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    Elf YourselfJust in time for the holidays, now you can make like Will Ferrell and elf yourself!

    If this doesn’t bring a smile to your face, then you should just go to sleep and wait for Jacob Marley and the rest of the ghosts to come and visit you this weekend.

    I will say I think I make one of the ugliest elfs on the planet though. Hopefully you’re much better than I am.

    You can make one of these little greetings for yourself at Elf Yourself.com and send it to your friends. In addition, although I didn’t do it, you can record your voice greeting to go along with your card.

    I’d love to see you as an elf, so be sure and come back and leave your personalized URL in the comments and share with the rest of us.

    Here’s the link to my personalized card.

    UPDATE: If you’re having problems accessing the Elf Yourself website, try leaving off the “www” in the URL. So, use http://elfyourself.com instead of http://www.elfyourself.com.

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      • http://www.uncovertheinternet.com Jason
      • http://www.uncovertheinternet.com Jason
      • http://www.uncovertheinternet.com Jason

        And my friend Ryan. His face looks great on an elf. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

      • http://ElfYourself Mallory Kuntz


      • ddidy
      • Dee Harris

        When I elfed our children, me and my husband laughed for days. This will definetely be one of our most memorable things.


      • Gary

        I went to the website Goelfyourself.com and its a blank page! How do you get it to work?

      • http://www.uncovertheinternet.com Jason

        Gary, the website is just http://www.elfyourself.com. Be sure and let us know what you look like as an elf!

      • LORETTA


      • http://www.elfyourself.com./ Debbs

        I can’t get it to open,,,it comes up just a blank page..and i had someone send me something similar to this site …by office max?…can not open it.

      • http://www.uncovertheinternet.com Jason

        Make sure you’re going to http://www.elfyourself.com
        I just visited the site and got right in.

      • Maria

        I tried to look at this too and its not working, just a blank page!!!!!!!!!

      • Maria

        Nevermind, I just found out Office Max took it off.

      • http://www.uncovertheinternet.com Jason

        Okay, I sent the link to a few other people and it’s taking quite awhile to load for them, but it eventually does load.
        Maria, the site is still live if you go to http://www.elfyourself.com directly.

      • http://www.uncovertheinternet.com/go-elf-yourself/ dave

        Office Max didn’t remove it. Today is the first day I’ve been to work since my daughters showed it to me, and I’ve been sending it out to co-workers and friends all day with their pixx on it. I just was on the site seconds ago. If you don’t have a current Adobe Flash version on your computer, you will get a blank page.

      • http://None Ginny

        Can’t upload a face. just get a blur

      • Kristi

        Please help!!! Any computer wizzes out there? I did the elf yourself of my kids last year and it worked fine. I try it this year and I get a blank page no matter if I go directly to the link or travel through officemax.com. I get a blank, light blue screen and at the bottom of the page it says done. So I assume it’s not trying to load it anymore. I also made sure I had the latest version of adobe installed and still nothing!!! My kids have talked about this all year and I was so excited to see it, but I can’t get it to work!!!!

      • tyler


      • http://elfyourself courtney

        i want to try this out but i cannot get on the site either. i get that blank page that says done also. did krisit get it going? i need help!

      • http://elfyourself courtney

        the site will not let me look at others that i know did theirs yesterday. why can’t i even see them?

      • Millie

        Keep trying – this year there are four elves dancing. I got the light blue screen that said done, but it was still loading, and did work eventually. Works well if you have a fast computer connection, but sometimes takes a bit too long to load. If it works for any of your family or friends, maybe they could set up the pictures and email the link to you.

      • Pam

        I just got in fine, and am laughing hilariously as I put different faces in. Since my daughter has family of 3, I added a teddy bear in as one of the faces to have 4 elves, its great!

      • Pam

        sorry meant to add the link too


      • Kristi

        Courtney, keep trying. I had the same problem waited and waited. Randomly tried it at 2 am last night and it loaded right up. Didn’t have to wait at all. Needless to say I did not trust that I would get back in today so I did not go to bed til 3:15!! I was able to get on again this morning no problem….

      • http://yahoo jordyn

        it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! funny!

      • http://yahoo jordyn


      • Brenda

        How do I save the elves I have made to use again?

      • Jeannie

        Does anyone know of any other sites like this – where you can upload your own photos and make yourself other things? Star wars? Harry Potter? Santa? A Reindeer? The Easter Bunny?

      • http://Dontworkformeneither:O Tricia

        well my neighbor showed me this website and has no problem getting it on and showing it but mine comes up blank and sits there forever.. and dont have problems like that before now. I am on AOL dial up….they were on yahoo dial up…

      • http://elfyourself charidan

        it is soooooooooooooooo funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!! ………………

      • http://htc.net Hannah

        I elfed myself and it was so funny.everyone should try it and then send an comment.

      • Jen

        Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • diane

        once my elves are finished — I sent it to myself to see if it worked – I did not recieve my e-mail. the e-mail part of it doesn’t seem to work. Do I need to do something different?? I have yahoo for our e-mails.

      • http://hotmail erin

        OMG its naw lettin meeh itt doo it soo a cany rate but a saw itt on ma m8z pc n itt iss ihb pua best amhn :))

      • http://www.scroogeyourself.com/?id=9601903645 lorie

        scrooge yourself is another one.

      • http://www.scroogeyourself.com/?id=9601903645 lorie

        here is another scrooge

      • Katie

        I went to the site,and it said I had to download a flash plugin. what is it ,and why do I need it?

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      • Lynz

        How can you make it into just a picture of you as an Elf?

      • http://www.uncovertheinternet.com Jason

        How odd that you would ask that now. You need a good screen capture utility. Read this post on my other blog to find out how you can get a great one for FREE! http://www.microsoftweblog.com/2007/11/26/get-techsmiths-snagit-software-for-free/

      • justine

        all its doing is loading but see the thing is…is that its frozen….

      • Patty

        I had problems too when ready to email. After you copy your elves, go to a blank email form and right click then paste. Easy!

      • http://elfyourselef Scarlet

        Hey everybody elf yourself is so fun and funny i love it you should elf yourself to

      • amy

        i cant get in either, i tried for days. imonly getting a grey screen

      • EmIrish7

        FYI-If some people are having trouble opening it, try with just http://elfyourself.com , leaving out the www. That worked for me when I was having trouble!! Happy Elfing!

      • Anna-Lori Smith


        this one is the cartoon version


        and this one has some celebrities….

      • Anna-Lori Smith

        OOPS, …this is the cartoon version!!


      • Marilyn Monsanto

        Now can’t bring up the emailed elves after I mail it out to others with a copy to me – what is the problem – too many people using it now? Is there a way to get around that. I have the latest version of Adobe reader, if that’s what it needs. Marilyn

        At first this all worked very well. – today nothing is coming up – I’ve tried copy and pasting etc. etc.

      • http://www.adobe.com Landon

        For those unable to see it, make sure you have a current version of Flash Player.

      • http://knhamann.blogspot.com Kristin

        I also found it took quite awhile to load, and finish. And, make sure you use small pictures, because otherwise it won’t be able to scale them down small enough…

        Absolutely hilarious, though :-)

      • http://www.elfyourself.com Amanda

        I cannot get the link that my sister sent me that leads to this e-mail to bring up the greeting card or pic or whatever it’s supposed to bring up. Is it her fowarded link or my crappy computer.

      • http://www.elfyourself.com/?id=9562766064 Preston

        This is the funniest one yet… oh my my!


      • Trish

        Just figured out how to email it. Dahhh! You have to copy it then paste it into your email. After you paste it the URL shows up in your email.

      • http://terryterrystory.com Terry

        page is just a blank page

      • Marilyn Monsanto

        Still not able to bring them up – or even get email address from this website -

        Is anything being done to correct and or explain this problem?


      • jim

        are there any similiar websites?
        Like- make yourself a sugar plum fairy?

      • http://www.elfyourself.com/?id=9587541906 James Stone

        if you have any sense of humor at all you will find this hilarious

      • http://www.elfyourself.com/?id=9611372823 Kelly

        These are so funny. Is there any way to save them so that you’ll always have them?

