Bookkeeper Fires Her Mary Kay Cosmetics Clients

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Teresa Osborne is a bookkeeper in Ontario, Canada who blogs at Georgian Blues. She formerly had several Mary Kay Associates as clients. She recently decided to fire them all, as she explains in her post The Cult of Mary Kay.

Here are a few excerpts from her colorful blog post:

…I am afraid of Mary Kay Ladies. My apologies…no wait…My condolences if you are one. I don’t mean to offend, but you scare the shit out of me.

Have you ever dealt with any of these freaks? They are like some scary screwed up cult. They try to sell you their ridiculously marked up, crappy cosmetics and skin care, and then when they have you fooled into doing that they try to recruit you into their coven. If you ever get into a room with a bunch of them, be afraid. Be very afraid.

Teresa describes the recruiting process… that the consultants will tell you about the nice people they meet, the places they go, the wonderful prizes they win, and all the money they make. However, she’s their bookkeeper and knows better:

…Trust me. They make no money. In fact they loose money. Between the conferences, the gas, the promotional stuff and the samples, their profits are eaten up damn fast.

They will show you the jewelry they have earned. Big ass, ugly, cheap diamond rings and crap. Then they tell you about their good friend Beatrice…she drives a Pink Cadillac! Tell me…who the hell wants to drive around in some ugly, gas guzzling PINK car?

And you know what you have to do to get that pink car? You have to buy thousands of dollars in product each year, PLUS recruit like 15 new people. That’s a pyramid scheme ladies. A well camouflaged one, but a pyramid scheme all the same.

According to Teresa, if they didn’t spend so much time and money on Mary Kay, they could afford to buy nice diamond rings and drive cars that aren’t pink.

Teresa became tired of living in fear… fear that she’d get caught by one of them at the cosmetics counter… fear that she’d one day attend one of their parties:

I am tired of being afraid one of them will see me at the Mac counter buying makeup, or in Shopper’s Drug Mart buying face cream. And I have totally run out of excuses to not go to their “Parties”. They scare me….they really do.

So Teresa Osborne took the bold step to do what she knew she had to do:

So I am now in the process of firing my Mary Kay clients. I can no longer in good conscience do bookkeeping for this clueless bunch, pretend like I agree with the stupid ass thing they are doing. It is just too freaky. I am sick of smiling nicely when they come to see me, and trying not to smack them up the side of the head for being happy that their quarterly profit was in the negative again.

Somehow I think that as soon as they visit her blog, Teresa won’t have to worry about having them as clients anymore.



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  • Mat

    Hey that was hilarious good work on pointing it out

  • gothchiq

    Mary Kay is indeed a thinly veiled pyramid scheme. The only ones buying the cosmetics are the consultants themselves. There are many scripts and lies used to brainwash these women into going deep into debt purchasing this overpriced junk that they can never sell. I got sucked in about ten years ago. After a year, I was fed up. I had wasted my time and money and energy and had nothing to show for it but money down the drain. MK people like to say that if you don’t make money in MK it means you are lazy. This is not true. I never worked so hard at a regular job as I did trying to book classes and sell this junk. The bottom line is, I don’t work for free, much less do I pay to work. So I sent back my crap and quit and experienced a great feeling of freedom. Now, if anyone mentions MK to me I will turn on my heel and leave instantly.

  • embum99

    I am wondering then who I sell the product to? Yes, I use a lot of it myself, however I have gone through my accounting program (Quick Tax) and I am confused. I actually sell to real live people that are not me. I am sure that the statements made are accurate in some cases. I have met a lot of people that buy for themselves and thats it (which makes no sense to me) and there are A LOT of unbelievably stupid women who sell MK. However, I do not encourage my recruits to buy a lot of inventory, I tell them to get the bare minimum order of $200 and see where that gets them. I tell them to stay away from buying colour products and anything limited edition. I teach them that 60% of the money from a class goes to their business expenses and 40% goes into a savings account. If they can not afford to go to a conference or something MK related, then I ask them how much is in their savings account and if that will cover it, if not, then they either need to find a way to raise more cash or choose not to attend the function. I even show them how to get their starter kit for free. I will hold the class and all the sales from that class will go to their starter kit. I 100% discourage using your own money to start this business unless they want to. I teach good business money management from the start and not later. I am soon discovering that I am definetly one of the few people that do this. I learned from my mistakes and I do not want others to make the same ones. Can we just get rid of the stupid MK consultants, I think that would be better! Trust me, they drive me crazy to. After all last time I checked, we were all adults (18 and over).

  • tracy

    I am not a consultant but I Love the MK products. I am not stupid. I am an adult and I love their makeup. Keep your stupid remarks to yourself!! if you dont like it, then dont buy it!!

