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As many of you have read already, an amazing blogger, Kathy Sierra (Creating Passionate Users) has been attacked and harassed through her blog with disgusting and violent thoughts and pictures. If you aren’t up to date with it, please head HERE and read up on it, it will shock you, and hopefully move you to do something about it. Many bloggers around the different topic spheres have commented on it regretting that something like this is happening, and voicing their concern and rejection towards violent acts in the blogosphere.

zero-violenceblog.gif zero-violenceblog2.gif

(click on the images and save the higher-res file)

In my own opinion, I think something like this is unacceptable in a social community which was started as a beautiful medium to express freedom and which embodies the best freedom of all: ..of speech! I created this two logos for us to share around and post in our blogs. Not because I think we need to voice ourselves for this one issue primarily, but because this is a great way to stand up against violence in the blogosphere once and for all. If we stay together, just as the way this movement was started, we will sure enough be stronger than a couple of perpetrator and violators that feel the need to attack perhaps the greatest of freedom of speech lovers: bloggers.

If you can spare a post and pass around the logos I would deeply appreciate it. Not only to show our support to Kathy, which hopefully will keep on doing the amazing job she has been doing up until now, but to raise awareness that this isn’t acceptable in our society anymore, and that we won’t tolerate this kinds of actions.

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  • Lisa Coultrup

    I would like to thank you for making the graphic available to us for this issue, its great to see the community stand together for one who is so badly treated.
    I have it posted at my blog, in case you would like to see it there.

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  • Arjun Singh

    Hello – I used your graphic on my blog. Thanks for creating it.

  • Richard Drake

    Ron, as you can see, I’ve taken the idea and suggested on Scobleizer a morph – really a considerable expansion – of it. Thanks for the inspiration. And I’m certainly no graphics designer. So, if “Zero Tolerance Internet” grabs you and others, feel free!

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  • Mike

    As a student growing up and deciding how to run my life i thought that it would good to leave an idea for fellow bloggers. I wanted to know what you think about violence in the city of Philadelphia and how it is a cause for concern. Also I would like to know if you think Grand Theft Auto is in anyway realated to violence among teenage youth or adults?