The Techno Elite Have Always Had it in for MySpace

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Fellow B5media writer Aaron Brazell wrote an article yesterday entitled The Art of War: Facebook’s Strategic Plan for Ultimate Victory, where he solidifies the example of how the techno elite don’t understand MySpace. In his documentation about the rise of he takes numerous shots at MySpace, which are inaccurate or uncalled for. While I respect Aaron greatly, we need to take a closer look at this post.

I know there are a lot of social networking sites you can use to market yourself on, as you surf the web and try to learn about them, you will encounter what I call the “techno elite”. They are the technology snobs that look down on MySpace because of the poor design of the site and programming issues. I don’t dispute that MySpace has these issues, because frankly they do. However, proclaiming the site is on the way out is just pure lunacy. MySpace has been and will be, the most popular social networking site on the internet, it should be your primary focus in your viral marketing campaigns as well. Don’t let the techno elite like Aaron fool you.

Let me go over some of the common misperceptions he fuels with his post from yesterday:

Misperception 1: The Average Age of a MySpace User

It boasts over 60M users and caters to a similar, albeit younger crowd.
It was, at one time, common to sit in movie theatre or a mall food
court and overhear teenagers talking and asking questions like, “Do you have a myspace?” (Which begs the question, what exactly is a myspace? Is that like putting something out on the internets?).

First of all his understanding of MySpace’s demographics is wrong. According to a ComScore report, “Visitors to and generally skew older, with people age 25 and older comprising 68 and 71 percent of their user bases…. Not surprisingly,, which began as a social networking site for college students, also draws a young audience. More than one-third (34 percent) of visitors to are 18-24 years old..”

I have read other reports stating the average MySpace user age is 31 years old. With 36% of the total users being over the age of 35.

Aaron’s perception of MySpace being a younger, teen focused hangout is misinformed and incorrect.

Misperception 2: Facebook is a tighter network than MySpace

Aaron takes the time to slam MySpace and the news that there are registered sex offenders on the site. Which isn’t surprising because there were tons of sex offenders on AOL when it was at its apex. Guess what, popular places where people congregate will draw sex offenders, since MySpace is popular it is taking the most heat right now. I guess facebook doesn’t have any sex offenders registered on it? It was a cheap shot at MySpace in an attempt to make a point.

Aaron talks about the friend adding and search features on the site:

Typical searching that is prevalent in other services did not exist in
Facebook, and still doesn’t. Users have to know someones email address or name to add friends.

While the first part of the statement is true, there isn’t an indepth search feature that we see on so many social networking sites, the second sentence is false. You can go into any group, forum, or other pages within facebook and mass add people at random. There are already bot programs being designed for facebook, and they will have to deal with, on some level, the random friend request problem MySpace has had.

Misperception 3: Facebook is evolving with their users

While this isn’t a common misperception I want to address it before it does become one. Facebook, in order to compete with MySpace, had to open their network up past students and business networks. It was the only way for them to add the mass amount of people they needed to compete for advertising dollars, which no matter how any paints it, this is all about.

Aaron likes to give Facebook credit for adapting and shifting, they did, but not in the way he is stating it.

Facebook recognized that the “MySpace Generation” was growing up. High
schoolers were becoming college students. College students were
becoming young career professionals. Adapting to this changing and
unchangeable dynamic placed Facebook in a position to maintain their
user base and gain more. MySpace, on the other hand, has failed to adapt to the changing demographics and the tide of public tendency.

Facebook realized in order to compete they had to open themselves up to a larger base, they have and their numbers have increased but are still dwarfed by MySpace. As far as MySpace not adapting to their demographic shifts, I guess one would need to understand MySpace’s demographics to make that claim.

Misperception 4: Facebook applications will be the final nail the coffin for MySpace

People can add widgets to their facebook profile, so what. People can add a lot of what is in facebook applications already to a MySpace profile. Most of these companies made little applications to be on MySpace because they realized it was their best spot to gain exposure.

