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I just stumbled upon a new experimental ASK interface at They write about it here:

Thanks for stumbling upon Ask X, our double-secret sandbox for testing Ask experiences of the future.

In today’s version of Ask X, you’re not just getting back a list of links, but a slick, new three-panel interface (much like the new AskCity), combining great time-saving features like:

* Left: A search control panel that stays with you, complete with Zoom Related Search and Search Suggestions that update as you type.

* Middle: Results front and center to provide clutter-free information without having to scroll down the page, and Binoculars to preview results.

* Right: A preview of other types of search results, including video, news, images, blogs, shopping, encyclopedia and more.

It seems as if the interface is only for the homepage as SERPs are served from the domain, however, the SERPs are formatted in a differently way than the usual ASK results.

UPDATE: I just noticed that the interface is also accessible from here.

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