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I’ve found another online game I really like. It’s called Scrabble Blast and you can play it for free at MSN Games.

It reminds me of one of the kids games at Webkinz, that I mentioned quite a bit ago. Sadly, that website has gotten pretty addictive as well. It’s another great example of very simple games (it’s geared towards kids) being challenging enough and fun to really hold your attention.

Webkinz was down this evening for a bit and I was searching for a little brain exercise and stretcher in between getting some other things done. Scrabble Blast foot the bill nicely. Regretfully, you’ve only got a few levels to play online in the trial before they encourage you to download the full-blown version, but the stages are fun as it is.

The challenge of Scrabble Blast is that you form words by linking together letters that are next to each other in line. The strategy really comes into play as you start to realize how to play a couple of moves in advance to get the letters to line-up for a high-point word a little later.

Go Uncover some word fun for yourself at MSN Games with Scrabble Blast.

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  • brycecantreed

    I went out of my way to form “malfeasant” in one game, sacrificing a few turns, and then found that Scrabble Blast didn’t recognize it. It screwed up that whole round. You suck, Scrabble Blast.

  • Sandra

    I enjoy Scrabble Blast – but now their ad at the bottom obscures the bottom line of letters. Too bad – it was a good game. And, ironically, the ads will get seen even less because no one will play.

  • http://yahoo DELORES Davis

    I love scrabble blast but cant seem to get to it. Iwoulud like to buy it

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