      • Jason

        Is it just really popular already???

        I can see the ones that are on here that are already made….but can’t get into the original site and make one!!!

        Load, Load, Load….then says done about halfway through…????

        What’s up??

      • http://www.uncovertheinternet.com Jason Bean

        I’ve been amazed on the response and activity on this site for a post that was done almost a year ago. It’s fun watching other people’s elfs, but making your own is the key. You can also call a number to record a voice greeting with your elf, however the graphic display of your mouth moving is pretty distracting.

      • http://elfyourself.com jonathan

        mine is stuck on save. Anyone else having that problem? What can i do?

      • http://elfyourself.com jonathan

        I wanna watch it so bad!!!

      • Jason

        Just wait. Mine finally went through after a while.

      • Anthony

        I am trying to get into Elfyourself.com and it is not working I just get the light blue screen.. I also have a cable connecting and the latest version of adobe flash player.. someone please help

      • http://www.uncovertheinternet.com Jason Bean

        Sounds like the best bit of advice comes from the far east…”Patience grasshopper. Patience.”

      • Trish

        If you get a forward from someone, after viewing it I had to delete their # from URL so you just have http://www.elfyourself.com in the URL. When i went to make your own it just stayed blank. Then i couldn’t email it. I had to copy it where it says copy. When your email pops open click paste and the website should be there.

      • http://ghftgyht ally

        elf yourself

      • http://ghftgyht ally


      • http://ghftgyht ally

        I want to go to elf yourself

      • Louise

        I can make the elf ok but I can’t see enough of the address label to fill it out. It cuts off so I can only see half. Is anybody else having this problem.

      • claire

        i put me +my 2 children in it how funny .il be showing my family over xmas +i know we l have a few giggles at!

      • Maggie

        Got an elf thing with my grandkids, I put it in favorites then tried to view it again and it won’t come up, says it’s uploading, but doesn’t. Why won’t this work anymore????

      • Lainie

        I have had no problems creating, viewing or sending my own. It is worthwhile to take the time to phone in your own message. Here is the link to mine.


      • http://elfyourself.com kyron

        i want to see other peoples elfyourself videos

      • Denise

        Every time I try to bring up the website elfyourself.com I keep getting a blue screen wiith DONE in the bottom left but it goes not further…HELP !!!!

      • Natalie

        Yeah same here, when i try to do it it jsut says “page cannot be displayed”

      • Becci

        The website won’t load, it keeps coming up error?

      • http://www.elfyourself.com kate

        I cant load up this page. Is this the right address or do i have to join up with something. I dont know. please help

      • Louise

        Once I make it and save it, it won’t come up anymore..just keeps saying “loading”, plus I can’t send to anybody. Same thing..keeps loading.

      • Louise

        How do you add more than 1 person? Anybody know how to do this?

      • CC

        Ok, I tried what someone wrote above about taking the www off of the site and trying it just http://elfyourself.com
        It totally worked!!! Until I tried that I was just getting that blank screen that said done. Try it, it works!

      • http://lafonseclubpenguinblog mr dude

        i tried and tried but it would not work when it would load the bar thing only to the ing in loading it never movedd but it worked on the computer next to me that works really slow and has no pictures. why is this

      • http://lafonseclubpenguinblog mr dude

        i tried and tried but it would not work when it would load the bar thing only to the ing in loading it never moved but it worked on the computer next to me that works really slow and has no pictures. why is this

      • http://lafonseclubpenguinblog mr dude

        =] smiley

      • http://www.elfyourself.com/?id=1130820994 Deena

        I love this site its so cute! My kids loved seeing themselves as elves.

      • Deena
      • Kate

        I’ve got nothing but a blue screen, says “Done” at the bottom. Left it up for 5 hours when we went out and nothing ever loaded.

      • Jere

        Is there anyway to download the entire Elf dance and burn it to a CD?



      • Lisa Maree

        Actually I can see it and make them but not save them or have them attach to my e mail– Im using a mac so im thinking its an apple thing that i need to press something else??? Is any other MAC user having this problem???

      • Rachel
      • http://www.uncovertheinternet.com/go-elf-yourself/ Rachel

        sweet! Oh … how do I save my elfs?

      • Lisa Maree

        I also just read you can copy it using SnagIt–or SnapzPro on a Mac–capture it for your desktop or video iPod.

      • Paige

        It lets me go on .. but when it says elf yourself downloading it just stops half way through and doesnt move… Help !!

      • mac

        i have aobe flashplayer 9 an it stil wont load up far me far past few days it just keeps getting stuck under the D on the loading bar , any ideas?

      • Nicole

        I am getting nothing right now…anybody?

      • Jere

        I have successfully recorded still images from the Elf video however I am looking for a way to download, save and burn to a CD the entire video. To take a screen shot hold down ALT key and press the Print scr key. Open an email or any place you want to save the image and click edit then paste.

      • Trey

        merry christmas

      • deb

        Please get this site up and running. It is bringing so much joy and laughter to all. What a blast!

      • abbey

        I used elf yourself last year and it worked fine, but this year when i went to it, the page came up but it would only load half way and then it would stop every time. I tried leaving off the www and it still didn’t work. any suggestions?

      • http://www.elfyourself.com Cc


      • Silvana

        Hi! I am so disppointed… The page loads until the bar hits ‘D’ in “LOADING” and then stops…anyone else having this problem?

      • susan Domanski

        i am also a mac user, able to create the elf’s and view it but it will not give me a an id to send to friends. now it won’t even load, but i guess that’s the site. any idea’s for mac users?

      • http://Elfyourself JJ

        It worked fine yesterday but today I am also not able to use it. It was fun and all my friends used it. Hope they fix it soon…but then, that is Office Max, maybe they can’t afford the technical support to keep it going!!!

      • wes wilson

        i am having the same problem. it is just loading half way everytime and nothing more…been like this all day and night

      • http://Elf Alan

        Thanks for letting me use this I had a great time sending the grandchildren’s picturest to there partents
        Thanks again

      • Sara

        Please help! I am trying to upload a cropped photo (it is in JPEG format and less than 2MB) but the website continues to tell me I have an error when trying to upload. This happens with every picture– no matter how big or small. Does anyone know what to do? Thanks!

      • http://www.uncovertheinternet.com Jason Bean

        2MB still sounds pretty big for what they’d probably want. You should be able to get the face portion of the image you’d like to use down to less than 50KB easy. If you need a great, free, graphic editing program, I recommend IrfanView! or Paint.NET

      • cheryl

        I love the Elf Yourself. I think it’s great but I wanted to save it to my computer so I could make a cd and send it to some one over sea. Can any one tell me if I can save it to my computer?

      • http://spannerkit.blogspot.com/ Monte Abbott

        OK, this is funny by itself, but when we did the whole family, with the dog in the middle, it was really special. Check out our dog Walker playing it totally straight. He’s such a ham.

      • http://elfyourself.com Audrey

        Hey i tried to “elf myself”
        but it didnt work, all i got was a blank page everytime i tried something else. nothing seems to work.

        how do i get it?


      • Danny

        If anyone knows of one of these where you can Santa Yourself, please send me the info directly. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

      • Alice

        Can I create 5 elf’s? All I see if four elf’s I can create.


      • http://www.uncovertheinternet.com Jason Bean

        I believe the most you can create is 4. That’s an upgrade from last year. Last year you could only create 1 if I’m remembering correctly.

      • carlie

        omg my friends cant open the link

        this is a funny thing to do but a stupid set up

      • http://www.avoidtheregift.com Chris Utz

        Check this out. Its similar to elf yourself, except you can put up to 7 faces into a movie and it even will speak your name!


      • Jere

        Still looking for a way to download, save and burn a CD of the entire Elf dance. Any suggestions?

      • http://N/A Someone

        Is there something similiar to this because this one is frustrating. One time it plays all the way and another it stops half way. You can’t save it to your PC either. Is there anything else out there?

