Quick Tip: Recognize when You Can Do No Right

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There is such a thing as a no-win situation.

Quick Tips

Many organizations find themselves in the doghouse, either because of a real or perceived transgression.

When the media are criticizing every company statement, while also blaming you for being silent, it’s tempting to try to explain your story in great detail.

"If only I had a sympathetic ear," you think, "I could convince people that we’re not a bad company. We’re just misunderstood."

Firing squad of toy soldiersWell, there are days, weeks or months when the media aren’t going to give you a sympathetic ear. You just have to suck it up, take the heat, and lay relatively low. Maybe you deserve the criticism, maybe not.

Thrashing around, asking for positive coverage, is the worst thing you can do, once the media smell blood.

When there’s a feeding frenzy on your organization, sometimes you need to fight back quickly, loudly and repeatedly.

But when there’s no way you can win, consider letting the time pass before floating your good news ideas.

This takes patience. And confidence that you will emerge and rebuild your good reputation once your company’s time of being blamed has passed.

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