Zurich National -The Worlds’ Best Internet Bank or $50 Template?

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“Zurich International looks like a template online payment system vamped up by the Dosware Team, a Ukrainian outsourcing software company.”

There is a popular software package which has been widely available on the Internet for years now. Well…I say ‘popular’, but what I really mean is cheap and easy to get. This software package allows anyone to set up their very own payment processor. In reality, this is a simple PayPal clone.

Zurich National -The Worlds’ Best Internet Bank or $50 Template?With this package and a domain name (URL) you can process incoming and outgoing customer payments (wires, checks, Western Union, e-currency etc.) and issue your own private digital currency. This kind of payment processing is the conversion of national currency (USD, EURO, YEN) into digital currency units.

The new software and domain will allow anyone to accept client accounts, take their deposits and issue them digital units. This kind of system is essential to any online scam. Also you don’t have to be running a scam to operate the payment processor, you can outsource it. However the super sized combo of payment processor / HYIP has become very popular the past few years. The process of accepting victims national currency and issuing them digital currency is precisely how any online scam gets their funds (takes in money).

Do you want your own online payment system, just like Zurich National, right now…do you have $50?

These ‘turn key payment processor’ software packages are cheap and easy to find. Set one up and you to can process payments without any license, make up your own rules as you go and block out any notion of jurisdictional regulations. Ah, don’t forget it can be run from any server in any country around the globe. The chances are very good that that your new financial business would be considered illegal in most jurisdictions, but who’s watching? Right? Certainly not the folks in Zurich, Switzerland. (insert sarcasm here)

There are probably a few dozen places you can buy this software online but here is the fine selection I found searching Google in just 5 minutes. Keyword, “paypal clone”.

  • DoswarePAY The better software solution to start your own PayPal, StormPay, SolarPay or e-gold type of online business.
  • PaySite The ultimate software solution for those who wish to run their own Paypal, Stormpay, or e-gold type of online business. $199
  • cuSell IPS The ONLY TRUE Paypal clone around $350
  • Software-Discount-Sale.com Payment Processor Script Like Paypal & Stormpay $47
  • plx Pay v4.0 Own your very own payment processing website $490
  • DeskPay start their own digital credit website $150

This month, August, I have been taking a look at online payment scams and unlicensed financial business. The following text is from a July 30th post entitled Unlicensed Internet Financial Services?

In my travels its seems the digital currency ‘industry’ offers the world’s finest selection of ‘grey area’ businesses. Online business that uses digital currency also seems to be permanently linked to:

  1. Unlicensed and unregulated ‘investment’ companies soliciting [stealing] funds across multiple jurisdictions
  2. Businesses labeled ‘banks’ that are not directly affiliated with ANY part of the banking industry and not licensed anywhere except in some delusional world of ‘cyberspace’
  3. Online payment systems cash flowing national currencies from civilians for the investment scams


From my July 30th post let’s take a closer look at Zurich National.

Zurich National -The Worlds’ Best Internet Bank or $50 Template?

We’ll start with false claims found on the web site.

(1) Is it really an Internet Bank? NO, of course not. Zurich National is not a licensed bank anywhere.

(2) …all funds are held securely in our in-house bank? What does that mean?

(3) …we are headquartered in the world financial center of Zurich, Switzerland? Turns out that the ‘bank’ has only been registered online since October of last year and that the operators used a proxy service to register it. Hmmm wonder why they did not use their Zurich office address? Of course there is no operation in Switzerland, that is not true but very funny/entertaining to read.

Registrant: Domains by Proxy, Inc.
Registered through: EpicDomains.com
Created on: 19-Oct-06

(4) …© 2004-2006 – Zurich National? See above date. They should have changed the original Dosware template which was dated back to ’04.

(5) …allowing us to offer full service internet banking to anyone in the world? Again with the ‘banking’ statements?

Moving on…..at least the owner prepares victims for their eventual financial loss. This question is from the FAQ section, “I made a deposit, but I don’t see it in my account. What happened?”. I can answer that one, its GONE. Suckers.

Dig a little deeper and you will find that a Google search reveals this post from a Internet forum,

E-Wallet Money Transfer/Eschrow Company
Posted by xander
I am looking for a business partner for www.zurichnational.com and www.znpay.com— open to all offers –do not want to sell but would perfer a company that offers employment overseas–with money transfers back to Great Britian. I live in Fort Stockton Texas USA– but I live in Woodbridge East Anglia for three years while my dad was in the Air Force– I loved it there. I am a teacher and a Vietnam Airborne Infantry Vet. Y ou can contact me at davidneyland@go.com or admin@zurichnational.com

Zurich National -The Worlds’ Best Internet Bank or $50 Template?What’s really funny about Zurich National ‘Internet Bank’, is that when you look back to the Internet Archive you can only find one page of their web, from October 23, 2006. If you scan down to the middle of the page you can still see the original ‘Latin looking’ template text that appears on generic web site templates.

Zurich National -The Worlds’ Best Internet Bank or $50 Template?Here is a side by side screenshot, of the finished web and the generic template from Dosware still containing the filler text. These shots came directly from the Internet and the Internet Archive. Kind a funny how a big Bank headquartered in Zurich Switzerland would leave their Dosware template online.

Dig a bit deeper and you will finally arrive at this web site – DealASite.com which is a business market where web sites are bought and sold. Surprise!! There you will find Zurich National Internet Bank listed for sale.

Yes! That massive Internet Bank operation headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland is up for sale. The current bid is about $800 bucks :-) Here is the listing.

Completely operational payment gateway, similar to paypal. Comes with two primary domains:
Hosting, SSL, etc all paid up until Oct 2007. Not an off-the-shelf package. A great deal of custom programming has gone into the functionality and security of this product. Extended management contract can be arranged, if desired.

Just for the record, the good folks at Dosware will also sell you a turnkey software web for your very own HYIP to go along with the payment processor. In case you have been making a 600% return each month on stock trading and want to help others less fortunate, wow, Dosware has already made an investment web site created specifically for you!


Dosware HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) script allows you to manage members and E-gold/IntGold/StromPay/E-Bullion deposits. Dosware HYIP script supports unlimited payout plans, flexible template system. Features include full integration with E-gold/IntGold/StromPay/E-Bullion payment gateway, advanced statistics, internal transfers and many more.

The Internet is a place where all of your International Offshore Banking and High Yield Income dreams can come true…if you have $50-$100 to get started.

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