      • http://elfyourself.com natasha

        I can’t get onto the site. It’s showing a blank page? help

      • bobby

        andy warhol gets elf’ed….

        save it to your pc with snapz pro. works pretty well, or dw downloader in firefox

      • http://dontknow Aaron Myers

        me dancing crazy

      • http://dontknow Aaron Myers

        me dancing crazy like a fool

      • http://www.elfyourself.com Someone else

        This does not work, I have tried for a week. Even loaded the new Adobe Flash and NADA! GRRRRRR!!

      • Meldag

        Hi folks,
        we think this is very funny and elfed our whole family. We send it all over Germany


      • http://elfyourself.com Penny

        not very computer smart – is there anyway to save this to a disc to keep for memories? I have tried to save it but I must be doing something wrong – or where can I get a copy of my family elves? Help

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      • Chuckin’ a tantie very soon

        NOT HAPPY JAN…..Want to send O/S to friends and can’t get elfed….. WAAAAAAH !!!!

      • http://erfg eee


      • fran

        I must be doing something wrong, as my emails do not go thru. I can get the elves to work, but not my emails


      • http://google caleb

        i think that this game is funny but cool and boring.

      • http://google caleb

        I do not now why sorry

      • http://google caleb
      • http://elf elf

        elf bowling

      • Terry

        The problem I am having is I can’t select the body to attach my ead to, every time I upload a picture it ends up on a female form…and thats just not like me.

      • David

        This worked when I first received it from a friend. Later it would hangup when loading.
        As stated earlier, deleted the WWW and it worked.

      • BRUCE


      • renee

        Everything works fine until I send the emails, they do not go through. Is it possable to find the one that I have done already? Does anybody know???? Would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks

      • Lisa Maree

        SAVE IT—- using SnagIt–or SnapzPro on a Mac–capture it for your desktop or video iPod.

      • Linda

        i have tried this so many times and i just get a error when it comes through my email…i did have it sent to me and it worked fine,,,what seems to be the problem….tried it both ways and still will not work…..grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

      • http://www.elfyuorself.com Morgan

        HA HA HA !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      • http://www.elfyourself.com tyree

        great web page

      • http://www.elfyuorself.com Morgan


      • Lori Worthington

        I did the elf yourself and the scrooge all day yesterday and laughed my head off… but today i cant get it to open.. I soooo want to see again and send another greeting.. but I get a white page too.. uggggg.!!!! I NEED MY ELF :-) please help.. i am affaird that all the ones i sent to wont be able to open either..

      • http://www.elfyourself.com/?id=9526577938 Michael

        I can not open your web-site – keep getting a blue screen – tried with & with out the www. – - ??? any suggestions.?

      • http://www.uncovertheinternet.com Jason Bean

        This is an amazingly popular site right now. I’m sorry I can’t fix it for everyone so that you can get right in to make and see your elves. I believe the problems people are experiencing are just due to traffic on the site. Keep trying!

      • http://google caleb

        here are some pople the one at the fron is me.http://www.elfyourself.com/?id=1197958810

      • http://google caleb
      • http://www.elfyourself.com/?id=1179346935 maurice
      • BRUCE


      • BRUCE


      • http://www.uncovertheinternet.com Jason Bean

        Bruce I would normally agree with you, and to some degree I do. However, I’ve regularly been hitting the site from the same computer and sometimes can get in with no problems and sometimes I can’t. That sounds like a traffic issue. I believe it’s a combination of both.

      • http://www.elfyourself.com/?id=1206518241 tina c

        this was too cool

      • http://www.elfyourself.com Kim

        I have recieved a bunch of codes from my friends to check out this site, and all I get is a blue screen??? Any suggestions? I am dying to see these and no matter what I do, I can’t get nothing but a blue screen??? HELP

      • http://www.mullinscreative.com az sunshine

        Try another browser. I was using Firefox at work and it was fine. I got home and Firefox didn’t work. I copied and pasted the URL into Explorer and it came right up. Good Luck!! I was determined to see this!

      • Bill

        Have you made sure cookies are enabled?? maybe that is the problem.The only time i’ve had problems with a machine is when cookies are turned off.Give it a try

      • http://elfyourself Kate

        Hi i love elf yourslef
        i also love to play it on Christmas night

        Love Kate

      • http://www.elfyourself.com/?id=1211610025 piip

        WHOA this one is really hilarious….
        check out the singing lol !!!!!


      • Tiffany

        Here’s me getting down with my bad self just in time for the Holidays. And don’t hate just cuz I’ve got smooth moves. Enjoy!!

      • http://www.elfyourself.com Stephanie

        How did you copy & paste your elf to display on this page? When I try copy & paste- it gives me the link instead of the image.


      • http://www.uncovertheinternet.com Jason Bean

        I used a screen capture utility, SnagIt.

      • http://www.elfyourself.com Stephanie

        Thanks Jason-
        I have snagit and snagit video- I’ll try them both!

      • http://www.elfyourself.com Stephanie

        worked great- thanks again!

      • http://www.snowjoke.com Tamara

        Have any of you guys checked out the weather channel’s “SnowJoke” site? I personally think it’s much funnier than Elf Yourself.


      • dankman

        please help me it still doesnt work im so jealus

      • Rien

        Go Elf Yourself works splendid!
        But I’d like to record it so we can play it offline at christmas eve… HOW CAN WE DO THAT? PLS. HELP HELP!!

      • brittany

        i tried it and it wouldnt come up, then i tried it again and it came up in this like google type thing. the top of the page said ‘this domain may be for sale by the owner’ HELP!!!!
        jordyn h, is dat you?

      • http://www.elfyourself.com/?id=1228005508 carmela

        when you hit the e-mail friend bit, there is going to be the link with your number on open it then put it in your fav

      • http://www.ramonwilliamson.com R

        I used this as a holiday greeting for my clients: http://www.coachingelf.com

        How I did it: Elf Yourself Video

      • http://kyndreajilesyahoo.com kyndrea jiles

        that was so cool and i loved is soooooo much. it is so cute

      • http://WWW.elfyourself.com Ally And Emma

        i like it but you have to call and some are very very very funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • nicole

        hey i cant get it to work can someone please help me

      • Margaret

        Another very funny site is jibjab…you can put yourself and family in a snow ball fight…try it you will like it!


      • http://google caleb
      • Brenda

        I can get in but can’t get beyond the accept and decline page. I hit “accept” and my picture opens up but nothing else happens except that elf standing there tapping his foot and looking really impatient.

      • Rien

        Hey Guys,

        I have the answer to put it OFFLINE on your computer. Use SNAGIT!! Just record the result in an AVI video http://www.snagit.com

        Worked for me! ;)

      • http://a_israilovyahoo.com alex

        i love my family

      • http://elfyourself Peter

        Same problem as a few others, site won’t load at all. I’m running Vista, my son is using XP. Both through a router/hub and ADSL. XP works every time, Vista never has. I’m stuck!

      • lisa

        Can someone please help me? I am able to do all the steps but when I click send to a friend , nothing is in the message when they recieve it. It says copy your elf and then it says paste to post.
        what do I paste, there is nothing to paste

      • http://elfyourself daenna

        it is biriliant and so fun i could not belive how good it was

      • Yvonne

        For those of you just getting a blank screen with done at the bottom, you need to have the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player. Go to the Adobe website. It is free.


        It fixed mine.

      • http://www.elfyourself.com/?id=1243001003 Cindy

        Those are my three kids and grandson! Merry Christmas!!

      • http://www.elfyourself.com/?id=1243001003 Cindy
      • http://www.elfyourself.com bardy

        Got link sent to me, gets halfway thru loading then stops sits for hours and not moving nowhere :(

      • http://Internet Liam and Tracey

        it didn’t work

      • Nikki

        The elf yourself doesn’t work nomatter if i leave the www out of the URL.
        It also doesn’t work if i just sit there and wait.

        what should i do???

