ActiveSync Error Support Code: 80070008

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Wed, Aug 8 - 12:56 am EST | 11 years ago by
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I just received the error code below and not sure what it meant. Getting ready to Google it and see what I can find real quick. Already 1am though, so doubt I’m going to do any hardcore research this evening on it.

Here’s my Google search on the error, hopefully I can find something quick and or have more time to diagnose tomorrow.


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  • Roofshadow

    That’s ActiveSync’s “out of memory” error. Disconnect your device, stop all running programs, reconnect, and try your sync again.

    Here’s a link to the forum where I found the solution:

  • Jason

    Bingo! That was it. Thanks for the answer, just used it again when I was getting the error code above.

  • DeFries

    Thanks for this post. This did the trick and I am now back on sync :)

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