Sure these applications work nicely and have some good features, with Facebook opening up their API, future development is on the horizon. The thing is though, the last I checked the reason people go to MySpace wasn’t for the cool widgets.

People use MySpace to surf other profiles, to interact with other users, to talk in the forums, to message, to read the dumb bulletins, to read a few blogs… The techno elite can rag on MySpace’s poor coding, they can salivate all they want over the new toys facebook has, and they can preach about the downfall of the social networking giant.

The thing is though, they are missing the point on why the average user MySpace, how they view it, and what they want out of it. They always have, they always will, and their credibility and objectivity is blinded by their low technical opinion of the site.

MySpace isn’t going anywhere, while their market share might slip here or there the fact remains they are the dominate power on the social networking scene. The techno elite need to actually recognize why people use MySpace, unlike Aaron and this post on Mashable.

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  • Pburns

    This follow sounds just as one sided as the facebook….myspace IS poorly coded and the reason why us “techno snobs” dont like it, is because 99% of the users pages look like someone threw up on them

  • Kevin

    I never denied they coding issues, but most users don’t care about that. That is the thing, it is a site for the masses, not for the techno elite.

  • Morriconei

    I admittedly did a similar entry about Virb, preaching that it should be used instead of MySpace. However, I had two sub-points, 1) I admitted looking at both sites largely through designer’s eyes; hence, finding it easy to gripe, and 2) I conceded that I met some fantastic people through the site; which as you mentioned, is the real point.

    I did rag on the age demographic though. So, I will take the heat on that one.

  • Aaron Brazell is a site for the masses. is a site for the masses. Facebook now is a site for the masses. What do all three of these have in common? They care what the READER experience is like.

    Kevin, you can disagree with me all day log and into next week. Your blind support of MySpace as users “corner of the web” does nothing to justify the poor experience that I have as a reader, the security problems that have plagued the platform and the privacy and safety problems that the service creates for millions of minors every year.

    It cannot be justified.

  • Aaron Brazell

    Oh, and can you spell the name of the site correctly please? Technosailor, not Technosailer.


  • Kevin

    Aaron you have ignored my point about your misrepresentation of the demographics first of all.

    The security problems for the users is a load of shit, you are using it to make an extreme point. This has been a political point used by people in power of any popular website.

    MySpace is the current whipping boy. You don’t think there are sexual predators on any other social networking website? I expect someone of reasonable intelligence like yourself to be able to separate the bullshit story from the fact.

    I don’t have blind support for myspace, I admit their technical errors, but I think what you posted was irresponsible and not factual in the least. I expect someone with a large voice to be more responsible with what they say.

  • Kevin

    Morriconei- Their design is poor, I think that is the case for a lot of other social networking sites as well. Bebo is gaining in popularity and it is poorly designed, facebook has had massive back end problems, Hi-5 runs like a bear at times.

    The fact of the matter is though, and I am glad you understand this point, is it is about meeting people, and right now there are 40 million more people there than on Facebook.

    Of course when people are designing applications for Facebook it is hard for them to be unbiased.

  • Aaron Brazell

    Perhaps I might decide to humor you and talk about demographics if you stopped throwing insults around. You love using the word “techno elite”. You did on my blog and you did here. You’re throwing that word around like it is an insult. Secondly, you continue to take jabs at me and others when you say things like, “when people are designing applications for Facebook it is hard for them to be unbiased.” Your b5media profile states, “Palmer has used his myspace page to become one of the most read bloggers on the social networking site”. Does that make you unbiased to speak on these terms?

    Okay, so now that the playing field is level, what were you saying about me being extreme on security? What about the Month of Myspace Bugs? If you’re blind, it’s only because you choose to be.

    As for the sex offender stuff… dude, don’t go there. MySpace is well documented on this front. Well, well, well documented.

  • Jaya

    I’ve never used myspace or facebook,
    so I can’t say much on all this, but I
    am wondering how long myspace has
    been around now, and if their user
    age demographics are shifting simply
    because their earlier users are getting

  • Kevin

    Jaya, MySpace has been around roughly four years now. I don’t think their average users age is shifting because of the length of the time the site has ben around, the older demographic is well past the teen years.