      • http://www.tigerlilyphoto.com greta

        EVERY time, i get an upload error when i try to upload my photo. they suggest that maybe my file is too large. it’s not. i have tried about 15 times with different images, all under 2MB. please help! i wanted to do this for my 5 year old, he would love it! :)

      • http://elfyourself.com Amy

        I can’t get the site to work, I just get the blue screen, like some others are getting. What’s the problem? I have current version of flash player and I tired leaving the www. out.

      • http://elfyourself Samantha .B.

        a I love your website. It’s so cool you guys have one of the best website

      • http://elfyourself Samantha .B.

        I half to say that your website is one of the best one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • http://www.scroogeyourself.com/ maggs

        I have done both scrooge and elf yourself very very funny, best tonic I have had in ages. Any more

      • http://elfyourself.com Amy

        Nothin but blue screen?!?!?!?

      • karen

        The other day it worked several times but now it won’t give an ID # in order to save it or send. BUMMER!

      • karen

        Duh! I just realized that when you click on the copied part that no URL ID shows until you paste it into an email. Then it appears!! I was expecting to see the URL after it was complete, or up in the browser. It is there once you click on it and then paste it into an email. Maybe this info will help someone else.

      • Dylan

        OMG this is like the best thing ever! Best Christmas gram, me, my sister and 2 cousins:


      • Shannon

        Had the same problem as many of you. Nothin but a blue screen on elfyourself tried adobe install link as mentioned above and worked right away Thanks a bunch!!http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash

      • bkny

        how do i delete my created elves?

      • Emily

        Have done one of these and it’s great, but when I’ve emailed myself the link to show the office it won’t work and now I can’t get onto the site at all, even when trying the suggestion from above???

      • Doug

        This is cute and cool, but it’s also a great way to contribute to spam. Consider that before sending your email around.

      • http://www.uncovertheinternet.com Jason Bean

        Not sure how this contributes to spam. I wouldn’t consider an e-mail from a relative with a link included to their elf as spam. The only way it could be close to spam is if people kept forwarding another e-mail with everyone’s e-mail address still included.

      • Sherry

        This was great. Everyone I sent it to absolutely loved it. Please let me know if and when you get anything other than the elves….this was absolutely the most hilarious thing I’ve seen on the internet. Thanks and keep up the good work.

      • http://elfyourself.com Jen

        I am also getting the blue screen every time and have installed the latest version of Flash and left out the www. Are there any other suggestions out there other than these? I would really love to view this!

      • http://elfyourself Emma

        I love Elf yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • http://elfyourself Emma

        Elf yourself is a very good website!

      • Prez13

        OMG I LOVE THIS ( even if i look retarded ) i did my brother and his head is HUGE conpeared to the body

      • http://elfyourself Maria

        Hi, I’m done with setting up faces for the 4 elves, can’t e-mail it. Can someone help me?

      • Donna

        Can’t get this to work. Is their an issue with Vista? It just flashes on for a second and then disapears. I tried the shorter address. It didn’t work either.

      • nicole

        I love this, but i am also a MAC user and can download the whole thing but when its time to copy and paste it only copies the basic elfyourself homepage (not my creation) Has any MAC users figured it out, i would love to send this out to family

      • http://ElfYourself.com Reed Norton


      • http://ElfYourself.com Kyndall Norton

        As i said, it will ot work!!!!!!!!!!!! KYNDALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • http://ElfYourself.com Reed Norton

        hey your website will not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REED

      • nidia

        i love it its the best thing in the hole intire world it is the best my mom dont ever laugh but she just laughed her underpants off.It must be so kool

      • Kim


      • kristin

        well, it’s not bringing a smile to my face, it’s pissing me off. the site doesn’t friggin work. it’s not traffic. it’s office max for god’s sake.

      • MIA


      • glenna

        the other site only allows 1 elf person at a time ..sucky..it wont work…boooo

      • John

        Thanks to Kim, a site that works. Anyone have a site that works for Scrooge yourself?

      • http://elfyourself MaKenna

        My teacher showed me this it was awesome

      • http://none JENNY

        I am a MAC user and played around with the web site quite a bit. I tried one-four elves. I am able to view the preview well. Unable to email my version out. The email is just blank. I do NOT think this elf thing is MAC friendly!
        Very annoying!!! If you are a MAC user…dont even try!

      • http://www.lschnellmann.com larry schnellmann


        too much fun!

        i can’t believe its really just an office max commercial,, good for them for being a fun company!

      • Amy

        i am trying to upload a picture? its taken mins and it still says uploading is this right?

      • Janet

        I installed the latest flash 9 and the page did not load. But then I tried to remove flash player, went to elfyourself.com, was prompted to download flash and after the installation, voila, it worked.
        Basically, if u already hv previous version of flash player, remove it first and install the latest version.

      • http://elfyourself.com sinead

        elf yourself is brilliant because it is soooooo funny to watch i put my granny in 1 and it looked so funny when they were dancing.

      • pete

        is there a way to load onto myspace

      • katherine

        look Elf fyour self

      • katherine

        hi daaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyoooooo

      • ryan

        I went to the website Goelfyourself.com and its a blank page! How do you get it to work?

      • http://elfyourself.com Bob

        I loved it I sent all my friends Christmas Cards about it. It is funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • http://www.uncovertheinternet.com Jason Bean

        Ryan, the website URL is just http://www.elfyourself.com

      • glenna

        elf yourself was working fine then this week it would not work.. i called office max and they said something about cookies but it didnt work either ..finally i turned off my internet security all together..i have trend micro..it is working great now..just make sure to turn your security back on after…

      • susan

        cannot get on, just see a light blue screen and the word “done” at the bottom. How can I get on to view

      • mamalee

        Susan, I got the same blank page as you described. But I go to AOL “keyword” and it brought up the site. Good luck.

      • http://elfyourself alex hayden

        its good

      • roz

        having a problem getting the site up. i’ve tried everything and i cann’t get the site to come up. when i was able to get it , it was sent to me and i downloaded my pic to it and was unable to send it out. please help me and explain what it is i’m doing so wrong. thanks

      • Johnny D

        To ROZ and for those who are having issues /problems viewing the videos or blue screen (page done) @ elfyourself.com.

        I had the same problems with my Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop and with a 2nd desktop. I was able to fix this issue by downloading Adobe Flash Player from the following webiste:


        Try this fix and let us know if it worked for you.

      • http://www.uncovertheinternet.com Jason Bean

        Another good tip has been to uninstall your existing Flash player and then install the newer one.

      • http://elfyuorself jake

        i like elfs

      • http://elfyuorself jake

        jake the elf

      • http://elfyuorself jake

        jacup the super elf

      • http://elfyuorself jake

        I have always wanted to be a elf and this is my onley chance

      • cindi

        I can get on to elfyourself with no problem…what is the site that has more than one elf on it? I can’t find it but the original version I saw had two elves.

      • http://www.gnomeyourself.com paul

        this is really funny, for you Office fans!

      • http://www.gnomeyourself.com paul


        this is really funny for you Office fans

      • http://boyslie. raelene


      • http://boyslie. raelene


      • http://myembarq.com jackson kicklighter

        merry chrismas

      • heather

        please help. I have tried to copy. but i keep getting the message “copied, just paste to post” but nothing happens, nothing to copy! help!

      • roz

        thanks johny d i got it downloaded… now i want to know how i can put it on a dvd if that’s possible once again thanks for helping me

      • tim

        i would like to be on elfyourself

      • http://elfyourself Barbara

        I got a card from a friend and loved it. I tried to do my own but the site will not upload my photo….it just keeps saying “loading”….

        What can I do to get it to work?

      • http://elfyourself Barbara

        I just got a card from a friend and absolutely loved it.

        I tried to do my own but the site will not upload my photo….it just keeps saying “loading”….

        What can I do to get it to work?

      • http://www.freewebs.com/alura01 Jeeanna

        I Think The Elf’s Are Very Cute!! Heres Mine… http://www.elfyourself.com/?id=1371805019

      • http://elfyourself.com Cassie

        hey whats up!

