Meghan Vasconcellos, Cheerleader, wins for the Patriots

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NFL Football at its best. NFL Football at its craziest.

Forgive me, but your gallivanting author had to go on a Water Park trip with the wife and kids. This post had to be done quickly and preposted. Do not worry. There will be more posts today and they will be live!

Maybe we do not give New England their due.

Here is one vote to see New England go a long ways in the Playoffs.

Let’s help cheer on the Patriots

Meghan Vasconcellos

The Patriots take advantage of great leadership to beat you!

Meghan Vasconcellos: Line Captain

Meghan Vasconcellos: Line Captain

Yes, there is more to the New England Patriots than Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

NFL Football Fan Question Will you be watching the Patriots this Sunday?

As always, any NFL Football related comments are welcome.

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