Venus Redemption: A Game for Female Gamers

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Independent game studio, nDreams Ltd , founded by Patrick O’Luanaigh (he of SCi/Eidos), announced the upcoming game, Venus Redemption. Set to be released on July 5th, the game has been created specifically for the 30+ female gamer market.

The plot has been crafted by award-winning author, Kate Pullinger (The Piano), and features what they are promising to be “powerful storylines, deep characters, emotion-based interactive conversations, and exciting adventure gameplay.”

“We can’t wait to present Venus Redemption to the world. After many months of development and exhaustive gameplay focus testing, we believe that it will prove a breath of fresh air for the casual game sector, and in particular for female casual gamers. With the technology behind Venus Redemption, we can now rapidly develop immersive and visually impressive story-based casual games that will run on almost any PC.”

Taking a look at this game screenshot I found on the pressroom of nDreams, I can’t help but have Sims flashbacks.













I think I’m sold, tough, even though I’m not in the 30+ age bracket. I think the morbid curiosity compels me …


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  • / Maya

    I don’t understand where you can play/buy this game. It’s been long since the 5th of July!

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