      • http://elfyourself.com Cassie

        how do i get on it it wont let me its just a blank page please please help me.

      • http://scroogeyourself jennifer

        same as elf but a scrooge

      • Steve

        Can anyone help…? Trying to upload and it keeps failing. Yes, I’m making sure my pic is below the max allowed. I’m assuming you upload a normal photo and it cuts out the heads for the elves? Or do you have to cut out the heads yourself and upload those?

      • http://www.uncovertheinternet.com Jason Bean

        For those just tuning in and having problems. Try these tips:

        1. try http://elfyourself.com (leave out the “www.”)
        2. uninstall existing Flash version and reinstall the new one again
        3. to save your elf, use a screen capture utility like SnagIt
        4. to send your personal URL to share your elf with a friend, click on the URL provided to you and then copy it from the address bar in the new window to your clipboard
        5. be patient and keep trying
      • Gary Tellalian

        I uploaded everything fine, but whenever I click on “Send To A Friend” it just sends a blank e-mail. What gives? How do you save and share this thrice-blessed piece of holiday felicity?

      • Johnny D

        Gary, try again “Send to a Friend”. It should open Outlook to send an e-mail. Copy the url, then paste on your explorer browser. Click on “Go”. This will take you to the elfyourself.com website. You should be ble to view the video. Click on Favorites ( star ) and save it to your favorite folder. Open your email software and paste the url and send. This is what I did and it worked for me.

      • nicole

        you probalby cant “send it to a friend” because you are using a MAC…. thats my problem

      • Kristine

        Hey, my friends showed me this Elf yourself thing tonight, wasn’t working at first so i Googled it and got this Paige, i eventually got it to work though and Elfed some drawings i drew on MS paint, not the best drawings in the world but i think it looks cute :) in case anyone wants to see it heres the link :D (there Neopets incase your wondering)

      • isaiah

        it is ma birthday yyyyyaaaahhhhhhhh

      • http://www.elfyourself.co.uk sophie-babiixx

        it has let me work yaaaaaaaaaaaa and i can send it to people

      • georgia watt

        it is soooooooooooo funny you should try it

      • paige

        this is me fit an sexy

      • Jenn

        I tried dropping the www and all that comes up is a blank page…for a computer dummy, what should I do?

      • Jenn

        Once I get into the site, are the instructions easy to follow to elf your whole family?

      • http://verizon.com Dave

        My mom told me to to this hi brandon

      • http://verizon.com Dave

        my mom wanted me to dok this hi brandon

      • Miranda

        it is soooooooooooooooooooo cooool!

      • MZ

        you need the Adobe flash plugin… follow this link http://store.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer. A lot of sites use this media these days. No tricks, no gimmicks to it, its just a tool/player that developers have made to improve multimedia imbedding in web page…
        Hope it helps all,
        Merry Xmas!!!

      • Jocelyn


      • linda

        it wont let me emial it to a friend why not

      • http://www.elfyourself.com Ally

        Sometimes it won’t connect at all; other times its fine. I think the site is SOOO busy ’cause it’s fun! I was able to elf a friend and her daughter’s, but now I can’t get it to come up.

      • Brenda

        Why won’t it upload pics….

      • http://elfyourself Brenda

        why won’t it let me upload pics?

      • kiszka

        lol hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

      • http://Juno Donat Figuried

        I got your Elfs once and sent them. Then the second time I can no longer get them to download on my computer. Why? I really liked them.

      • http://jeffandamanda.com Mandi
      • http://www.theofficialmeinme.com Sean M Crawford Sr.

        Here is our children’s elf:


      • Jullia

        I did a few different ones, and they were great. But now it keeps saying there is an error. What can i do to fix it?

      • Martine

        Hi i cant get the elf yourself to send to emails has anyone else had trouble

      • Vicki

        Have had a lot of fun making elves, but can’t figure out how to attach them to e-mail. Is this a problem for Mac’s?

      • Carol

        Did the elves okay (although there was no option to do more than one). Email wouldn’t go through but copied link and pasted in another email. When I click on that lick it goes to the right place but just says “Loading Photo” and never finishes. Cookied are enabled; I’ve tried both IE and Firefox. Neither works.

      • Sarah

        I had problems opening the website as well, so what you need to do is go and download the latest adobe flash player. Then it works just fine!

      • shelley

        how do you email this if you don’t have outlook

      • http://elfyourself.com taylor

        if u kno just tell me..

      • Dops

        Seem that a lot of you, like me, only get a light-blue screen from elfyourself. my bet is that we a re all on dial-up. It works OK with broadband/cable. Has anyone else got any ideas why some people can’t open the website?

      • chris

        How do I view it…there isn’t any sreeen sayibg it was successfuk after I got off the phone

      • katiefwl

        katie rulesssssssss

        katie kaitiie katie katie katie katie katie loves kyle kabber

      • Trish

        This is the funniest thing. I elfed my family. We are laughing and watching it days later. I sent it to everyone.

      • Lauri

        It Doesnt work on my computer, can’t look at nobody pictures

      • marianne

        how do i save it and send it? when i click on send to a friend, it takes me to an office max advert and then i close it, but no email box pops up. i want to save it and send it. help?

      • Neita

        I trying many times no won’t to get of elf yourself.. I want to get from you.

      • candy

        How can you copy and paste your elf so I can have a picture

      • cheryl

        i’ve got cable and i can get some pics to load others won’t so i close it out and try again with same pics that worked before now they won’t work i think it’s just so many ppl tring to do it @ the same time

      • schulz

        I dug around and found that it is not possible to save your personal elf yourself to your hard drive because it is saved as separate pieces and built by an application that runs in your browser while you watch it. It is in at least 3 pieces. 1) Your faces are stored in a file named like .png 2) the elf dance movie is saved as a FLV file (FLash Video) 3) the head movements are saved in a third file of XML commands telling the software where to place the head on screen while the movie is playing. You can get all these files in your browser cache – but you can’t make your browser put them together as a movie – the best bet is as they have said previously – capture the video off the screen with SnagIt. -ps

      • sami

        yo dog waz up ma name is sami i am a thug from the ghetto ma homez tel me about this website ,just tryin out.

      • abdulk

        ah ah ah i wanna di it

      • Nadene Rundback

        I have exactly the same problem have you figured out how to do it. I have tried everything and still cant send nor save. If you figure it out can you let me know. Merry Christmas

      • http://www.elfyourself.com kelly, kerry, Becky!

        This is a bril website but it takes to long to load, it needs to be sorted hey people wat are u up 2

      • http://www.elfyourself.com Kerry, Kelly and Becky!

        hey all at 8Q at the Chaffords especially
        Kieron, Sarah, Robyn, Shazneen, Tundun, Holly, Nicole, Amy M, Ellie k, Ellie F, Jordan M and all u’s others IS U K?

      • http://Juno Donat Figuried

        Why now after I gave my e-mail add to you I get so many elf yourselfs in a row like 9 one day 15 the next. I want you to stop sending me any more please! Donat

      • http://asdfadsf asdfafd

        how do you save the vid. or pix.

      • Jim Rollins

        A Republican Candidates Jekyll & Hyde Christmas!

        Off Camera At Rehearsal:

        On Live TV!

      • Jim Rollins
      • http://elfyourself.com samantha

        Im getting a blank pace and i need this web site asap to seed to my brother in iraq before x-mas

      • Karen

        Yeah I can’t get to the page either. I am having the same problems as everyone else. Light blue screen that says “done” at the bottom. My sister did it with her family and I wasn’t able to see it and I can’t do it with mine. Kinda stinks. Wish I could see what all the laughs are about :(

      • destinee pelc

        courtney i got mine to work it is very very very very very very very very very very very asomly coooooooooooooool.it is me destinee!

      • Newby

        like so many others on dialup, i am unable to get beyond “accept” terms. nothing happens after that even after 20 mins. i have flash9, cookies wide open, firewall off, and two teary-eyed little girls. any help will be appreciated to: rrnus AT yahoo
        wishing all a safe holiday,

      • DanC

        Want to see the Sesame Street gang?

