Unboxing a Nokia N95

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So much marketing has been placed into the Nokia N95. Here are some photos of me unboxing a unit just to show you the suspense and vigor that comes with unpacking something that is “the same as other things but is like nothing else.” The experience is similar to stacking up one of those Russian egg doll sets.



I’m greeted with a marketing tease of the product. It is no joke that one spends for roughly the price of a decent spec laptop just to get this phone. Might as well make the unboxing experience for the new owner gleeful, helping you justify the reasons why they bought this in the first place. Reinforcement is the key to positive self concept.


After removing the “teaser” packaging, you get the box with the phone itself lying comfortably on more neat-o packaging. You get answers to the soliloquys mentioned in the previous box. The Nokia N95 is more than just a phone. It drives the point through and through and through your skull. Again: Reinforcement is the key to positive self concept.

Nokia N95 set
Nokia N95 photo front
Nokia N95 Photo back

Hands on to follow.

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