Where Do They Get The Jewelry Worn on Bones?

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I have received several questions about where the show gets the gorgeous jewelry that the cast wears on the show. I finally got the answer and here’s where you can go get some of it for yourself!
Visit Kate Lindsay Jewelry.

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  • RJ

    Maybe so, but nothing that she carries looks like Brennan’s pieces. Davidaubrey.com has so better matches for those trying to achieve “the look” of Temperance.

  • http://www.fiascojewelry.com Steph Kexel

    i, too, am a jewelry designer and carry some similar looking pieces. Everything is one of a kind.

  • Danielle

    I want to know about her earrings she has a pair that are made of metal squares that really interest me. has anybody seen something similar?

  • Ruth

    In response to RJ there are 2 pieces in the collection exactly the same as ones that Emily has worn on Bones. If you don’t believe me check out the Bones Official Companion for seasons 1 & 2 pg 76 + 99

  • Kim

    I have the same question as Danielle except I looking for the one in Season 4 Episode 9 “The Con Man in the Meth Lab” the fan shape earring. Has anybody seen something similar?

  • http://www.thebliznesswall.etsy.com Elizabeth

    I love the jewelry they wear and wondered where it came from. I make custom jewelry also, all quality gemstone etc. Be happy to design something if I don’t have something you like.

  • Cath

    Dr. Brennan is different thats what i like about her, she can compartmentalise, something that i thought only males can do i’ve been trying to seperate my emotions so that i can write better esays for uni {i hate essays} and i realise that if you consentrate you can make a difference. Like Others i have made some of her jellelry for myself only i cant pull it off the way she can, any idea why?

  • susan

    I would like to know what kind of sunglasses Dr. Brennan wears. They have a pinkish color lense.


  • http://www.melindamaria.com/press/celebrities/1100 Bonesey

    Melinda Maria Jewelry (www.melindamaria.com) makes one of the necklaces Michela wears on the show.

  • Trish Milner

    Does anyone know where I can get that gorgeous chunky pearl choker Bones wore when she played the part of the Russian circus performer?

  • Naomi Lynn

    I am wondering if anyone knows where to get the Hamsa necklace worn by Dr. Brennan?

  • Gale

    I too am trying to find out about the sunglasses Brennan wears. Coolspotters.com id’s Booth’s sunglasses as Ray Ban. Are Brennan’s Ray Ban too?

  • http://www.globalbeads.com Kathleen McCabe

    I am a jewelry designer (Don’Kay Designs), collector of many antiquities,and owner of a very large bead store. Many of the styles Bones wears I have made over the years. I also offer custom design. Kathleen, Global Beads, Inc. Mountain Vuew, CA 94041 You will want to look at the jewelry section of the website, and under Beads look at the “old World”. Enjoy!

  • DRF

    I’d guess she actually got the jewelry from the Smithsonian Shop, since the Jeffersonian on the show is their version of Smithsonian. Many of the pieces there do look like what she wears style-wise.

  • KAC

    I just watched a video posted on FOX’s website that talks about Kate Lindsay’s jewelry and what she made for the BONES tv show. Try contacting her for some of the jewelry ideas.

  • Burgnewel Designs

    Love her jewelry, too. Check out what I design and what I have in my sold section on Etsy. See if you like it or would like to see if I can design something like what she wears contact me through Burgnewel.etsy.com

  • Nyota

    I have recently started watching Bones. Just lived in Morocco for five months. A lot of her jewelry is very North African, including a necklace I bought in a medina in fes that is a lot like her “hand of fatima” or “hamisa”necklace she wears often. Also, a belt she wears often that is a silver flower shape with leather belt and a cowhorn circlet in the middle of the buckle — worn in Woman in the Airport”. A few of her earrings, silver with hand etching, is also Moroccan style. Costs 5 dirhams (= .50 cents) in any Moroccan market.

  • Nyota

    The hamisa is very North African. I have a similar necklace I bought in fes. I suggest looking at Middle Eastern markets in big cities, especially Moroccan ones.

  • ruby

    Hi all, can’t believe how many others out there also love the Bones jewelry! I have come accross a handmade jewelry maker on Etsy – see http://www.nadiradesigns.etsy.com, and i’m also following him/her on facebook (i think it’s a she)…from what I’ve seen on the etsy shop and from other pics on facebook there’s a lot of natural gemstone jewelry which is quite simlar to Brennen’s style – ethnic and bright which lots of silver – including a lovely pearl and hamsa necklace. I have been following for a few weeks and thinking of requesting a custom order. I think she’s based in Australia but the international shipping seems reasonable.

    • Miriam


      They have lots of touareg jewellery. Some of the necklaces they have are really similar to Brennen’s.

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