  • stephanie

    i know what you mean i would never want to sell the product cuz i have heard horror stories but the product is good though, no complaint there!

  • http://yahoo former kaybot

    please visit for the real story of mk cosmetics.

  • Veronica

    Sounds like someone didnt do well in Mary Kay.
    I AM a consultant but I don’t PUSH people to hold classes. My customers love the product and I dont have to push it on them either, they come to me. I do make money but also am smart enough to order a little product on hand so that when my customers come to me, I have it right then and there for them.

    I agree with Tracy, keep your comments to yourself. Not everyone runs their business the way Teresa explains it.

  • Black Nova

    Well, Veronica, apparently enough of them run their business that way to the point that a bookkeeper is willing to lose income on her own business rather than have to deal with them.

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  • Lindsey

    I recently made a personal decision to simply sell the products. I love Mary Kay products, my regular customers love the products, and I don’t feel qualified to bring on a team until I am a great salesperson. Mary Kay set up her company as a direct sales company. The women who learned from her teach consultants to be sales people, not recruiters.

    I am ashamed of the consultants who simply focus on recruiting rather than selling a great product. Therefore I assure my customers that my primary goal is meeting their needs. If they one day want to do what I do because they see the benefits it affords me, then and only then will I “recruit.”

    Besides, if I were to recruit all my customers to be consultants, who would be left to buy product from me?

  • nanny jo

    Mary Kay is awsome!! If you don’t like it, then i suggest you don’t say anything rude to hurt the company… and other related issues… I happen to use mary kay everyday and personally enjoy all the products and oppertunities they have to offer

  • Queen

    Im not certain of the motives of the bookkeeper. This sounds like a very angry and bitter woman, there is some other issues there. If Mary Kay consultants have you to the point of losing your dignity, you are the insane one. I am an consultant with great results. As mentioned earlier if you do not like the products etc. keep it to yourself……

  • Too Embarassed to Tell

    Yup, that what she tried to do to me. My rep came on a Tuesday and told me all I had to do was pay $100 for my start up kit. I’d be ready for parties and get brides names from David’s Bridal clients. 48 hours later she came back pushing $3,600 in stock. I told her no way, lets look at the back of her catalog where it was $600 in items. Wait what happened to my $100 in stock. Why can’t I start with that and turn in orders as they come in. Because I was told you only turn in
    orders twice a month and it can take up to 2 weeks for delivery. That means my friends or clients need to wait 3 to 4 weeks because I didn’t stock there inventory. As I began to ask around the Chicagoland area I couldn’t find one customer, except my sister who got me sucked in to this. When I told my rep I wasn’t having the luck I thought she was condensending to me. I’ve been a realtor for 18 years. I’ll ride out the market before I get into to this nonsence. I cancelled my contract within 10 days and shipped all the crap back. By the way my start up kit was a bunch of shit I’m sure she couldn’t unload. Why else would I get 15 medium tone foundations that looked like a bad orange tanner. It cost me $25 in postage and I’m waiting for my $100.00 I’ll keep you posted if I see the cash.

  • Demeshia Swanson

    Hi, I am a MK Consultant and I take offense to this article. The bookkeeper should have been confident enough to tell her clients “No thanks.” You are not supposed to mix business with friendship. Business is business.
    As far as the evil consultants- yeah I have encountered them to. And you do want to tell them like it is. And I would be all means in a sincere and subtle way. But a majority of consultants and directors that I have grown to know- DO NOT act that way. And listen to both clients and their consultants when it comes to matters of money. I say if Avon can make you wait 2 weeks from order to delivery, we can to if that is the way you would like to run your business- GREAT. This business is about making you into that sucessful person you want to be. Not Greedy.
    And for all of you who do not know-a Pyramid scheme is a fraudulent money-making scheme in which people are recruited to make payments to others above them in a hierarchy while expecting to receive payments from people recruited below them. Eventually the number of new recruits fails to sustain the payment structure, and the scheme will collapse with most people losing the money they paid in. Thanx for listening.

  • Beverly

    I’m not a consultant but I love their products. I also love the fact that they actually give money to charities which in fact makes me think that Mary Kay consultants are awesome. I have done the whole online hostess thing for a charity for a friend of mine. The Mary Kay consultant that helped me do this has helped the charity earn around $5,000. The only reason I know that the charity earned that much was because I know the lady who is head of that charity which helps in the research for ovarian cancer. Sure, they call you up to see how you like their product, but in all truth, all businesses have their way of doing that. The next time you go to the store such as Best Buy, look at the bottom of your receipt. Trust me, it’ll ask you to consider taking a survey. When you go to a department store, the people working at cosmetics or even perfumes are going to do the same thing. What difference does it make that Mary Kay consultants do the exact same thing? And once you really think about it, any store is a franchise. The people who want to start a business in a fast food chain has to buy the franchise from someone and the top person (usually the founder of the company) gets a cut. And if you’re worried about a director lying to you about the opportunities … why did you lie to them and tell them that you were interested? For anyone who complains about Mary Kay, I’d hate to see you try to start up your own business. Chances are, you’ll be doing the same thing. So tell me, which is worse – a Mary Kay consultant asking you if you would be interested in selling cosmetics while you’re at the grocery store or missionaries actually coming to your own home asking you to join their cult?