  • Kevin

    Stop thinking the Techo Elite thing has to do with the title of your blog. I use the same term for Music Elite, etc… It is people that take a snobbish approach to things.

    I cite MySpace in my profile on B5 because I have gotten millions of blogs hits on there and have done some promotional work for companies on there. It is the largest social networking site on the net so of course I am going to list it. I also use Facebook, Hi-5, Tagworld, Youtube, Friendster, and other sites as well. In a couple sentence blurb of course I am going to mention MySpace.

    The fact that you wrote a blog that gave wrong information and you didn’t disclose the fact that you are developing applications for Facebook ruins the credibility. You are a step away from doing a pay per post setup… Are we going to see you do a review for the new John Cusack movie tomorrow?

    I know all about the Month of Myspace bugs, did it really impact the everyday user? How many of the millions of people that use the site daily knew or cared about it?

    You are totally side stepping my point about AOL and how politicians railed against that. You know that because MySpace has so many users they are the ones being called on the carpet. However you just keep throwing out that point without looking at the argument around it. It is like listening to a crappy Rush Limbaugh show, all fervor no facts.

    If Friendster or any other site had as many people on it as MySpace did they would be the ones being bitched about for having sex offenders on the site.

  • Aaron Brazell

    I have not once said I thought you were referring to the title of my blog. The term is being used in a derogatory sense.

    BTW, do you know something I don’t about me developing Facebook Apps? I believe I’ve looked at the API a half dozen times and thought about it, but I have absolutely no plans of developing anything for Facebook at this time. I’m wondering where you get off accusing me of “Pay Per Posting” my approach to Facebook.

  • Kevin

    I swear I found an application with your name attached to it. If I am wrong I totally apologize for that, I noticed it when I was going through the applications the other day.

    As far as the techo elite tag, it is deserved, look at the way you degrade MySpace and Blogger. While they are sites that are technologically not as robust as what you use, they are popular, are used and should have some sort of respect for it. You and other tech bloggers, come off as snobs, like when a music fans talks about a band selling out or not liking a band because they are popular.

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  • Andrew

    It’s very interesting to see you writing “off-myspace” Kevin, and seeing others “write-off” myspace. Interesting duel. Shall we say, keyboards and mice at 10 paces ? Now when i say three, POST! I’m seeing a whole different side of you. Oh, and for the record, I have a MySpace site, and chose it purely because of it’s user base and activity, and I don’t regret it. Being an IT professional, I can appreciate technical advantages, but as in other tech wars, such as ‘Amigas and Apples are better than PC’s” or “OS2 is better than Windows” it does not matter what is best, it matters to most that you are compatible with most the other stuff that’s out there. We can state as that for years, windows programs have been unstable, but who would limit themselves to the range of games that you can buy for apple’s ? The answer is – most people don’t want to limit the size of the pool they jump in, so they will jump into the largest pool, even if its nasty and dirty.. ;)

  • Melissa

    No matter where you go on the Internet there are the “techno elite” who claim to be using the best of the blogs. You’ll see them on Blogger, My Space, Live Journal, Bebo and Xanga. Oh! And don’t forget the USENET guys and the folks who love message board systems.

    Yes, you could make claims based on volume of accounts that one dominates the other, but you first need to address the problem of how many dead or uterly unused accounts exist. Then too, the issue with user demographics, does no one lie? I’ve seen more My Space accounts with ages of 100 or 98 listed because people want to avoid sending personal information into the void. One person on my friend’s list changes their sex weekly to keep the drive-by-dating types at bay.

    Are there problems? Yes, every social networking site has problems. Is any one of them truly better than the other? Yes and no. One may offer better coding with less errors, another might have a better community setting, and a third better customization while the last offers users more freedom of speech and expression both written and in pictures.

    Are any of them truly elite? No. It is a balancing act, which is why most who use these sites for viral marketing have accounts at all of the different venues.

