The Carnival of Entrepreneurs Unleashed!

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I had a feeling people would be happy to see a carnival related to entrepreneurship (after the old one disappeared), and I was right in a big way! I received a ton of great submissions, and considering I did very little in the way of promoting the carnival, I know this is going to be a hit.

The Carnival of Entrepreneurs is something that everyone can participate in. We’re looking for great content about entrepreneurship, startups, starting businesses and the challenges of doing so. I’m leaving the definition of an entrepreneur flexible, so we can enjoy the maximum amount of entertaining and valuable content.

Aside from submissions that were not relevant to the carnival, everyone’s post was included. I’ve sorted them into categories and I’ve also highlighted some that I found particularly worthwhile. I wrote a brief overview on each, which results in a fairly long post, but I hope people find my input valuable!

Please check out ALL of these blog posts and support these bloggers. By reading their stuff, linking to them, and telling your friends about them, you’re growing the community in leaps and bounds. And that’s going to pay dividends for you as well.

Two quick notes:

  1. Please post on your own blog about the Carnival of Entrepreneurs. Link to this post and use the image if you’d like. Help me and others promote the community of entrepreneurs online!
  2. If you’d like to host the Carnival on your own site, send me an email.

Without further ado…

My Picks

  • Laura Young presents Top 10 Things I Had to Learn on the Road to Full-Time Self-Employment. Go read this now. Read it, print it out and stick it to your desk. I wanted to try and highlight certain points above others out of her list, but I can’t. They’re all extremely worthwhile. Go read her post (but come back ok? *smile*)
  • Ririan presents Ten Commandments for a Stress-Free Life. Ririan hits the nail on the head when he says, “Often we are one of the biggest contributors to the calamity and chaos we experience in our lives. Stress management is the recognition that life is all about the choices we make.” Ririan and Laura are on the same wavelength in many ways with their posts.
  • Charles Green presents Trust Tip 7: Returning Calls Unbelievably Fast. I love his tip on returning calls and the benefits of doing so. This is the kind of blog post that you read, and think, “Damn, why didn’t I think of that!” and you can incorporate his ideas immediately and easily.
  • David Maister presents Partner Compensation in a Start-Up. This is always an issue when starting a business with partners – how do you split the pie? David has some thoughts on the matter, with some good ideas you can use. I’d also encourage you to read the deep comments as well.
  • The Digerati Life presents Business, Interrupted. “Curly” is tackling a tough issue for many entrepreneurs – you’ve got a dream, an idea…something you want to do. You see a similar, very well-funded company suddenly release something very similar. What do you do? This is just Curly’s example, but she applies her thoughts to everyone that reaches a crossroads.
  • Katie Mattson presents 5 Principles of Attraction for the Entrepreneur which is a great, inspirational read. Principle #1 is related to vision…and I couldn’t agree more. Go check it out.

So You Wanna Be an Entrepreneur?

  • Robert McIntosh presents What motivates one to become an entrepreneur? The last motivator on his list made me chuckle, “I Don’t Know Enough To Know Any Better”.
  • Emmanuel Oluwawatosin presents Two Rules for Business Start-ups. Emmanuel reminds us of the value of rolling up your sleeves and putting in the effort needed to be successful. Ideas + sweat = success.
  • Jack Yoest presents Your Business Blogger at Stern School of Business, New York University. Jack’s quick summary of a lecture he recently gave to some up and coming entrepreneurs has a couple of interesting nuggets. Jack makes a point of what investors will look at in your business plan first, and notes, “The best indication of future performance, is past performance.” Makes sense, but for young entrepreneurs that has to be frustrating…there might not be a lot of past performance to lean on!
  • Wendy Piersall presents 10 Signs that You are Ready to Start a Home Based Business. Wendy’s a powerhouse when it comes to providing inspiration, and she’s an awesome role model for anyone looking to start a home-based business. Check out the 10 signs, and if you find yourself nodding to the point of getting a sore neck, you just might be a home-based entrepreneur.
  • Cody McKibben presents Interview: Ramit Sethi Won’t Just Teach You To Be Rich… It’s a very detailed interview. Cody asks some insightful, smart and entertaining questions. Ramit’s an interesting guy, a successful entrepreneur with a number of businesses under his belt. Cody takes a level approach to the interview; positive but not fawning. He’s digging for real information and he gets it.
  • Victor Fam presents Dare to Dream. Everyone needs inspiration, and Victor’s reminder that we need to dream a little as a first step to visualizing our success is a good place to start.