      • gatchi
      • Gena

        has anyone figured out how to download it onto your pc or laptop to play on it’s own?

      • lil

        You think this was good, now try http://www.scroogeyourself.com

      • http://www.elfyourself.co.uk farai

        i like it soooooooooo much

      • kim

        this has been reading “saving…please wait” for a bout 4 hours now. How long should this take?

      • kim

        this has been reading “saving…one moment please” for about 4 hours now. How long should this take?

      • http://mlbailey5yahoo.com Mary Baileh

        It doesn’t seem to be working. I just get a blank page no matter which website I use.

      • Anonymous

        For anyone having trouble opening the Elf Yourself Link, you may need an update to your Flash player. It is free and easy, go to:


        In the upper middle of the page there is a red icon which will automatically choose the correct version for your computer and begin the download process. Follow the instructions and you’ll be dancing with the elves faster than you say Saint Nicholas!

      • http://aol.com abita

        I ask my husband to help me to Elf yourself,he was pouting coz he don’t want to do it but when it was done he wassss laughing…so funny

      • http://aol.com abita

        that’s ok

      • manu

        esto es mmmuuuuiiiiiiiii graciosooooooooooooooooooooo

      • manu

        esto es mmuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiii guaaaaaaaayyyy

      • http://elfyourself danni


      • http://elfyourself danni


      • http://www.tanminchun.com/ Bernard Tan Min Chun

        I just created this video for you…Make sure you turn up your speakers and listen. http://www.elfyourself.com/?id=1512975317 Have a good laugh. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2008 ! from http://www.tanminchun.com/- Stealth Marketer – Licensed to Thrill -

      • Jane

        Its great takes a little while to load photos but its fab Thanks

      • francine

        why does it just take so long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • http://orange Kathleen Peterson

        have not got outlook how can I send to a friend ?

      • http://elfyourself kassie

        i think this this is awesome its so so funny.but i never ever new there was a sight,but still,thanks for making it

      • http://elfyourself brittney.stilwell

        one time my sister put in me it was so funny,lol,awesome website

      • http://wikigiz.com/ Bush in a Goofy Elf Outfit

        Wanna see Bush and his family dress in Goofy Elf Outfits and dance like an idoit? Check out this funny site: http://wikigiz.com/2007/12/13/bush-elf-dance-for-you

      • amy

        I can’t get it to send to anyone, any ideas?

      • Tracy

        It has been uploading my photo for about 15 min. now and it still hasn’t load. Is there something wrong with this site.

      • Laura

        PROBLEM: Uploading pix into elfyourself.com — Continuously gives error message, “File Too Big.” Have resized down to 12.5kb, whilst still cutting around face. Error message, still Tried to upload at 250kb — no error message, but kept getting “loading,” – as if time was not a factor (very lengthy). Downloaded: http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash
        Still, no joy.

        Please help!

      • http://www.elfyourself.com chloe

        its da best n i got the website from my teachers in christmas assembly n they look so funny espeacially my year head n people whos it keeps muckin up its not the website its your computer.

      • Stacy-BABIIE

        HI EVERYONE :)

      • Stacy-BABIIE


      • Stephen

        Elf Yourself is great and all but if you go to http://www.AvoidtheRegift.com they actually have a story with your faces applied to it. It’s hilarious… picture your friend’s head on a toy paratrooper or a robot… lots of fun.. like Elf Yourself.

      • Marie

        actually, speaking of AvoidtheRegift, here’s one I made of my cats that cracks me up everytime:

      • cstina

        Leaving off WWW does not work.

        Even the ScroogeYourself.com (by officemax) isn’t working. It’s gives a 500 server error.

        I used ElfYourself last year and it worked fine.

        I’m feeling very SCROOGEY about officemax right now =(

      • http://comcast joan

        I can’t seem to send the elf yourself to anyone, it gives me an error. can you help me with this?

      • Karen

        I uploaded all my elves, watched the show but I don’t understand how I email it to anyone… or how I get an URL for it, Can anyone help????

      • http://elfyourself Bonnie Hay

        When you make more than one elf you can’t send people the thing when all of the elves dance only the first elf you make!

        they should really get it sorted

      • Ilene

        I used this site last year and never had a problem but this year I try to open it and it says “loading” and never opens. Just says “done” on the bottom left. HELP!!!


        iT IS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Chris

        I wonder if problems uploading can be due to security settings in the computer? Firewalls?

        I can make links work if I remove the www. but I can’t make my own elves from my computer. It says its loading but never does. Yet I can load the pictures using my husband’s computer. We’re both on the same network, but I wonder if our security settings might be different?

      • http://elfyourself charlie and eloise

        never had a go but my mate had a go and she said it was really good i really want a go
        its the last day of term oh yer
        no school
        from charlie and eloise xx

      • http://:S Tayzzzz!


      • http://www.tanminchun.com/ Bernard Tan Min Chun
      • http://hi hafsah

        it is sooooooo funnnnyyyyyyyyyyy

      • http://hi hafsah

        it is sooo funyyyyyyyy from hafsah your number one contender

      • http://www.tanminchun.com/ Bernard Tan Min Chun

        Shh… Don’t tell anybody, but this is the secret software program that I use to get tons of quality, 1 way links to my new websites, with verylittle effort… http://minchun1.bryxen7.hop.clickbank.net

      • Jodi

        Everytime I get on the page, it is just a blank page. How do you get onto it??? I would like to recommened this website, but if I am having problems getting onto it, then I am not going to recommened it.

      • http://www.elfyourself.com Annie

        This is really annoying!!! I can’t find the elves of me or my grandad which i have just made how do i find them???

      • Nanci

        I am having problems saying my elves — I choose copy, says the elves are copied but I don’t ever get an ID# for a link to my elves. Help…

      • Nanci

        Clarification to my earlier email: I am having problems SAVING my elves….

      • http://goelfyourself messy

        i love elf yourself but for one photo i chose i was waiting 3 and a 1/2 hours for i to load but other that tat it is great

      • kayla kowalewski

        merry x-mas everyone and a happi new year!!!;p

      • http://pplarecoolgmail.com kayla kowalewski

        merry x-mas everyone and a ah happi new year to everyone!!!;p

      • Mike

        Thanks Jason. I uninstalled Flash Player and re-installed it again and the site opened without any problems. Also if you do two elfs, we found that the first one you do is female and the second one is mail. Our friends did it in reverse and ended up with his head on her body and vice versa… Oh well! Thanks for all the laughs.

      • http://www.jkfglswrnlis.com.au HJDBKJHBkj

        It is LIKE SOOOOOOOO cool but ITS LIKE TOO hard to LIKE use

        make it like easier like NOW dude


        Merry like Easter

      • http://www.elfyourself.com/?id=1685678953 Derrick

        Where on the web can I find other things like this that are year round? Is there a good site that I can go to where I can add the face of a photo of mine to something funny like this? Please let me know

      • paige

        ye ye crap comments lololololl

      • http://aristotle skyla

        hey can people without a scanner elfthemselfs
        My teacher showed us the video of their faimly and her husband looked so funny . Elf yourself is so funny and cool!
        Skyla, LOL!

      • http://aristotle skyla

        It looks like everyone is having problems trying to elf theirselfs

      • http://aristotle skyla

        Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • http://aristotle Brittany

        whats up the people that asked where you can santa yourself you can try to look on http://www.google.com and type in santsa yourself.That Skyla girl is right too it does look like everyone is having trouble trying to elf theirselfs

      • http://elfyourself julie

        Hey does anyone know how to find the saved version of elf yourself, once you have created it and saved it. I just seemed to have lost everything.