  • Steve

    This dude sounds like a Facebook nut hugger…

    I’ve never used Facebook, I’ve always used Myspace and I’ve mostly used it to keep up with friends and to post blogs….

  • T. Brad Hudson

    I’m starting to get a little bit offended that nobody has yet mentioned the wonderfully streamlined operation that I call my new home – – seriously, give some credit and respect where it’s due….jeeesh.

    Kevin – you are fighting a losing battle here. The problem is that any “elitist” is that way and will remain that way. You can’t sway them. They have totally convinced themselves that their ideas are the ONLY ideas – they are like the “borg”. No, I’m not a star trek fan….the analogy just worked for me.

  • Tori

    Who really cares which is better? From a technical standpoint, myspace is a piece of shit. It frustrates the hell out of people. I do, however, resent this: “99% of the users pages look like someone threw up on them”. I happen to like my profile. Childish yes, but :P anyway.

    But facebook doesn’t appeal to me at all. Based on my, admittedly brief, forays into the site, I don’t like the way that it’s set up. As far as the users on the site go, I haven’t found much that appeals to me there either.

    The point is, people have their own reasons for using the sites that they do. And many, many people have profiles on more than one. Why bother arguing?

  • Alicia

    The truth about teens on myspace is only the ones who lie about their age or who aren’t using all of the profile privacy measures are the kids who are more likely to get approached by predators. The truth is myspace is safe for teens unless they’re looking for trouble or they’re careless about their privacy. The truth is my own teen children have been on myspace longer than I have, and they haven’t had any run-ins or contact with any perps or strangers on the site. The truth is, just because Dateline has been doing stories on catching predators on myspace it has become an evil which in reality it isn’t. It’s all about misconceptions and only seeing what you want to see. So myspace has gotten a bad rap and unfairly so.

  • Richard

    For me the mention of sexual predators as a problem associated with any one site ruins the credibility of the writer. Well documented…what does that mean, exactly? From where? “Dateline: To Catch a Predator?” And even if there are “more” stories about predators on MySpace than there are for other sites, that’s primarily because there are so many more users on MySpace.

    I think the debate about the “techno elite” is funny, because I consider myself to be one of these people. I use high end equipment in almost every technological application, from home theater to my computers, my car, my phone, cameras, etc. I get frustrated when certain technologies don’t take off because the “lay” public doesn’t care…for instance, higher resolution audio instead of the popularity of MP3 files. But you know what? I use MP3 files at high bit rates because they are convenient.

    The same goes for my MySpace page. To be honest, I think it looks like shit. I have toyed with different layouts and have never been happy with any of them. I would be embarrassed if my personal web site looked like that. But I have made more friends and contacts and sold more books (I am a writer) than anywhere else.

    Will MySpace be around forever? Of course not. Something will eventually begin to pull users away from MySpace…but who knows what it will be? I don’t think it will be something slick necessarily because average users don’t care. And as much as a technologically savvy person WANTS people to care, they don’t. Pure and simple. CDs and DVDs became popular, not so much because of their audio and video quality, but because of their convenience.

    MySpace is just a platform with a lot of credibility. It’s an accident, nearly. But there is a lot of momentum that will make it difficult for users to go somewhere else, because then they lose the majority of their network. Sure, it’ll happen someday. But not soon…and certainly not because of a predator problem.

  • Kevin

    Great point Andrew… Especially using the windows comparison!

  • Kevin

    Melissa- I use all the sites, but I think MySpace offers the most rewards, also when talking about the stats I am talking about active users, if we went with just the amount of profiles MySpace has over 175 million.

  • Kevin

    Steve- Thanks for dropping nut hugger on here, I totally have been missing that on this site. Sniffle, now it does feel like home

  • Kevin

    T. Brad don’t hide your love of Star Trek, I know you got to the conventions.

    You are right, you can’t sway the opinion of the (insert whatever subject here) elite, it is like talking to a Yankee fan.