Online Business and Entrepreneurship

  • Jeffrey Strain presents What It Takes To Make Money On The Internet. Jeffrey lists the characteristics he feels you need to be a successful online entrepreneur. The one I like the best: stubbornness.
  • Mary Emma Allen presents Home Businesses Benefit from the Internet. This is definitely an introductory post to the value of blogging, using the Internet, etc. for your home-based business. But there’s one nugget in there that stood out for me:

    “You can teach online classes about your business or craft. I teach online writing classes. Some quilters offer classes online. (My daughter has taken a number of these.) Others can give instructions about setting up their type of business or how to make something. The writing classes I give are offered via e-mail. They’re something like a correspondence class, only the time between student and teacher is much quicker than when we used the postal.”

    That’s fascinating to me, because I hadn’t ever given it much thought. I hope Mary Emma tells us more!

  • Kirk Kaiser presents Get Paid to Travel, which may possibly be the most comprehensive affiliate marketing guide ever. Kirk says it’s a beginner’s guide and that may be true, but for someone that hasn’t yet gotten into affiliate marketing I was at first overwhelmed, and then quite happy to have found the resource.
  • Lecentre presents Website Appraisals 101: Content Appraisals. I’ve never seen a guide like this about selling websites. There is a fairly active industry in people building and flipping websites through forums, etc. If it’s something you want to try, go check out the guide.
  • Lynn Cognito presents The Business of eBay, which is a good introductory look at how you can start a business on the auction site. I recently wrote some thoughts on starting an eBay business as well.
  • Leah Maclean presents One More Way To Stop The Spam which is a quick, helpful read for aiding in the fight against spam on your blog/website.

Business Success

  • Wrencelot presents, Building Your Business Reputation. It’s really about building reputation through sales tactics that work. A good primer for any entrepreneur that needs a bit of help in sales. There are some points in there worthy of debate/discussion, including:

    “Sympathy with the customer is essential; just don’t buy their reason/s when they say they don’t wanna buy your product.”

    How do you feel about that?

    “The best salespeople are those that follow-up religiously.”

    Is there a point when too much follow-up becomes annoying and provides little in the way of actual return for the business?

  • Sagar Satapathy presents The 10 Best (and 10 Worst) Companies for Customer Service at CRM Lowdown. Most of the companies listed are big ones, but there’s still a good lesson in there for entrepreneurs and startups. Check out this interview with Joe Kraus of JotSpot (now of Google) where he highlights the importance of customer service for startup companies.
  • Brandon Peele presents An Interview with Srikumar Rao, PhD.. Dr. Rao recently published a book, Are You Ready to Succeed? which is his take on leading a better, more successful life. One of the key points in the interview is “…the notion that one has control of actions, but not over outcomes.” You can imagine how many people don’t really believe that, but Dr. Rao believes it wholeheartedly and he’s hoping others will too.
  • Anna Farmery presents Relationship vs Product which is a quick reminder that product is important, but customer relationships are what really drive business success. A good lesson for anyone starting a business; the best product doesn’t always win, the most features certainly don’t guarantee success — building awesome, meaningful and open relationships with customers, employees, partners, etc. is the way to go.
  • Angela Randall presents Digital Darwinism — Evan I Schwartz. Her quick, concise book review is well written and worth looking at. The book sounds interesting too!

