The simplest (yet most stylish) phone in the world?

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This is a concept design for a phone over at Product Design Forums. The philosophy behind this is a minimalist approach to the mobile phone lifestyle, allowing you only to call:

This phone can only be used to call with, no sms, mms, camera or garage opener. – Rune Larsen, Designer

Here’s further text from the designer’s perspective on how the phone works:

Explaining the button system, hmm when you but your fingertip (tumb) in the grove on the 123 button, you get 1 by manipulateing it to the left, 3 to the right and 2 by pressing the button down (if this dont explain it well enough I hope the picture will fill in the gaps.

the big silver button on top releases the spring loaded display to get called ID and to recieve you press it again while the display is out, to hang up a call you simply close the display by pushing it in (and loading the spring again).

The display is a lcd of the old calculator type whitout the reflective backing, so its seetrough.

Thanks to Drive by Shooter for the heads up.

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