  • Bee-liever

    I am appalled at all of the disgraceful comments made about Mary Kay, Inc. For every person who has a “bad” experience (whether it was with a consultant supposedly harrassing them to join or buy product OR if they were a consultant themselves) there are 1000 active consultants that would discredit your claims.

    I have had nothing but great experiences with consultants. I was a customer for quite some time and no one ever badgered me to become a consultant. Eventually I decided to become one just because I love cosmetics and Mary Kay happens to be the best, IMO.
    In the beginning of my biz, I had no money to start with and my Director bought my kit for me. When there was a seminar in Baltimore, she helped me pay for my hotel stay and lunch/dinner. She absolutely DID NOT have to do that. But she is a woman of God and shows it consistently. She has a pink Cadillac from the company and it is beautiful!

    This bookkeeper seems to be anti-cosmetics, anti-pink, anti-fashion, anti-anything girly/womanly…She sounds like a bitter individual..Maybe she did have bad experiences with her Mary Kay associates, but if that is the case, those associates do not speak for the rest and it is absolutely dreadful that people who have had bad experiences make a company such as Mary Kay seem just as dreadful……

    Furthermore, if Mary Kay was as bad as people make it out to be, it wouldn’t be the top-selling brand making BILLIONS of dollars per year with hundreds of thousands of HAPPY consultants and customers!

    Peace and blessings!

  • sean

    Bee-liever writes I am appalled at all of the disgraceful comments made about Mary Kay, Inc.

    I am amazed at the negativity and anger levelled at Mary Kay, especially on the Internet. It seems to be more vocal and sustained than other mlm/biz opps. Why do you think that is? What is it that MK sets off in people to make it so personal?

    Many seem to react to what they perceive as a smug belief by Kaybots that those who don’t thrive in MK are losers & slackers. Their belief that anyone can succeed if they have ambition and drive means that those who don’t succeed lack those things.

    Agree with them or not, Mary Kay seems to have “hurt the feelings” of many in the group that they are out to empower. Does MK try to remedy that in any way? How do they deal with it internally? Just say to “ignore the slackers”?

    I’m not saying MK is bad, but your logic in saying that because Mary Kay has built a cosmetic empire it logically follows that they are good people is faulty. The Egyptian pyramids are considered the 7th wonder of the world and one of mankind’s most remarkable acheivements. The tens of thousands of slaves worked to death in the process might beg to differ that great accomplishment are proof of caring management.

  • Bee-liever

    I understand your point Sean. Thanks. The bottom line to me is these people who are bad-mouthing Mary Kay need to get over whatever negative experience they’ve had and move on with life. They are continuing to dwell on a past experience that didn’t work out for them but DID work for millions of others. People go through a multitude of things in life and don’t put up a website to bash whomever or whatever let them down. I surely didn’t do that to my son’s father who was never there for him and decided to revoke his child support the day after he turned 18. I mean LIFE GOES ON! People should get one :)

  • Michele

    If that woman was my accountant, I would fire her upon reading this. So unprofessional! If she would say that about her Mary Kay consultant clients on a public website, what could she be saying about me?

  • Hello There

    Apparently if the woman Theresea was paranoid enough and too scared to tell the women she was afraid of them, she had a problem. We can all be afraid of things from clowns to tin foil, but it doesn’t make a difference unless you realize that is an irrational fear. None of those women knew you weren’t interested, therefore, they cannot READ your mind! It is so sad you blame women who are doing well for theirself and criticize what they do. They did not harrass her. Sounds like a personal problem and an unprofessional way to handle people.

  • tori

    I am a Mary Kay consultant and I love what I do I am not brainwashed and I am not forced to do anything that I dont want to do, like other consultants whose remarks I have read my regular customers and myself absolutely love the product & everything that I have tried has held true to what mary kay is marketing it for. If you havent tried the product for yourself, dont judge until you do.

  • berly604

    Hi Tracy am a Mary Kay consultant and i also know that the products work really well. compared to avon for instance i bought an under eye treatment cream and i was using it for 2months and still got no result. until i tried mary kay under eye cream the dark circles started to disappear after 2weeks. so there products are really good and they have upgraded most of them too. so if you would like to try some let me know here’s my email address.

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