Evan Ellingson Plays Josh Bauer…Is He Jack’s Nephew or Son?

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Evan Ellingson as Josh Bauer on 24

Everyone from my husband, Trent and my readers are asking if Josh Bauer played by Evan Ellingson is supposed to really be Jack’s son or nephew.  Do you think he looks like Kim Bauer played by the sexy Elisha Cuthbert?

Elisha Cuthbert on 24

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  • http://www.myspace.com/bgirlnusa Bery Girl

    I think he is Jack’s son. Looks NOTHING like Graham. I love the bikini, I have a similar one in lilac *wink*

  • http://www.cafepress.com/tubetops the other aaron

    As soon as I saw the awkward interaction between Jack and Josh I thought it was his son. But you never know, maybe the producers/writers just want us to think that to throw us off and it really won’t be.

  • http://www.2guystalking.com/24 Mike Wilkerson – 2GuysTalking.Com

    I’ll tell you what – with the mix of Sean Callery’s soundtrack while Jack is looking up at someone he obviously once cared about a great deal, the camera cuts and the uber-caliber acting going on from everyone in that scene, I am on board with the “it’s Jack’s Son” theory.

    The relationship that they’ve created between “Earbud Man-Brother” and Jack is just one of the things I can sit and watch all day long. Great writing folks!

    We talk about it in our podcast if you’d like to hear more. Give it a sniff!

  • erin

    maybe Kim is really graham’s daughter…hmmm.

  • Jersey Girl

    Firstly, why is the poor kid dressed like a geek? Secondly,it would be nice if it was his son since at present his daughter is not speaking to him when we left them in ssn 5 and she has annoying habits like picking up cougars and older therapists

  • http://www.myspace.com/ctu_fed_ops Jack

    You’re right Jersey Girl, Josh is dressed like an old man. LOL
    Kim sure looks VERY mature though! oO

  • http://www.myspace.com/bgirlnusa Bery Girl

    OMG Jack lol lol

  • http://www.myspace.com/ctu_fed_ops Jack

    Bery- Glad to entertain lmao!

  • http://www.myspace.com/ctu_fed_ops Jack

    Bery- oO I missed your (lilac) comment, I would pay good $$$$ to see that!!!!
    *whistles* LMFAO

  • http://www.myspace.com/bgirlnusa Bery Girl

    Jack you are so crazy lmao

  • http://www.myspace.com/bgirlnusa Bery Girl

    I knew Josh was Jack’s!!! Oh the drama!!!!

  • jennifer

    I think that he is the son of Jack, sister of Kim,
    whats wrong with the ways he’s dressed??? a bit GQ if you ask me.

  • Christine

    He is definatley Jack’s son.

  • Nina

    I think he’s Jack’s son totally. i mean they have to add a twist with this kid don’t they. but then again that would make complications with audrey. hey does anyone here think that she’s coming back on to the show?

  • ChrisP

    …hmm i wonder if in the real world there is a family connection between Evan Ellingson and Elisha Cuthbert?

  • http://google jack bauer’s future wife

    heii!yeah nina audrey will come back, i read it in a mag. oh and i am ttly convinced dat josh is jack’s son, where else would he get his looks 4m?
    not graem!!!!!!dont u guuys think dat jack’s hair has been 2 short da past 2 seasons?

  • http://google audrey

    i changed my name 4m jack bauer’s future wife to audrey for 2 reasons, cause it’s WAY too ling and cause audrey gets to make out with jack(blush, blush)

  • http://google audrey

    my bad i meant long i spelled ling

  • Peg

    I was more interested in Evan’s real parents. He looks so much like Kirk Russell did as a child actor. I thought maybe he was the son of Goldie and Kirk. Guess I was wrong. Just showing my age.

  • http://24headquarters snake dr

    peg,you took the words right out of my mouth.I was sure he was kurt and goldie’s son…
    guess not.

  • Ry

    yeah, i hecka think Josh is Jacks son its pretty d*** obvious! dude audrey u can hav Jack ill hav Josh!! wait….. yeah!

  • Cody

    hey all u dudes, uh i sorta know Evan and uh yeah he uh yeah okay bye,,,,, i like cheese!

  • ry

    cody, ur awesum! tell Evan i say hi and that i miss him!

  • waaaaaaaaaatever

    the kids no way near as hot as jack…but i reckon its his son…

  • ry

    um,,,,,,,,,,,,, yeah sure go ahead and believe watevur u want but simply cant deny the fact that Evans um well younger than jack,,,, no doubt!

  • ry

    and hez so much freakin hotter, and sexier!

  • Cody

    hey dudes Evan said that he has a big secret for 24 but its a big givaway! i no wat it is,,, he he!

  • ry

    dude cody i think that evan is jackz son,,, is that the big secret ur talking about r is it sumthing else……. i mite call u bout it…..

  • Cody

    hey ry i wanna tell evry1 ur secret!….. hey every1 the reason y ry basically luves evan and the reason y shez on this sight is bcuz,, they r 2gether like as a couple! u should c them! an ry isnt her real name either! ha ha!

  • Katie

    omg josh is jacks nephew and gream is his father and kim is his cousin and marilyn is his mom

  • ry

    i no – isnt it confusing?

  • ry

    but i still think josh is jackz son……

  • Ramon

    I think the kid who plays Josh Bauer looks like he could be Kurt Russell’s kid

  • lynn

    no doubt he is Jack’s son

  • http://kimberlybauer brittany

    i really like the show 24 but u guys need to show kimberly more and i really like jack hes my hero and now josh might be jacks son…u guys really now how to make a movie!!!!! this is my favoret show in the world!!!!!! i thanks u for makeing it God bless

  • ry

    ur so rite brittany! i just tuned in this season and im so in luv with the show!! dude i think jacks done and josh is the new jack bauer cuz he is his son! but who noz- nething can happen!

  • ry

    oh and no theres no way evan is kurts kid…….

  • Nanci

    Josh (Evan) looks like Ricky Schroder’s real life son, Come on doesn’t anyone else see it. But I bet he’s Jack’s boy. I’ll miss Milo…….. Can Jack raise him from the grave for us? God I miss Tony Almeada what a hottie.

  • ry

    no i uh dont really c it,,,,,, wat r u lookin at neway? yeah i miss milo 2 – dude i think that the reason y philip wanted his grandson so bad wuz bcuz he doesnt want josh 2 end up like his real dad jack. i also think that jack wants 2 get out of the business and so josh bcomes the new jack bauer – the show gave a few hints durin the season….

  • Bekah

    so im changin my name from Ry 2 Bekah – which is my real name

  • Davie

    I think he should be Jacks son itd be so kwl n they seem to care 4 eachother which would make it happy :) oh and Josh should be Jacks kid cos Jacks damn kwl n Graem wasnt!

  • Bekah

    yeah i agree

  • let’s make it 25

    Here’s an Idea: Josh is Jack’s half-brother….(by his dad and Marylin)


  • Bekah

    wat kind of idea is that?? i still think evan is jackz son nd im gonna stick w/ my choice.

  • Bekah

    hey wen is the 6th season coming out on DVD?

  • Davie

    1st of october I think not sure tho

  • Bekah

    k i saw it on amazon i was freakin out. but its close to october so u r rite.

  • http://n/a Alex

    its his naphew, in the end he says “uncle jack” and at the beginning im pretty sure he said it to

  • Bekah

    yeah thats only bcuz he was told that its his uncle – none of the viewers actually know if its true or not.

  • http://www.istarimedia.com Ryan Graves

    No, he is his nephew

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