  • Kevin

    Tori- It wasn’t really arguing about which one was better, I felt like he was spreading inaccuracies in his blog

  • Kevin

    Alica… great comment thank you.

  • Kevin

    Thanks Richard… Great comment

    You made a lot of great points, especially about the sex offenders.

    I am for the most part considered an early adopter tech wise, and I like getting the newer gadgets out there. But while I understand the appeal on a geek side of things I always view it from the “common man” perspective. I think a lot of people that write about tech on the internet do not do that and just come off as total snobs about it.

    People have to understand that there is just a broader appeal to certain things, while it might not be the best choice or best technology, there is a reason for its success.

  • missygail

    I’m a member of facebook, blogger, bebo, yahoo 360 (once I had, but they pissed me off), and of course myspace. Just google missygail, you’ll probably find something of mine. I think I have a few other profiles out there… but myspace is my favorite. I think a lot of people that don’t like myspace is because they don’t give it enough time. Time to figure out all the possibilities, it’s not that difficult. Let me come over and I’ll give you a tour of myspace.

    My sister brought me on myspace and she’s in the navy (not in high school) she’s 25 years old. I’m on myspace and I’m 29 years old. Almost all of my myspace friends are over 18 and I’d say probably more than half are over 25. Yes I have a lot of friends 300+ but I never did do any one of those mass adding things. I’ve been on there for years now and I’ve probably talked to every one of my friends at least once… with the exception of the political profiles and music profiles.

    I don’t want to be a part of a friend site where I only talk to those I already know…. I already know them! I can call them up on the phone and hang out. I want to meet new people, different people than what’s in my clique of friends. I don’t like just finding those I already know!

    I get bored with the other sites, I like the fact that I can mess with my myspace page, make it like my own personality than some stagnet webpage.

    Hey my bedroom walls look like someone throw up green, blues, maroon and purple all over them.. my web profile should represent this side of my personality as well.

    I also love how you can add music profiles. I’ve found more local music through myspace and I’ve actually talked to those band members on occasion. It makes local music have a whole new feel.

    I’m the average user of myspace and I didn’t know of the month of bugs. Honestly, this is the first I’ve heard of it.

    I’m a novice/wanna be web designer and I’ll tell you that playing with my myspace profile has given me education than any book I’ve read… don’t worry I am going to school for this so myspace won’t be my only form of education.

    I have met neat people on myspace as well as finding wonderful bloggers… Kevin is even included in this.

    Also, my opinion on sex offenders on myspace is that, for one any site where you have young teens being unmonitored on the internet then you will have sexual preditors. Just like if you walk through a mall on friday night. I’m certian that if you ran security checks on every grown up there you’d find a bunch of sexual preditors/offenders. They go where the kids are.

    Myspace is popular website, so it’s going to attract some sexual preditors… as well as any other sites that teens can get on. I have wished that myspace might split off into an adult site (not dirty, but just grown up). A site for 21 and older ONLY! Then the teens can have their own site.

    Though I think kid protection should be up to the parents and not the internet website. If we want to protect our children then parents have to start getting smarter about the internet and who and whats on there. It’s like how my friend won’t let her son go over to a friends house were they have a gun that’s not locked away. I wouldn’t want to let my kids go to a house where they have a computer that’s not monitored, because there’s the same danger there, it just wears a different mask!

    Anyways, well there’s my two cents, take them for what they are worth!

  • missygail

    Sorry I thought I was finished….

    One thing that the techno knowledgeable forget is the average newbie. There are people brand new to the internet plugging in and logging on every day.

    They figure that since the internet has been around for so long now that everyone must be up and cruising the internet.

    I do think that myspace is much more accessable to those newbies. Okay I’m done now.

  • Alicia

    Kevin, no problem, thanks for listening and letting me run with that.

    Missygail, you made so many good points.
    And btw, my page on myspace looks like some one hurled up a night sky and stars on it.

