The FP3 – Insulting kids worldwide. Now only $70!

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FP3. I didn’t understand it for a minute, then the cornyness dawned upon me. Horrified, I turned to write this post. Fisherprice, have just moved into the ‘techno’ age, with a crappy 128MB, $70 MP3 player named the FP3 (Fisher Price 3 – that’s the corny bit I only just got). With rather simple, huge control buttons (as pictured) the FP3 player is quarely aimed at mouronic two year olds. Supposedly ‘shock-proof’ we highly doubt it will live up to the durability of the Samsung YP-K5. That was ‘druability’ in a nutshell – check it out here to see what I mean by that! Anyhow, the FP3 has a mini-LCD which does nothing useful, and a has a built-in volume limiting thingy for parents who can’t stand any more ‘barney the purple dinosaur and his 121 friends climed up a mountain last summers eve who met a big green dinosaur’ junk. No kid in their right mind would want to be seen walking round with this gadget. Good-grief, NO! Trust me, I’d know… Trust Fisher Price.  Pft! Yeah! Don’t buy this… Please. These people give us all a bad name. MP3′s should not be abused in this manner.

Truly disgraceful. via me on Techzi.

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  • Luc

    This is a good gadget for kid..try it..


    Do you know my age? I’m 12. This thing is awful, take it from a kid.



    But then again, as an owner of an MP3 store, you’d say anything to get an extra sale now, wouldn’t you?

  • Chrissy

    As a parent of 3 year old, I can say that this gadget is great. It is durable and has simple controls that she can easily use . The volume is limited so that, unlike when she uses my ‘adult’ MP3 player, she can’t ramp it up to ear damaging volumes. You need to realise that the FP3 is aimed at 2-6 year olds. Anyone older is sure to be disappointed (and to look a bit daft). Stick to your iPod or Zen, etc. unless you have a mental age lower than your shoe size.

  • Martin

    My 10 year old autistic daughter loves her FP3 device.

    I would recommend it to anyone with a disabled child as the functions are clear and easy to use.
    As my daughter’s mental age is well below her shoe size I can testify that it suits regardless.

    People please don’t insult mentally retarded people they are not beneath you and they are often rather fortunate in that your materialism and “street cred” don’t matter a damn to them.

  • David Wilkinson

    Martin – I have/had no intention of insulting anybody mentally retarded. One of my closest friends suffers from autism and he’s one of the best buddies I’ll probably ever get.

    Despite the fact he’s 21, he struggles with basic spelling, reading, writing, etc. But you know what? He’s got one helluva sense of humor and he’s one of the most considerate guys I know.

    - David

  • Annoyed Person

    FP3 player is crap. It doesn’t play MP3s at all, it only plays Fisher Price’s proprietary FP3 format which means you can’t just transfer MP3s from your collection and you can’t run the craptaculous software in Linux :(

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