Favorite Family Guy catch phrases

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Glenn Quagmire:
Alllllll riiight.
Giggity giggity goo!
Ollie Williams:
It’s Gon’ Rain!
Cleveland Brown:
Oh, that’s nasty!
Joe Swanson:
Stewie Griffin:
What the deuce?

Damn you all!

Victory is mine!



Damn you vile woman!

I shall kill you!

I say fat man!
Peter Griffin:
You bastard.

Freakin’ sweet!

Oh Crap!!


Holy crap!

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  • justin

    you forgot stewies catch phrase “a dead louis”

  • http://www.stewiesplayground.com erik mason

    I just remembered what stewie said when peter tried to get him to swim and stewie said”go away fatman”it was so hilarious!

  • http://yahoo.com ronald gomes

    yo. that was hillaries dog.

  • http://www.bebo.com Sophiie

    I Am A Recent Fan Of Family Guy And I LOVE Stewie And His Cathphrases.. Also I Can Do An Impression Of Cleveland Quite Well..

    Love The Rock Lobster Song By Peter When Hes Trying To Cheer Up Cleveland.. LOL Funny.. =]

    Signed Sophiie.. X

  • http://www.google.co.uk robbo

    love all tha characters of this programme! Stewie is the funniest..

    u hav smelly dog farts.. lol

  • wEndy

    I l0vE Stewie… He s thE m0st funny 0f thE sh0w… i l0vE it whEn hE sAid t0 briAn: whErEs my m0nEy whErEs my m0nEy bitch… And t0o thiS phrAsE . Ewww a bAnd aiD hahahaha

  • jorge

    how do i hear these quotes. i want to downloand the joe swanson one.

  • Anastasia

    i loooove stewie’s catch phrases… and you forgot his catch phrase “you sicken me” :D

  • Robert

    OMG I FREAKING LOVE FAMILY GUY Stewie is my Fav (Giving up breast milk was the hardest thing ive ever had to do)

  • Gareth

    I dont know who does this one, OH HEY or something like that. any one help??

    • Dolomite

      You mean the guy with the very foppish sounding voice, who has actually spoken about having “met someone” that day. He tends to say “ehhhhhwww nehhhwwww” in a fairly high-pitched tone, a foppish way of saying “Oh no”, when something only mildly bad has happened. His name is Bruce. He seems to pop up often in a number of different roles.

  • Markb101

    I remember the kool aid always bursting into the courtroom and going OH YEAH!!!! lmao classic

  • clare

    brian: your drunk
    stewie: your sexy.

  • http://yourmom.com Dalton Black

    don’t forget when stewie says, do you hear yourself when you talk? I might kill you tonight. the way he says it is hilarious.

  • http://www.colar.com cory black

    what about brain

    • Dolomite

      I’m convinced Brian is really a replacement for a black man. He gets so much of the equivalent mistreatment that black people got and probably still get, especially from the police. And I think everything Stewie does is all happening only in his own mind, even though we see it acted out in each episode. The far out things, that is. One reason is because he can say some horrendous things straight to Lois’s face, and out loud, and she acts like she didn’t hear it at all. And when the “camera” pans out and we see a wider shot with a few people in it, Stewie often becomes totally inactive, like he’s nothing more than a 1 year old baby. And one more reason…he’s just a one year old baby.

  • Hunder

    HEY EVERYBODY family guy roooools GO TO HELL heh heh stewie

  • http://computerposts.createmybb3.com

    I LOVE FAMILY GUY! Stewie is Best! Love peters “Bird is The Word” Song epic!

  • Liz

    Stewie Griffin… pmsl… my hero!! and Brian… he’s a legend! ;o)x

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