    The only thing I disagree with you on is branching off myspace. I’m on there and my kids are on there so it’s a family thing I wouldn’t want disrupted. Giving kids their own myspace…lying isn’t beneath a perp so they’d just lie about their age and find a kid’s pic on the web to use on their profile. That’s why my kids only add their friends or kids they’ve actually met.
    Applaud you! for stating it’s the parent’s responsibility to monitor their kids. If only we could get more parents involved with their kids. Yeah, it isn’t easy. Yeah, it involves actual work, so I’m glad there’s people like you who realize that.

  • ssbsts

    Kevin, you should have realized this article would be unpopular. The only people that read your blog are the techno elite.

    Next time write an article slamming myspace so you can cash in on these geeks!

  • Aaron Brazell

    Put your money where your mouth is folks. I’ve challenged my readers to do a less than one minute video explaining their choice of myspace or facebook and why. If I get enough of these (emailed to me) at, then I’ll put together the results and post the video. If you feel so strongly about it, tell me (and the world) why in video.

  • Melissa

    Mr Brazell, thank you for your ‘challenge’ to submit a video diatribe on what outlet we prefer for blogging. As a person who suffers from aphasia and stuttering, I am sure you can understand why I prefer an online, typepad based social atmospher to that of one that requires face-to-face communications.

    Personally? I prefer Live Journal, an avenue that I believe I was alone in mentioning. My posts are more widely read, more responses are generated and I feel better sense of community with my ‘friends’.

    Don’t expect a video from me. The juvenile part of my psyche, however, wonders how many druken nude frat boys will send you wildly inappropriate offerings simply because they can. I seem to collect those on My Space and Tagged, not so much on Live Journal since drive-by posting isn’t as common.

    Good luck! But the results really won’t mean anything sicne they’ll be skewed to predominately reflected the tastes and preferences of your audience. In other words, it won’t be a very scientific or even dependable statistical cross-section of the average blog user, now will it?

  • Aaron Brazell


    If you have to deal with drunk frat boys sending you nude videos on MySpace, you make my point for me. Thanks for that. I, for one, have never had anyone send me nude photos or videos (thank god).

  • Kevin

    the overwhelmingly majority of comments for myspace over facebook wasn’t enough?

  • Aaron Brazell

    Nope, I believe a better cross section is necessary

  • Kevin

    So you are going to ask your readers, which you have me outnumbered 30000000000 to like 10 to post their opinions in video format?

    Great cross section, you have been out in the sun way too long my friend.

    Also I thought Tank Johnson could go to camp and play in preseason, as opposed to other players that the comish has suspended.

  • Alicia

    I’m still on myspace waiting for those nude photos and vids to show up. Haven’t received any as of yet. But if and when they ever arrive, at least I know there’s a spam button I can use.

  • Aaron Brazell

    Kevin, you have way more commenters on your Facebook-MySpace story than I do. Give me a break. If you’re scared say so. Otherwise, let nature take its course. I’m confident of the results.

  • Kevin

    I am not confident that my readers from MySpace have video cameras, I mean they are troglodyte MySpace users after all.

  • Aaron Brazell

    You make a good case. Esp considering almost all computers (and def all laptops) have cams these days. ;)

  • Alicia

    Kevin’s not scared – that was a cheap shot. All he was doing with this entry was pointing out the inaccuracies in statements made about myspace. But I guess he should’ve expected this kind of reaction, I mean with a title like The Art of War….if you’re going to talk about defeating myspace you need to have your facts straight first. So turning it into a casting call isn’t going to help anything.

  • Aaron Brazell

    You’re more than welcome not to submit a video, Alicia. However, I am happy to take my argument to the territory of those who disagree. So, if no one support MySpace wants to add their opinion, well I guess we’ll have a bunch of Facebook users. :) Either way, no sweat off my back. I just want to hear what the populous has to say.

  • Melissa

    Hi Alicia, I have reported them. Just because you didn’t get any, doesn’t mean that they don’t get sent. My profile clearly states I am married and interested in friends and networking – absolutely no dating. However, that hasn’t stopped area “swingers” and some truly sick people from sending me garbage either. I’ve been with My Space only since February and have gotten an average of one per week. I’ve never had that problem at Live Journal.