      • http://aristotle skyla

        It seems like everyone is having trouble on elf yourself.com

      • http://yahoo.com Giannina

        I LOVE IT SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH thank you

      • http://aristotle Fergie Ferg

        Hey I was just looking at my e-mails a few minutes ago and Chris Brown had e-mailed me that elf yourself thing , so I went on google and typed in elf yourself and this came up and I just wanted to tell everyone that they need to elf theirselfs because its really cool and funny I’m trying to get it to elf me but I don’t think it will because I have tried to elf myself so this program stinks getting kids and people ready to elf theirselfs.Hey Skyla I think that you are right

      • Cheryl

        Help, everytime I try to get in it tells me to cleck here to download Flash Plugin. I have downloaded several times and message still comes up

      • http://ItsNotNiceToTeasePeople Mark O

        Is it an overtaxed file server, or just a bad design ??? It sould be SUPER-COOL if it I didn’t waste 1 1/2 – 2 hours of my life attempting to ‘elf’ me & my family. Merry Christmas

      • http://www.elfyourself.com/?id=1705895439 Robyn

        We were elved! And loved it! So did everyone else! Merry Christmas, Robyn, Lucky, Wave, and John

      • Mikayla

        I like this how do i do it?

      • http://elfyourself Debi

        does not work stopes in the middle of a load

      • Debbie

        trying to create an elf yourself of my grandkids, pics stored on PC, always get error…. maybe photo too big, keep resizing, but still no luck, any ideas? Thanks!

      • yo my name is joe

        EWWW this is dumbb.

      • Madison

        I cant get it to elf me. Every photo I upload it says “Oops”. Does anyone know whats wrong?

      • http://Elfyourself Carmen

        IT SUCKS BUTT CRACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • http://elfyourself Kay Cecil

        I’ve been trying to get onto this site for days and hours and it just doesn’t happen. Have heard the same from other folks???

      • http://wikigiz.com Juicy Girl

        Wanna see Bush and his family dress in Goofy Elf Costumes and dance like an idoit? Check out this funny site: http://wikigiz.com/2007/12/13/bush-elf-dance-for-you

        Have a laugh!

      • http://aristotle jennifer

        merry christmas and happy new year

      • http://elfyorself sean
      • chloe

        it is da best website eva it is so funny n people who say it doent work it is not the website it is your crap computers!!!!!!!

      • Kaitlyn

        Oh my gosh! All of my family gathered around the computer and just laughed. I have never seen them laugh so hard!

      • david

        I have tried a couple of different days. It will let me do a random elf but it does NOTHING when I push accept to the agreement.

      • Stacy-Worm

        i aint workin , it says i have to download adoby flash player but that is already downloaded onto my laptop .. and even if i try to download it , it wont work , i can hardly do anything on it now :( HELP ! !! !

      • http://elfyourself Debi

        Debi & Troy Akamin! This is SOOOOOOO

      • http://elfyourself jeremy

        i had a problem gettin’ it to show up.it was a white page then i tried my gfs comp and it worked perfectly.i think its somethin’ to do with the comp.

      • http://ELFYOURSELF CARLY


      • http://ELFYOURSELF CARLY


      • Sim

        I have a problem. Once i try to open the elfyourself.com it shows me that ELFYOURSELF is loading, i get n icon in the middle of the page and that’s it. It’s stops loading and i still get anything more than a picture in the middle of the screen that says loading.

        Any ideas? :)

      • Selina

        hi i like elf yourself i do my Cousin steven and i also go on the scrooge 1

      • Selina

        To sim,
        that happened to me once just go on a diffrent ellf yourself website
        merry christmas

      • http://www.elfyourself.com rishi

        hello merry christmas and a happy new year I hope you have put your christmas tree and your christmas decorations and I hope you have a good christmas and ho!hoho! from rishi

      • http://www.elfyourself.com lakshmi

        hi rock and roll guys,

        welcome to rock and roll christmas i hope you had a good christmas and some good presents.

        may all your wishes come true.

      • luv2bfit

        Mine won’t save or send to a friend. I know alot of people had this problem, but didn’t read a solution. I am on a new mac. I tried dragging, saving, but the bottom line is I can’t get my own ID which I noticied is in everyone’s email that they send for other people to view. Any suggestions?

      • Carole

        It doesn’t work.

      • http://tzone.the-croc.com John

        I was having the same problem with nothing but a blue background showing up. I had the newest Adobe Flash, Java, 10Mbps cable connection, still no luck.

        What fixed it was deleting the browsing history – cookies and all. After clearing, I restarted IE, clicked the email link, and it came right up! Hope this helps someone else.

        Happy New Year to all!

      • http://none.com lalo

        this is not working anymore :’(

        i tried making one but it just says loading

        when I upload my picture.

      • http://elfyourself.com sophie

        good fun love it

      • kate degu

        are you going to have another elfyourself that can be used after jan 2

      • demetris

        from today my elf and the other elf doesnt loading. why

      • http://elfyourself Vonnie

        I have luck previously making and sending but today, 1/2/08 nothing is happening – has the site been closed?

      • Ykoz2

        I eat food

      • caitlin n amy

        me in ma wee cousins amy n megan think it’s cool n funny (aunty colette think it’s mentaly stupit)

      • http://homelessman.com Homeless Man

        you crank dat homeless man

      • http://elfyourself sarah,denver,darren,kenny loo

        it is a brill thing your doing

      • cindy tholen

        looking for my husband on this site his name is tom tholen north carolina. Let me know if u know him

      • im weird

        heres mine
        \http://www.elfyourself.com/?id=1257300788 ur in this.

      • http://elfyourself im weird

        hehe i love dis
        \http://www.elfyourself.com/?id=1257300788 ur in this.

      • http://elfyoself crazy boy 12

        cant do it cant cant do it

      • http://elfyoself crazy boy 12

        someone tell me how to do it plz!!!!!!

      • http://www.groovykiers.piczo.com amy

        how do i do it im stuck plzzzzz help me ?

      • http://www.groovykiers.piczo.com boohaggi 11

        how do you do it?

      • shannon

        I love this website but one thing

        How do you do it?

      • george

        if you cannot figure it out, just give up and quit, it’s not rocket science but it might as well be for you!

      • http://www.uncovertheinternet.com Jason Bean

        My apologies to everyone that asked “how” in the comments and I didn’t answer before George challenged your mental capacity. The http://www.elfyourself.com website has been taken offline by OfficeMax, so you’re no longer able to make your elf anymore. Sorry folks, I’m sure they’ll bring it back for the holiday season next year.

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      • http://blahblahblah jake

        were are the elves gone too.

      • :)___:)

        lol i elfed all my firends and i sent it to a teacher at my school and they all laughed but i think my friends were mad at me oh well

      • SUE

        this is really cool are there any for other holidays

      • brooklyn

        I go on to elf yourself and im on the home page and it says, “the elves are gone right now” but i want to elf my family so how do i do it?? plzplzplzplzplzplz write me back im SO eger to elf my family and make them happy and laugh there guts out! !i can not wait for you guys to reply

        Thanx for your time

      • brooklyn rushworth

        Can you plz write me back

      • http://plz Brooklyn rushworth

        This is really cool i just want to know is there any diffrent websites like this for other holidays? if so plz write me back..
        plzpzlzlplpzlpzlzpzl i dearly ask if you can reply to ALL me commonts?

      • http://www.uncovertheinternet.com Jason Bean

        Brooklyn I’m afraid it’s too late for now, I’m sure they’ll bring it back for Christmas this year. In the meantime you might find what you want at JibJab.com.

      • kirian

        I want to put my picture in elfyourself

      • kirian

        this is so cool because i want to see how the elfs dance

      • http://elfyourself kaity

        it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ffuunnyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • http://elfyourself max

        it is sooooooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooooooool and FUNNYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ………………ECT.

      • http://www.goelfyourself KIERAN POTTER


      • http://elfyourself lucy

        its so funny i was in stiches and roldiong on floor laughing my head off

      • http://www.goelfyourself KIERAN POTTER

        nooooooooooo i have told you what i have done

      • liz

        :( the web site is closed- it says its not there anymore- did anyone find another one like it?
        or any suggestions how we can Elf again ??

      • http://www.uncovertheinternet.com Jason Bean

        They take the site offline through the year. Look for it to come back closer to Christmas again this year.

