Speed Stacks – Cup Stacking Competition

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Speed Stacks Cupstacking Competition

My son got an interesting Christmas present this year. It’s called Speed Stack, and it’s a kit for playing a cupstacking game. It’s all about hand-eye coordination, patterns and getting faster and faster as your practice and practice. It’s not the type of sport you’re going to see on ESPN in Primetime, but after watching the introduction DVD, it’s very intriguing and something that my son is pretty excited about playing. It seems that Colorado is the epicenter for this sport, which is where the world champion, world’s fastest cupstacker resides. That person is Emily Fox and she’s probably a high school junior or senior by now.

If you’d like more information, you can visit the Speed Stack site or the Official World Sport Stacking Association website. After visiting the WSSA site, it looks like Emily Fox’s record of 7.43 seconds for the fully cycle has been beaten by Robin Stangenberg with a time of 7.41 seconds. To get an idea for what this is all about, visit the WSSA site and check-out the video of Robin Stangenberg setting the new world record.

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  • Brittany Davis

    I have seen Emmy Fox do this in real life. She plays college basketball for the Minnesota Gophers. I am 12 years old and from Minnesota.I went to the Gopher girls’ basketball camp.Emmy was my coach and she demonstrated for us mumerous times. If you read this Emmy, you rock girl! See ya at the games! Go Gophers!

  • laurine

    il super génial en plus il est trop sympa je me suis trop bien amuser avec lui et en plus il ne se prend pas du tout au sérieux il est sipmlement super.laurine

  • http://google mary

    Hello I whana be a wourld cup stacker I am 12 years old i’m a girl and I have been practosing cup stacking for 3 years now. I have 2 friends that are 12 and 13 yaers old I whana be in a world fastest group stacker

  • http://SpeedStacks Isabelle

    I love Speed stacks, there really really great!
    My best time on the cycle is:12.90.Is that good for. (Im 10 by the way).

  • http://nonyuhbusiness.com Marissa

    I want to practice speed stacking badly! But I can’t find them anywhere. I am trying the Target today though, and I hope to find them there.

  • Taylor

    I love speed stacker. They are cool to play. I want some but I do’t know were to get them at. I practices them at home and at school.Whit my frenids.

  • Louish nucky

    My best time for the cycle is 7.21!

  • shaan

    Am 11, Have glow in the dark speed stacks and when i was about 9 i played speed stacks and had the Hightist record for all ages in new zealand with a time of 9.45 high score for cycle

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