Practical Tips for Entrepreneurs

  • Ted Reimers presents 50 Tips on How to Write an Effective Press Release. This is a solid introduction to writing press releases, which many entrepreneurs will have little experience with. And while some might say, “Isn’t the press release dead with social networking and media?” The answer is “no.” PR is a great way of generating buzz and awareness for your business.
  • Steve Faber presents Get Your Discounts – Cash and Otherwise. A matter-of-fact, quick post on how businesses can benefit from discounts from vendors. It’s a good thing to note for startups that are bootstrapping, but I wonder how many vendors actually offer discounts or if you have to ask for them? And ask again. And maybe one more time until they really give in…
  • Barbra Sundquist presents Outsmart Credit Card Companies at Their Own Game, which is a quick, balanced guide on the pros and cons of having a credit card for your small/home business.

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  • Douglas

    Good job on this, Ben! Lots of interesting articles and blogs.

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  • Robert

    wow, that trackback makes it look like I’m hosting the carnival! I swear I didn’t do that on purpose.

    Oh, thanks for letting us use the image Ben. I look forward to next week’s carnival.

  • Scot Herrick

    Wowser, Ben, what a listing of great posts!

    Thanks for hosting this and thanks to all the bloggers out there for submitting their posts. There’s a lot to read through and learn from their wisdom.


  • Ben Yoskovitz

    Scot – thanks for stopping by.

    I was overwhelmed by the response, I hope it continues! There’s a ton of great stuff here – the types of posts I would revisit over and over for inspiration.

  • Wendy Piersall :: eMom

    Wow, Ben. WOW! So much great stuff, so little time!! I know this must have taken you forever to put together – thank you for such a treasure-trove of great resources! :)

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  • Charles H. Green

    Many thanks for doing the hard work of putting out this service; it gives us all great ideas and helps everyone.

  • Ben Yoskovitz

    Wendy and Charles – it was a lot of work but well worth it. Too many resources for any one person to read them all (except me!) but hopefully you find something that stands out for you.

    Hopefully my comments draw attention and make people ask questions / comment on the actual posts (here and on the respective blogs of the writers.)

  • Mary Emma

    You did a great job with this Carnival, Ben, and put a lot of work into it. I’m pleased to be included. And thanks for the comments about my suggestion of online classes. Yes, I’ll write some more about that on my blog and elsewhere.

  • Barbra Sundquist

    Thanks for including my post on credit cards, and for all the work you put into your comments. Definitely one of the stronger summaries I’ve seen!

  • Ben Yoskovitz

    Barbra, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I hope to continue providing worthwhile summaries. I really do think it helps people find the best resources for them in the shortest time, even if it makes for gargantuan posts!

  • Debt Free

    Great carnival. Thanks for reviving it and including my post. On the subject of discounts, many vendors do offer terms, such 2-10/Net30, or some variation therof, but many businesses simply don’t avail themselves of them. In a business with thin margins, that extra 2% off the cost of product may be just what’s needed to go into the black. Great carnival.

  • Greg Harris


    Thanks for putting this together.

  • Ben Yoskovitz

    Greg – glad you liked it!

    I hope you’ll post on your site about it and perhaps contribute to next week’s Carnival or Carnivals in the future!

  • Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound

    Great list of resources for entrepreneurs!

    May I add one to the list? Anyone who struggles writing press releases might might to sign up for my free email course called “89 ways to write powerful press releases.” It’s
    an intensive course that teaches you how to write press releases not only for journalists, but for consumers, and post them online.

    Look for the red headline “Free Press Release Tutorial” on my home page at

  • Ben Yoskovitz

    Joan – thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    I hope you’ll submit something to a future Carnival!!

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  • Jean Murray

    The first item under “picks,” from Laura Young, has expired. Now that I’m ready to read it, it’s gone! Does anyone have this one saved or can you tell me where it is?

  • HIB

    I’ve never heard of this carnival. Sounds right up my alley.