      • archil

        Check out http://www.jibjab.com

        They have a lot of fun stuff out there…

      • mark

        megga funny did one of the mother in law and sent it to her

      • gracen

        funny i will do this again

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      • Cem

        I live in Turkey and I want to be an ElfYourself member, I’m old enough but it says that I’m ineligible to be a member. What can I do?

      • Cem

        Yay I have an account now!

      • http://www.jibjab.com thomas

        Hello, as well as http://www.elfyourself.com there is scrooge yourself as well as go on to jibjab.com it is fantastic, its full of hilarious dances and sketkes that you can star you and 5 friends in.

      • http://www.elfyourself.com Jing

        Hello, elfyourself is so so so so cool i give you for it 10/10 ;)

      • http://icarly lesly

        i want my sister lesly to be a elfyourself.

      • http://icarly lesly

        its sssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny.

      • http://youtube.com joshua
      • http://www.elfyourself.com Fiona

        Hi, Im trying to load up the page but it keeps showing a blank page? I have Adobe Reader already installed on my computer but it still wont work! Can someone help me please? Thankn you

      • http://www.elfyourself.com Fiona

        I’m still have no luck on getting in. Can anyone help me please?????? Thank you.

      • http://www.elfyourself.com Fiona

        I’m still having no luck. Can anyone help me please?????? Thank you.

      • http://dressupwho.com Taryn

        i need some bratz and new born babydollls

      • http://elfyourself peggy

        i injoy it more than any thing on the internet me and my family have sit and hade fun with this all day we really injoy it

      • http://elf kylie

        its cool

      • http://elf kylie

        its sooo cool and funny

      • http://jaja kailee

        i love this

      • http://www.dancingsantaclaus.com mond

        Also check out http://www.dancingsantacard.com/
        It’s a similar thing but you do Santa Yourself.

      • http://elfyourself.com v.m.

        I got the pics in and went select the dance and I was logged off even from the internet, I tried at least 4 times but nothing can you please help me

      • http://elfyourself.com Ms lonely girl

        i want to make my own elfyourself

      • http://www.wehype.com hyper

        This thing is a real hype!

      • Sassy

        I did this last year. What fun.
        I cannot get to it this year???
        All I get is a blank screen whith a changing picture of one elf. No where to start my own. Any help would be sincerely appreciated.

      • laura

        hey can anyone tell me why elfyourself isnt working i tried taking the www out but when i click get started on the website it doesnt work and people cant see the video i posted on the interenet.

      • http://jnodn.com kimm

        I received one off my friend today. I live in australia and tried doing myself but cant get past the first page where it says “start” it goes to a website having problems etc page..

        Anyone else having problems?

      • http://www.uncovertheinternet.com Jason Bean

        If it’s anything like in previous years, they’re probably just getting slammed with activity from people wanting to use the site.

      • http://www.youtube.com/UrFacepro Cassandra

        I know these young girls who have an account on youtube! They want to get elfed so they visited this website and they are going to get elfed if you want to watch them go to http://www.youtube.com/UrFacepro and they will love it if they get more veiws and subscribers! They dont want to post another video if they dont have around 1,000 veiws! So it would be most appreciated if you owuld help these 5 little girls! Thanks!

      • bob

        i smell bad

      • http://djuhauydgayusdga fstdshdkd

        i LOVE it. it made me laugh sooooooo much

      • http://elfyourself.com sara

        i love this website for me it takes awhile to load but it works

      • http://elfyourself.jibjab.com/view/owrM7GvCVWqeTUDWe1H1 Diane

        Even when I’m not watching, just thinking about it starts me to giggling. LOL

      • Michael

        When i try 2 download it, it freezes and says that there’s an error. Does anyone know how to get round this? =]

      • ray

        Everytime I try to open this website it says that I need to download the latest version of Flash…?? but I have it and I’ve downloaded it off the link provided about 4 times aswell now but it still wont fupping work. Stupid stupid website. It worked for me last year. grrrr frustrating

      • http://huhe.blogspot.com Joe

        Nice article about the nice site.

      • TREVOR

        I AM GETING ANGY I HAVE BEEN ON HERE FOR A TWO HOURS AND IT WILL NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • TREVOR

        PLEASE HELP!!!

      • http://www.uncovertheinternet.com Jason Bean

        Trevor I’m guessing it’s probably an issue with the amount of traffic the site is getting. Have you tried accessing the site at a different time of day?

      • http://donthaveone Tyler

        can you teach me to elf myself.

      • http://elfyourself Danya Leena

        i rely CANT waiet it look like fun!

      • http://elfyourself Danya Leena

        i want to try it now!

      • http://elfyourself Roxie

        heyyy lol i love elf yourself well no not really i luv harry potter

      • Mia Mio Schwehmee

        My friend sent me an elf yourself. It’s halarious! I can’t stop laughing!!!!

      • http://elfyourself Aiyana09

        I love your shows it”s like so awesome.I go on it sometimes because i like waching them.

      • http://Google Eric

        How do you do this

      • http://ElfYourself Holly

        This Is a great website I love it, I go on it all the time

      • Banana

        This page requires AC_RunActiveContent.js.

      • http://myspace richard

        can somebody do me a elf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • http://myspace richard


      • http://myspace richard

        i tried to do 1,00000000 but i could not

      • http://mozillafirefox alana rowe

        hi i cant wait till you can see this.

      • http://www.sosticky.co.uk Jackie

        You’d think this concept would get old, but it remains fun and addictive!

        The integration of both Facebook Connect and Twitter, here and lots of recent campaigns, illustrates the importance of encouraging and facilitating a viral loop to your users.

        According to ViralBlog, JibJab removed the required account registration this year due to a significant decrease in site visits from 2007 (193 million) and 2008 (55 million). While they sent out less cards, they greatly increased their database, which was a priority for them.

        I’ve posted more about it here, if you’re so inclined ;)


      • SPG123

        I’m thinking about using this technology for a different application, do I need to license it from JibJab or is this something that is simple enough that my company can do on their own?

      • http://elfyourself megan l

        i will look after my elf

      • ashleigh

        elf yourself is the best, good for a laugh :)

      • Tim Current

        new competitor:


        let the elves strip!!! lol!!

      • http://jibjab Georgia

        i am so annoyed whenever a elf video finishes my computer go’s off . i need help on that

      • grendel

        omg is really funny

      • grendel

        how do u get into the elf yourself…………..i find it really intresting…….^_^

      • grendel

        i really find it funny…yesterday i watch it i found it cool/nice/funny…^_^

      • grendel

        everyone answer me how do u go to elf yourself…i wennt to search that and it’s showing vidio is not the pic that u put it in………lol……………^_^..=}

      • grendel

        i can’t really find it ….^,^….:}….=]….=}….^_^….

        merry christmas & happy new year…lol…..

        have a nice christmas…lol….

      • grendel

        no ones answer meeeeee ….={….

        happy new yer..lol…….

      • grendel

        bob hiya how r u..r u ok

      • Hailey

        Hi my name is hailey and today my teacer went onto elfyourself.com and made a video and it was halarios so I want to say thank you to the people who made elfyourself.com!

      • http://www.escoflip.com mary

        funny i love elfing people i just bought one i had to lol.
        Merry Christmas

      • http://www.escoflip.com cdog

        this is too funny i love it
        thanks for this info guys!

      • http://Kuttyscatering.com Alan B. Singletary

        This Was The Coolest Thing Ever I Loved It You Shold Do It For Ever Holiday & Just Everyday!! Its A Blast!!

      • Georgia

        i love love elf yourself its good for a laugh anf for christmas. lool

      • Katie

        It has a countdown if u look at the site its says it will be up in 1 day so we got lucky

      • Jack

        This is really cool stuff and a great idea too to send my girlfriend abroad. I have been searching the net for creative ecards to send and this is one of my favorites. Check this latest news about elf yourself, this is also cool

      • NPD

        Just google Elf Yourself and it’s the first one, one by OfficeMax and JibJab. Here’s link if you cant find it. http://www.elfyourself.com/

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