Dern it I got tagged with the 7 Random Facts meme

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 So Mary Emma got tagged by Kelly, Mary Emma tags me …

I’ve been tagged by Kelly, at Taxgirl, in this 7 Random Facts meme.  What are 7 random facts my readers would like to know about me, possibly in relation to my Home Biz Notes blog and my background for writing it? Source: 7 Random Facts About Home Biz Notes & Mary Emma

Now seven random facts about me (and I’m going to try to relate them to this blog):

  1. I’ve been using e-mail since 1988 (ish) my first account was on my college UNIX mainframe, pre-Eudora so all command line … no wussy GUI for me!
  2. My first computer was an Apple IIe (the family’s actually)…my second was a Mac SE with a 20 meg HD
  3. I had a notch cutter for 5 1/4 floppies (for said Apple IIe)
  4. I know how to set up an AppleTalk network
  5. I seem to always have more than one computer
  6. I write with fountain pens
  7. I hate fax machines

Okay now the fun tagging some other suckers, er, bloggers …

  1. Laura @ CFS Squared
  2. Hsein @ Eye on DNA
  3. Eric @ Commonsense PR
  4. Glen @ LifeDev
  5. Jim @ Genuine
  6. Mark @ his own blog
  7. Lloyd @ Fools Wisdom

I guess there are rules … but you know them by now (write your things, tag seven other people, let them know, blah, blah, blah).

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  • Lloyd Budd

    Thanks for the invite, I have been tagged many times, but I don’t do ‘em. A healthy meme carries itself ;-)

    It was only in May that I saw 8 Random Facts and back in December it was Five Things You Don’t Know About Me meme

  • Tris Hussey

    No worries Lloyd, this one is like Plague. It never dies!

  • Mary Emma Allen

    Thanks, Tris, for participating. Even though some of these seem to go round and round with a few variations, they can be fun. But I can understand, too, when some people simply get too busy to get involved. I enjoyed reading your 7 Random Facts. I didn’t know they had e-mail in 1988. Although we’ve had a computer since the first Tandy came out…at least it was an early Tandy.

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  • Hsien Lei



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  • Mary Emma Allen

    Thanks, Hsien, for participating. I enjoyed reading your 7 Random Facts.

  • laura

    ok pal,

    I did mine.