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In the blog game of tag, I’ve been tagged by Vivek, of nixCraft, a Linux sys admin journal: Linux tips and tricks, hacks, news and more: So, here goes: here are five things you didn’t know about me:

1. I love Linux. My first router was a Linux computer I set up to guard my windows computer. I used Smooth Wall, a free simple, easy-to-use firewall, and I loved reading those intrusion detection logs and deciphering them. I don’t have a Linux computer now; someday, I’ll set up another one: perhaps Kubuntu computer or Ubuntu. I used to use Suse Linux, when it was based in France; whenever I had a technical problem, I’d go read the manuals and end up wishing I knew French. Before that, I set up Mandriva; whenever I had a technical problem, I’d eventually end up on a German site or trying to read a German manual and wishing I could speak German.

Even with the language disability, I was always able to sort out my computer questions, but only with help from books, faqs and Google search. I also depended on the gift of all those Linux support forums and all those donated faqs by the Linux community. Linux is cool and you don’t have to be a geek to use it. If you want to try it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by today’s Linux. Today’s Linux has every user mode (graphical user interface or gui, in tech speak) possible: KDE to the command line. Today’s Linux includes drivers for just about every printer and most multimedia devices.


2. I have two chow chows, both from shelters (one from the Humane Society (actually from Virginia) and one from the ASPCA). I’ve helped rescue other chow chows since (a pass it forward gesture). I want to thank the Washington Post for helping me place an ad for a pitt bull/rottie mix who I tried very hard to save; I took videos, photos and worked the system. I failed Penny and it affected me; I want to change our society, so we value each other and our dogs. The Post ad editor and Style editor placed an ad prominently in the Style section for us when the ad missed their deadline for their Precious Pets section. Their generosity got some dogs saved from the shelter and that is a gift of love from the Post to the community which I was honored to witness.

The Washington Post has wonderful, dedicated people working on their paper and the Post is dog friendly. They are dog lovers too and they went more than the extra mile to help a homeless dog they didn’t know. I hope my Humane Society sent them a big thank you letter because I am deeply grateful. ((Robert Scoble is helping the Post with an article about how technology has changed politics.)

I’m donating all 100% of the profit I make from this blog to help rescue dogs.

3. One of my good friends has recently experienced a recurrence of ovarian cancer. She and her husband are so uplifting to me, even before she got cancer five years ago. Instead of giving up or feeling sorry for herself, she is continuing her fight, working, doing good. She is an extraordinary person. When she lost her hair, her husband got his head shaved in support; he looks as handsome as Montel or a young Yule Brenner and cool. For some people, adversity makes them stronger and more admirable. This is the case with my friends. My friend’s husband is volunteering to drive other cancer survivors to their chemo sessions at the local hospital.

The University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing has an ongoing cancer study (you may also phone 866-681-4153) and I was able to tell my friends about it because I read the Wall Street Journal and clipped their article about the study. She’s now in the study, which provides support from nurses via email and other benefits. I feel lucky I was able to tell her about it. Now, I wish I had put this on this blog, but I didn’t think it was ‘techy’ enough. I was wrong, wasn’t I. To find a public message board for cancer patients, family members and care givers, please visit the American Cancer Society.

4. I really like Vargo, an ‘ambient, electronic, lounge’ music group and I really like their album: Beauty. I believe in the lyrics as much as I love Vargo’s music:

“If your mind is out of tune / feel the silence / you don’t know what to do / feel the silence / it is inside of you / feel the silence / if you listen you can hear it / the silence is in you [creation, love, friendship, infinity, beauty, joy, knowledge, strength]”

I discovered Vargo when Tower Records went out of business. I wish Tower Records hadn’t gone out of business. We purchased our music CDs at Tower Records. I like all kinds of music, but I don’t have an iPod. I refused to buy one, but I got one for my husband. He LOVES it.

5. I wish I had a Mac; you wouldn’t have to bribe me to buy one. I think Macs are elegant and time-saving. I wish I could exchange my Photoshop (windows) for a Mac version. I haven’t installed it yet and it’s not registered, but it’s too late to take it back. drat! So, I’ll stay with Windows. The expense is too great to do otherwise. I’m not looking forward to learning Vista or buying it or buying a new computer for it. I’m worried there won’t be enough drivers for my hardware and that my software won’t be compatible. Talk about “eating your own dog food.”

I’m tagging Medium Dreams, A Hearty Life, Thrifty Mommy, Baldiness, The Golden Pencil

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  • vivek

    Glad to know you have used Linux in past. Why not setup dual boot system?

  • Mary

    That is an excellent idea. wonder if I’d screw up the partitioning or dual booting. that would make quite a posting, eh?

    I’m gravitating to getting one of those really cheap sale PCs and scrubbing windoz off it with fresh reformat and partitions.

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