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NFL Football at its best. NFL Football at its craziest.

LT runs to Fantasy Football daylight

LaDainian Tomlinson

Got the Jones.

Got the Jones for Fantasy Football.

Last year was my first year of Fantasy Football. My good friend, part time mentor, ex-boss, sports pod caster, server dude, Aaron Brazell, hooked me up and it was good.

No, it was better than good.

You know how you always tell your friends how great it would be if you and he owned a team, all the things you would do, what players you would go after? Well, Fantasy Football turned out to be all that.

In fact, take it away, because it cost me a lot of sleep. Worrying about picks? No, combing over rosters and stats each week looking for that hidden gem or red hot player to add to the roster.

Good Fantasy Football information is like that ring on Lord of the Rings. Information is everything. My precious.

So, let’s go to the source, the wellspring of good data, Michael Fabiano of Michael knows his Fantasy Football.

LaDanian Tomlinson

Michael lays out a Mock Draft for Fantasy Football’s upcoming season. 12 picks per round and LT is number 1.

1. LaDainian Tomlinson, RB, San Diego: Tomlinson won’t be on the cover of Madden 2008, but he will be the consensus first overall selection in most fantasy football drafts. The versatile veteran should continue to thrive under new head coach Norv Turner, and that means another season with 2,000-plus all-purpose yards and 18-plus touchdowns. source

Ok, not much to say here. LT had about a Jazillion TDs last year. Obvious number 1.

Larry Johnson

Fabiano has Larry Johnson second based on another upcoming strong rushing season. Larry always seemed to find a way to score a touchdown in every game. (Squibster full disclosure – Larry was the backbone of my Fantasy team)

Larry had 1,789 yards and 17 TDs rushing and 2 TDs receiving.

Those would have been exceptional numbers, but unfortunately Larry did it in a year that LT had 1,815 yards and 28 TDs rushing and 3 TDs receiving.

Michael mentions that Larry may drop in the draft, if your league counts receptions by running backs. Some leagues only count rushing totals.

Michael places Stephen Jackson 3rd and Frank Gore 4th in his draft. Both players enjoyed huge success last year playing for teams that just missed the playoffs.

Peyton Manning

The fifth pick is Peyton Manning. Fresh from his Super Bowl victory and 800 commercials, Peyton is ready to be the highest drafted non running back once again, although an argument could be put forth for Donovan McNabb of the Eagles. Donovan was enjoying a better statistical season when he tore his ACL.

None the less, Peyton is the man.

5. Peyton Manning, QB, Indianapolis: The best quarterback in the world of fantasy football, Manning is one of the few non-runners that will warrant a first-round selection in all drafts. He’s a virtual lock to record 4,000-plus passing yards and 30-plus total touchdowns in what will remain one of the league’s most prolific offensive attacks. source

Don’t tell Donovan

As a side note, Donovan is not even in the first 3 rounds and wonders if he is even in the Phillies plans as he continues to rehab his knee.

Les Bowen, of the Philadelphia Daily News, reports Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb and head coach Andy Reid had a meeting at the team’s complex Tuesday, May 1, according to a team spokesman. Details of their discussion were not available. Reid said he tried to contact McNabb Saturday, April 28, following the selection of QB Kevin Kolb in the NFL Draft and left a message with McNabb telling the quarterback that he remained a part of the team’s plans. McNabb reportedly arrived to the team’s training facility Monday, April 30, for rehab but did not speak with Reid, amid speculation that McNabb was not happy about the selection of Kolb. source

Of course, you my lucky reader, already knew about Kevin Kolb.

NFL Football Fan Question Will Larry Johnson have another great statistical year in KC? Would you ship out Donovan, if you owned the Eagles?

As always, any NFL Football related comments are welcome.

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