    And no, I do not and will not own a cam. My handicap aside, I have a teenaged son. I don’t need that headache. Call me any name you choose, I think it is unnecessary to send video of you staring at the keys in concentration while you type. Maybe if I was in my early twenties and dating a guy a few hundred miles away I could get into being a”cam girl” but I think I passed that milestone.

    And for the record, I won’t join facebook. Not after watching the deplorable treatment of a friend. He was the one Geraldo mistakenly identified as the VA Tech shooter by splashing his Facebook account all over the news. To “punish” him for having pictures of guns on his site, facebook changed their TOS, made the changes retroactive then closed his account for his prior affront – despite his having removed the photos in question.

    The Federal government via the PATRIOT Act has deleted enough of my constitutional rights, I don’t need some corporate syndicate to help erode them even further, thank you.

  • Alicia

    Good luck with that non-biased video survey thingy. You’ve already heard a few of our opinions right here.

  • Alicia

    Melissa, thanks for reporting them. I just wanted to make the point that not everyone deals with that garbage. Maybe it’s due to my location, who knows. But thanks for taking some action rather than letting them move on to some one else. I’m sorry to hear about your friend on Facebook. That’s some heavy stuff there.

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  • yaya

    Aaron B., I’m jumping in to this conversation a bit late, but I just noticed that you referenced as a site that cares about user experience … are you seeing the same thing as I am?

  • Missygail

    I still like myspace!

    Alice you’re right about not splitting of myspace for teenagers and for adults. I was really only thinking of myself, but recently I’ve been worried about my teenaged cousins who are on myspace with 300+ in their friends list. I’ve been talking to their mothers and they do check up on the pages (I’ve given them a couple of sneaky tips as well). I realize that those mothers would have a harder time to check those pages if it branched off into teenage only and adult only. And you’re right sex offenders will lie.

    The bottomline is that it’s not up to yahoo, myspace, msn, or any other website/web hosting company to watch out for our children. It’s up to the parents. When my children are on the net I plan to hook their computers up with every kind of net nanny software I can find and then some. If they have a myspace or any other friend site I will have the password and access. If they change the password they will lose the computer. And never ever will I allow my children to have a computer in their bedroom!

    I don’t care if little Timmy knows better than to play with guns and little Suzy knows better than to talk to fifty year old men on the internet. The point is that they’re kids, they don’t know better!

    When you have some sex offender running off with a fifteen year old girl that he met on myspace or any one of those sites, please quit looking at the websites and demand an explaination from the parents!

    Another thing. I have a laptop and it’s old. It doesn’t have a cam installed in it and there’s no mike in it either. I have an old web cam that looks too dark to see anything, why would I want to send this person a video proclaiming something we already know to be true. Myspace is more popular, it’s not on the way out and this dude is just going to have to deal.

    Another thing. Speaking of sex offenders. On my blogger account I posted something up about a website that is a safe haven for pedophiles. In my blog I was bashing the guy who set up this site and my wish for it to be taken down.

    A man commented on my blog saying that I wasn’t a true liberal because I wanted to take this man’s rights away and have his website that is his right to free speech taken down.

    This man that commented on my blog was a self-proclaimed ‘boylover’. Disgusting isn’t it?!

    I tracked his profile down. He had a page on blogger which gave a link which led to Live Journal.

    I was nauseated after reading his live journal blog. The man didn’t admit to any acts, claiming a celebate life. But he did admit to an attraction.

    I contacted blogger and livejournal. Blogger promised to look in to it and get him removed. (I haven’t check recently to see if he actually was) Live Journal said they couldn’t wouldn’t do anything because he hadn’t done anything illegal.

    So if anyone wants to talk about websites that allow sex offenders to roam free, Live Journal will always be on my bad list….

