!), ClearContext (I’m finding more and more powerful everyday), and GyroQ.  Don’t get me wrong, I was a power ActiveWords user and I have Buzz to thank for getting me hooked on MindManager.  Anagram is also amazing.

So … let the games begin!

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  • Tom Hodgers

    Hi Triss,

    A few words about a lesser known product from Gyronics (semi-included in GyroQ).

    GyroActivator: How to further control MindManager and ResultsManager?

    Have you ever thought how to easily further control MindManager using “hot-key” macro software?

    Download the GyroQ free-trial software, install and take a look at the .chm help file for GyroActivator, which is a small piece of software that provides a link between “hot-key” macro software and Mindjet’s MindManager® software.

    The following instructions are taken from the “Start Here” section:

    ” …. MindManager has a range of built-in keyboard shortcuts for the most popular commands. For example, typing Alt+F, N, D will create a new default map in MindManager 6. However, more complex operations are difficult to create with keyboard shortcuts alone, and some operations do not have keyboard shortcuts.

    Third-party “Hot-key” software such as ActiveWords can be used to develop more advanced keyboard shortcuts:

    For example, ActiveWords® can be configured so that typing “todo” and pressing F8 will send a command to MindManager to open the map “todo.mmap”. Hot key software can typically either send keyboard shortcuts that the software application understands (like the “Alt+F, N, D” above) or can launch a programme with a named file.

    GyroActivator creates a bridge between hot key software and MindManager, providing a richer language for sending instructions to MindManager:

    For example, the above can be configured so that typing “idea” and pressing F8 will cause ActiveWords to send the following text to GyroActivator:

    { map:’my ideas’ new:maintopic:’?Enter your idea?’ icon:lightbulb complete:0 startdate:0 }

    In turn, GyroActivator will then instruct MindManager to do the following:

    Open the map “My Ideas.mmap” in your default Maps folder, unless it is already open. If it does not exist, it is created.
    Ask you to enter some text, using the prompt “Enter your idea”.
    Create a new Main Topic, using the text you entered.
    Apply the “Lightbulb” icon to the new topic.
    Set the “Percent complete” value for this topic to 0%, marking it as an action item.
    Set the start date on this new topic to today’s date, so you have a record of when you created this idea.

    The above sequence would be tricky to create using MindManager’s keyboard shortcuts alone.

    There are three steps to getting started with GyroActivator:

    Install a third-party hot-key utility such as ActiveWords®, if you don’t already use one.
    Understand how the GyroActivator Commands work and how to control MindManager and ResultsManager with GyroActivator.
    Configure your hot-key software to send commands to GyroActivator. ”

    If I am a winner in the competition I would like as a prize:

    GyroQ or ActiveWords (or both).



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  • Alfa

    One of my best work tip gets me to be more productive:

    Have siesta or a nap to refresh your mind.

    Not all companies or working arrangements allow it but for those who can, especially those who work at home, making it a habit can actually help you stay alert and be more on the go for the rest of the day.

  • Amit Agarwal

    The demo of GyroQ is very impressive. Would make a great utility for bloggers – they can quickly jot down the ideas for the next blog post via GyroQ and blog them later.

    The advantage is that ideas would be shown as a brain map making it easier to decide what should in and what should go out.

  • Tris Hussey

    Greatb tips so far! Let’s keep them coming!

  • Scott Goldblatt

    Buy some good coffee.

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  • Mary Jo

    Know when to stop.

    Whether it’s time to stop writing, stop goofing off, stop research, or stop the endless cycle of the rat race.

    Life is about balance, and knowing how to stop means knowing how to start.

  • Jul

    My tip: quit your job. I’ve become a much more productive worker since I started working for myself. :)

  • Tom Hodgers

    Using GyroQ with MindManager.

    Why use GyroQ for quickly capturing random ideas and thoughts and not just type them straight into MindManager?

    GyroQ does not need MindManager running to capture ideas so you don’t have to keep MindManager and your In-tray map open all the time.

    Remember that when you’re in MindManager, the temptation to develop and embellish an idea is almost irresistible so, to maintain your focus, use GyroQ for queuing quick ideas and eventually send them to MindManager maps without having MindManager running all the time and capture more of your work in map form.

    Maps are great places to re-think and develop ideas and when you get to work on these in a map you can develop them much more quickly.

  • Tom McManus

    I use the GTD methodology and have added an @delegated category to my task list. When an something is delegated, the task is created with the persons intials as the first part of the task description. This makes it easy to sort and query all assigned tasks to this person.

    Also if an email comes in and the action is delegated, just drag the email to the task button and a new task is created with the content of the email is added to the notes field.

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  • Andrew Flusche

    I just stumbled on your blog, due to Darren’s speedlink. Good stuff here!

    My tip: take regular, periodic breaks. I use a program called Take a Break. It’s free!

    You can define a “work” interval and a “break” interval, then the program reminds you when it’s time to do what. For example, set it for 50 minutes of work, 10 minute break. This way you can get away from your desk, stretch your legs, etc.

  • Alpesh Nakar

    Hi There!

    I just came across, thanks to Darren’s speedlink.

    I use HP iPaq Pocket PC and would like to share my tips on automated backup of Pocket PC. It is a life saver and I am sure it will help, whoever uses a Pocket PC :-)

    Season’s Greetings to all and have a great new year!

    Alpesh Nakar

  • Andrea >> Become a Consultant Blog

    My best tip is to get a second job, especially as a freelancer or consultant, so that you can save for trips, credit card bills, student loans, retirement or whatever else your heart desires. In fact, getting a second job is also a great way to transition to working from home.

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  • Mark Levison

    Always chasing little scraps of paper around the office? Then consider “My Life Organized” (MLO) as a task manager.This is a very short review because I know I have another five tasks to achieve before I shutdown my computer tonight. How do I know that I have five tasks? Because I use a combination of David Allens “Getting Things Done” (GTD) system and “My Life Organized” (MLO).

    In a nutshell MLO is task outliner. It allows you keep track of all of the things you want to do now, tomorrow and ever. The outliner looks and works like the windows folder system. If that was all MLO offered it would be a good tool.

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