Peyton Manning is tops, but what about Marc Bulger?

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NFL Football at its best. NFL Football at its craziest.

Ok, go ahead and rev up your brain, because we need to pick apart the QBs in the NFL. There is Fantasy Football coming up and there are teams to draft.

Last year if you took Peyton Manning, you were lucky as he racked up the TDs and the yards. Well, maybe we should not talk about picking Peyton as luck when all of us know he racks up the stats year after year with a consistency not seen by a pro athlete since maybe Hank Aaron in baseball.

So once again Peyton will have to be put at the top of the Fantasy QB draft list.

He’s the model of consistency among all fantasy quarterbacks, passing for at least 4,000 yards in seven of his nine seasons and completing at least 26 touchdown passes in every year. What’s impressive is that those feats are difficult for quarterbacks to achieve in a single season. Only five signal callers (Brees, Manning, Bulger, Palmer and Jon Kitna) reached 4,000 yards last season, and only three quarterbacks (Manning, Palmer and Brees) threw for at least 26 touchdowns in 2006. But Manning has achieved those baselines on nearly a yearly basis. In fact, Manning has a legitimate chance to finish first in passing yards and touchdowns every season. This past year, Manning finished first in touchdown passes (31) and missed being No. 1 in passing yards (4,397) by just 22 yards. source

When you look around for a number two quarterback a lot of them come to mind. Try Donovan McNabb, Tom Brady, Carson Palmer, Drew Brees, or Marc Bulger.


Marc Bulger of St. Louis. Better face the facts right now that Marc is a superstar in this league and add in the fact that this is a contract year for him. Many teams, including my very own Lions covet the Bulger and would love to call him their number one signal caller.

Under the guidance of new coach Scott Linehan, Bulger established career highs in passing yards (4,301) and touchdowns (24) last season. The Rams added Tennessee’s No. 1 wideout Drew Bennett to provide Bulger with one of the league’s top No. 3 wideouts and as insurance against aging Isaac Bruce, 34, as St. Louis’ No. 2 receiver. The maturation of the Rams’ young offensive line, anchored by All-Pro Orlando Pace, ensures that Bulger will have more time to throw this season. He was sacked the league’s second-most times (49) last year.

Wait a minute; we are talking about Marc Bulger, right?

Let’s look at this way: Which NFL quarterbacks are better than Marc?

Brady and Peyton Manning are the top guys, obviously. They post consistent numbers and they win the big games.

Drew Brees and Carson Palmer might be the next two in the pecking order, based on their big playmaking ability and their growth potential.

Donovan McNabb is in the Top Five, too, although he has suffered tremendous wear and tear while trying to will the Eagles to greatness.

Matt Leinart and Philip Rivers might some day have similar value, but both are still in development.

Tony Romo, Alex Smith, Rex Grossman, Jay Cutler and Vince Young may have tremendous futures, too, but they haven’t defined their real value yet.

Ben Roethlisberger? He was on his way to greatness before The Crash. Now we’re not so sure. He got picked off 23 times last season. Twenty-three!

Matt Hasselbeck? He’s pretty good, but he makes more mistakes than Bulger.

Jake Delhomme? If you like gunslingers, you love Jake . . . but he hasn’t been nearly as consistent as Marc.

Byron Leftwich? He has lots of potential, but much of it has gone unrealized.

Brett Favre? Once upon a time, he ranked atop the league. But he hangs too many passes into traffic.

Eli Manning? Please. His career may be heading south instead of north. The Giants may soon wish they had Rivers instead.

Daunte Culpepper? The Dolphins have gone years without a top-flight quarterback, so if they want to dump this young man . . .

Michael Vick? He is sure fun to watch dart around the field, but we’re not even sure he can actually play quarterback at this level.

Steve McNair? Great guy, tremendous leader, borderline Hall of Famer — but not quite a Bulger-caliber quarterback in the autumn of his career.

Chad Pennington? Smart quarterback, but he lacks the arm to zing the ball into tight places the way Bulger does.

Damon Huard? He did a fine job as a fill-in last season. Now let’s see if he can lead a team for 16 weeks.

David Garrard? See Huard.

Trent Green, Mark Brunell and Jeff Garcia are at the end of their runs. David Carr and Joey Harrington have become rebuilding projects. Jake Plummer retired prematurely after failing in Denver.

Through the process of elimination, Bulger’s value becomes clear. He has very few peers in the NFL.

And this guy has no contract extension?

Jon Kitna will be a solid quarterback in Detroit this season, but he won’t deal the way Bulger can deal week after week after week. If Bulger heads toward free agency, Mad Mike will struggle to control his drooling.

Ok, my turn to draft, need a QB, uhhm…Marc Bulger! (Squibster Full Disclosure – Marc was on my bench behind Carson Palmer for half of last year)

NFL Football Fan Question Are you a Bulger fan?

As always, any NFL Football related comments are welcome.

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