    Again my two cents……

  • Andrew

    Guys sending pics and vids to random girls isn’t exactly rare, whereas girls sending stuff to random guys ?? If you know of a site where that actually happens, let me know where it is ASAP. My loyalties to MySpace will dissipate very quickly.. :-p

  • traxen

    Maybe its time to change this and create a social open db instead of different sites trying to nab eachothers users with having feature 1 or 2 as an argument. A common ground for all social networking sites that they can dig into if you allow them too. I could then use either myspace or any other social networking site and access the same content. It’s a roaming profile in short…

    But as said.. it should only be allowed to roam as much as the user itself lets it. Maybe I want to have my db on myspace alone .. and maybe I would want it on just a few sites and not hundreds.

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  • Marco Hansell

    Myspace isn’t going to die…and it certainly won’t go anywhere for quite some time, but I think there is evidence based on the recent climate that Facebook may be positioning itself to be a better community for businesses and consumers. Obviously if we compare numbers to numbers, myspace is bigger. But Facebook is growing its user base at a faster rate, and it’s system isn’t as susceptible to some of the crazy spam issues that are just killing Myspace.

    Yes, I’m apart of the tech crowd, but I am also apart of the music crowd and deal with a whole world of non-tech savvy users who express similar issues with Myspace.

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  • Daniel Larsson

    What people don’t seem to understand in any MySpace v.s. Facebook is the plain fact that MySpace users are WORTHLESS in comparison!

    I have maybe 50 friends that all (myself included) signed up on MySpace cause some bastard invited us. About 3 days after, and 900 ‘Friend invites’ by sluts, 12 year olds, and Bots we just stopped caring.

    MySpace users is not even a way of measuring popularity, hell every damned ‘myspace skin’ service has 25.000 friends, and every damned teenager has 20 accounts, so whats the value?

    Facebook on the other hand is a REAL social community, with verifiable users that actually read emails and get friend requests from people they have the slightest interest in contacting. I’ve been a member from the start and have not ONCE received a irrelevant friends request!

    MySpace v.s. Facebook? In my opinion its not even a contest, MySpace should be competing with cheap dating sites or teenage communitues (Ok if you sign up ONLY to make money, or contact bands it fills a function).


  • Kevin


    You are making sweeping generalizations though, there are plenty of useful communities on MySpace you just need to understand the site and how to look for them.

    Every social networking site has a ton of crap, that is to be sure.

  • Crystal

    I have to agree with you that facebook isn’t as good as everyone says it is. I had a facebook account a long time ago with friends, i was part of groups, etc. I stopped going there and when I went back 6 months later I had like 3 new comments at most and 1 new message. Most of the friends I had also stopped spending time there.

    I did the same thing with Myspace and I had 20 pages of new messages, friend requests, comments, and more. The difference was I left that myspace account only days after making it.

    People are more active on Myspace and there’s more people registered. Who cares about everything else? That’s the most important aspect of a social networking site, especially if you are promoting something.

  • Kathy

    Myspace = way too many people who give a crap about pop culture.

    People who give a crap about pop culture = generally undecuated.

    Generally uneducated = …really, do I have to go into it? Alright fine.. Generally uneducated = a lot of bad things.

    Therefore, Myspace = a lot of bad things.


    However, this (statement of fact *cough*) is only my opinion.

    Ppl dat t4lk lyk d1s d0n’ g1v3 4 fly1n sh1t 1f th3 syt3 d3y sp3nd 76% 0f th3iR L1f3z us1ng 1s 4 t0t4LLy wh4ck p13c3 0f sh1t.

    @Crystal & everyone: You make a great point. Anyone who’s arguing about which is better, including myself, is just wasting their time. The reason you use it (make new friends, or keep the old)–and how many of those people actually use it–is what matters here, and everyone has a different purpose in their social networking life. Personally, I like to keep in touch with current friends, and the majority of my 260 friends use Facebook daily instead of Myspace. Therefore, I am more inclined to use Facebook.

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  • Mr. Jones

    To be honest, I don’t care whether Myspace is better than Facebook, or the other way around. But watching you guys at it is awesome. (: