Amy Winehouse On Drugs Holiday In St Lucia | Fresh Scars From Injecting Heroin

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Amy Winehouse has been on holiday for the last week, sunning herself and relaxing on the Caribbean island of St Lucia.

The News Of The World has pictures of the troubled British singer and hubby Blake Fielder-Civil on the holiday, and are claiming some of them show fresh fresh scars and sores from shooting up heroin.

Amy Winehouse Heroin Scars

These new shocking pictures come a few weeks after the pair had a bust up, and pictures were published showing Winehouse with bloody feet after allegedly injecting heroin in to her toes.

The pair decided to get away and have a break after quitting rehab twice in the 3 weeks since Winehouse overdosed on a cocktail of drink and drugs.

The News Of The World have statements from experts warning:-

“Amy’s sores are consistent with heavy drug abuse, she’s definitely heading for the grave”.

“People like this die.”

“You are left with lesions on the skin from digging around trying to shoot up in the same vein.”

“It looks to be heavy usage, someone using a fair bit.”

“She is mixing a number of substances which are very dangerous, all on the back of very heavy alcohol abuse.”

“She is only petite, and this is very damaging for the organs. She needs to get help urgently — and if she doesn’t she will end up dead.”

I’ve been saying for weeks that I can’t see a way out, and that’s proving true for both Amy and hubby Blake. When you’re this hooked on something, and it’s killing you, you need to admit that it’s a problem, unfortunately it seems the couple won’t even do that.

Amy, please stop pissing around on holiday and get yourself some help, whether it be the rehab clinic you seem to be allergic to, or people you can trust. If you don’t sort yourself out soon then I fear it’ll be too late and there will only be a shell left to save.


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  • Catherine

    I haven’t paid much attention to her but if she keeps this up she’ll be six feet under.

    She needs to check herself into a program that makes you sign a document saying that she is to be kept there at all costs.

    Celebrities pull strings and they are in and out of rehab like a ferris wheel ride.

  • Randi

    I’m sorry, I’m not a fan of people who can’t, or don’t choose, to try to help themselves.

  • Kyla

    What a waste!

  • Kari

    Unfortunatly if she doesn’t decide she has a problem and do something about it she isn’t going to have a life much less a career left. I can’t decide if it is a shame or a waste of a potentially great career.

  • Kelly

    How sad. She’s made her career off of being the rebel, I suspect it’s difficult for her to admit that she needs help.

  • James

    Leave her alone, all the great creative people of the world have problems, amy winehouse is one of those great people, ignore the tabloids and enjoy her music.

    • Yara

      well you won’t be able to enjoy her music when she’s dead ! would you ?

  • farley

    Yes, artists need freedom to create and be themselves, but to stand by and watch someone destroy her life (which would obviously put an end to new art from her) is not the solution. Though I can’t say I know what is.

  • DaveP

    Thanks for all the comments people. I keep reporting the news on her as I’m hoping the more attention her problems receive, the more likely she’ll sort herself out.

    She was on the verge of having her career going global with a tour in America, and now she’s blown it.

    She really does seem to be the female Pete Doherty, uber talented but screwed up with it.

  • Pillbug

    Thank god she has wonderful people like you who seemingly know so much about addiction and know enough to post your wordly advice on a message board. Where else would the world be without all you amateur psychiatrists and drug counselors? Shit outta luck, no doubt.

  • DaveP

    Pillbug, this is called a blog, short for weblog, and is an instant news, reviews, lame comments kind of site. A message board is something completely different.

    What I have expressed is known in the trade as having an opinion. You should it try it sometime rather than just berating those of us who have.

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  • Jada

    i seriously doubt that anyone could distinguish those marks on her hand from being scars from drug use or from plain old scratching a little too much. its amazing how people just write her off to be a drug addict just becasue she has the money to do so. and if you ask me people need to be looking into her husband who i do have reason to believe that is the exact same one who got her into doing that mess if she even does. she is not a waste of talent. we all are human and make mistakes as humans are inclined to do. she just needs some one who supports her in everything she does regardless of her slip ups or her back sliding. i personally love amy winehouse and her music with all my heart and i feel i have to defend her since she isn’t able to do it herself. but if she is doing the things that are being reported about her then i do agree she should get the help she really does deserve. she’s one of the best artists out there and i would really hate to lose her.

  • DaveP

    No-one is writing her off, but if this kind of thing isn’t reported what are the chances of her realising the mistakes she is making and changing her life?

    She has plenty of people supporting her, especially her father and the rest of her family, but she keeps ignoring their pleas to do something to help herself get off the drugs and get her life back on track.

  • john cuthbert

    I am a father and feel for Amy’s parents, soon she will be no longer here………Please let her fame and talent be used to highlight the horrid side of drug use and not let her death be for nothing…..the poor girl has one foot in the grave now…………………..

  • DaveP

    I agree John, the longer it goes on without her getting help, or her life back on track, the more the chances are that she’ll die from her drug abuse.

  • tessa madgwick

    It is most likley that they are scars from herion! That’s what people on herion do they scratch there hand’s an feet my friend was an addict it’s not pretty it’s soul destroying stuff! I love amy winehouse and it’s so upsetting watching such a talented woman ruin her life i can’t imagine how her family feel! I just don’t know why she is doing it she is very lucky to have such an amazing talent!

  • seth

    i just really hope this wont turn out to be another janis joplin situation where her life ends before it really began

  • http://none JOJOb3

    amy is fantastic!!!!!! I agree with all of you. So were the pistols, thunders, stiv bators, and poly styrene. Imagine what they would sound like today?

  • Megan

    I think this is soo sad..She is so incredibly talented.She is obviously going through something and she obviously needs help.I hope things get better for her soon.

  • tukreno

    Such a pretty young girl with an amazing talent, I wish there something I could do. This is heartbreaking!

  • Chinadoll58

    Hubby will be somewhat clean after his stay in the joint. It will be like the “Days of wine and roses”. He may feel Amy is not good enough for him; being “clean” and all. He may think that she will pull him back to the “high” life;break the rules of parole and he’s going back. And what of Amy? Will she let the “pipe” smoke her and blame it on Love? Will she go back to black or fade to black? Her choice. Right?

  • ispas maria magdalena

    it’s a shame cause i finally found a singer i like very much.she’s different from all the others,and she’s the best.i’m sorry she has those issues with drugs,just like all the best singers.

  • gareth dream

    She’s probably an addict. But I’d be real surprised if the marks on her feet are from heroin. She’d have to use drugs for a very long time for all her good veins to be worn out and be shooting in her toes. She’s young yet.

  • mitsou

    I absolutely love Amy Winehouse. She’s one of my favorite female singers. She is totally gifted with her music abilities. However, no one is without flaws. Her’s just happens to be drugs. Not being nonchalant with my comment, but not for nothing, she’s admitted during the course of her music career of being a substance abuser, if not in interviews then in her songs. She’s not only battling heroin addiction, but also crack, cocaine, weed, eating disorders, and alcoholism. During an interview, she spoke about having manic depression, which is why she drinks so much. As far as that scar that’s circled on the back of hand and wrist, than can easily be a scar from a cut. She has also admitted to being a cutter. There’s actual footage of her cutting herself on her belly during a photo shoots. Amy has to want help in order to get better. As long as she is in a marraige with another addict, it’s gonna be pretty hard for her to come out of her comfort zone. Cause she totally worships the ground this man walks on. And if he ain’t gonna get clean, there won’t be much chance in her getting clean either. I guess the best thing we can do as fans is pray for her.

  • Tiago From Brazil

    She will die this year. Let’s put some money on it.

  • straight shootin junky

    let’er have it! who cares. millions of dopers around. let’em all have a final fix!

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  • Jenny

    Father we place into your hands the things we can not do.
    We ask for her protection body and soul, and pray for a miracle that would make her whole.
    In Jesus name Amen

  • javier fuenzalida moren

    she obviously lost the groove, …the thing is, if she need all this crap to made her marvel, …any way, it doesn´t feel good to see some idol destroing him self.

    …grettings from isla de maipo.

  • Zurie

    Poor Amy. I know how her family feel. My brother (a junkie) was clean for 5 years and then all of a sudden DECEMBER comes and he slipped again. Currently he is jail waiting for his trial. He stole money from his boss to supply his METH habit. We still love him no matter what, but we have finally had it bailling him out all the time. Only time will tell what will happen to my brother and Amy……

  • travis kvadus

    well addictions a hard thing to get over espically cold turkey , and those marks could of been her cuttin her self . shes been known to do be a cutter…….i wish i could save her with a hbi hot beef injection , she needs to come scuba diving in the florida keys…….And forget bout that blake cat…..artists do what they want , shes been a defiant one since early off………gain a few pounds and switch over to pills then get at me

  • stuuthatswho

    bollocks. another junkie rehashing an unoriginal, tired society, feeding the populus a diluted repackaged reinvention of a far more attractive and naive past. Ronson is a pusher.heroin is shitty. Since the might warred on Afghanistan its production of opium has increased dramatically. Where has all the acid gone?


  • lolsophie

    ” James
    Sep 4, 2007 at 7:01 am

    Leave her alone, all the great creative people of the world have problems, amy winehouse is one of those great people, ignore the tabloids and enjoy her music.”

    You dare to call that noise MUSIC?

  • jeremy

    amy makes beautiful sexy music, and let me be the first to say, she will lose me as a fan if she gets clean for you people. she loves getting high and i totally understand. its hard to see a problem with anything after you blast a 50 unit load. and in my opinion, the best thing about doing dope is the very fact that it could shorten your life. i know what you guys think about me and like amy winehouse, i don’t care…at all.

  • Juliet

    hello,, well amy is a great person, i know her when she was only 15 years old and in his time she drunk a lot and she smoke more than 10 cigarrets to day,, the answer : give her to the psiquiatrics please,, she is losing her lifee!!!,, Kisses

  • Brian

    The drugs influenze her music. It is part of her art and the music she creates. Whether you like it or not, it’s what works for her. Who is anyone here to jude?

  • steve c

    you guys are really pretty pathetic. like a bunch of old ladys gossiping about someone elses life. none of you know her personally so dont act like your tryin to help her, your just speculating and tryin to drag someone down. GET A LIFE

  • Shav

    Drag someone down?… I don’t think she can get much lower! Jeremy you’re just a loser and waste of oxygen. Watching the same happen to someone close, it’s doubtful she’ll recover, but if someone wants to destroy themself, what can anyone else do. And for the people that try and reason it “might not be”… stop deluding yourselves.

  • Iris

    Oh man. what a bunch of wastes.
    What a bunch of low-life, self-loathing, internet commenting, hateful, americans.

    Stop Binge and Purge for good.

  • chiva

    i bet half of you people talking “smack” about her drinck your selfs to sleep every night.she seems to be happier then most of you.

  • nikki

    Damn, how much to people want from this woman? She has a beautiful talent that she works her ass of to share with the world. A talent that will make it’s mark in history and bring joy to millions of lives…. but OH NO that’s not enough now she’s supposed to live up to some phoney modern puritanical values too.

    And what BS… the reporters are not trying to do her any favours, just pimping out her personal struggles for a profit. How sick. It’s kindness and undertanding that helps people, not public humiliation and hearsay.

  • Heather

    I just love her and her music, I dont care what she dose as long as she keeps perfoming. Amy is the only artist that’s touched my very heart and soul since my darling marc Bolan. She’s a fantastic artist and so different too all the plastic performer’s thats around these day’s. She’s Bloody Brilliant.

  • Paul

    Why does God bestow such gifts of genius in the arts and letters to ones so delicate and wounded of nature? Another of his mysteries we’re not meant to understand. I am saddened to see such talent and beauty in peril and so lost, awash in a sea of the sentient. I have, and will continue to pray that Amy and all who love her find the peace and love of the everlasting. Amy, I wish you peace and love and may God continue to bless your gifts for song, poetry, and feeling.

  • Lenaa’

    i Love Amy Winehouse:)

  • Hello

    Evry1 shod stop sayin stuff bhind her back so bog offf coz she i mi fave person in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bill

    I think everyone should just let her be.
    I personally love drugs just like she does.
    If I want to shoot up opiates, I’m gonna shoot up opiates. Nobody can stop me if i don’t want help.
    Same goes with her.
    If she wants to do drugs, she’s gonna do drugs. People just should get off her back a bit. I think that all of the pressure and negative social opinions are just driving her to do more drugs.
    I think if someone would help her realize that she’s better than this, instead of everyone saying she’s a terrible person because she uses, she wouldn’t be using so heavily.
    If you hate me for sticking up for a druggie, go ahead and hate me.
    I’ve used pretty much any drug there is. I got to a point where i shot up at least 30 roxicodones a day or 2 grams of heroin. I went through rehab and have been clean for 18 months. I get what she’s going through.

  • pitchblack

    yes, it’s her life, she can do with it whatever she wants to do.

  • F.S. Nujnic

    Leave them alone.
    We all need something to get through the day.
    Are your lives so devoid of event and interest that you’ve to pick at that theirs like scabs in order to forget your own’s poverty?
    We’re all just trying to get by.
    You’ve never made mistakes in your life?
    Be careful of the stones you throw.

  • sara

    eyyyy!!…ablen en español k no entiendo nada ….please not in english!!

  • sara

    amy is the best singer of worl….yeahh!!! she a wonderfull

  • http://28days Wolfy

    Give her 28 days with me. I’d fuck her so hard everynight that she’d stop thinking about drugs!

  • Darío

    She’s a great singer and composer. It’s HER life.

  • rd

    its better to burn out than to fade away. Let her be herself and chill out. She’s fantastic. Her music tells it all. Love u Amy. Keep the flame burning.

  • luisina

    we wont MADONNA in ARGENTINA and AMY to

  • Freak

    Why everyone cares so much?

    Do you guys really care about her or you just want something to talk about in your empty lifes?

    Really, why would you care?

    It’s her life, her body, her healf, her career, her money, not yours.

    She has more then 18 and does know what she’s doing so let her be. If you want to help her, do something to help her do not judge her or spread shit around.

    Besides there is a good percentage of marketing being done in there. In fact I kinda feel sorry for her for being surrounded of leechers that want to transform her problem in some sort of “public attraction” to work as a selling point.

    Anyway there are plenty of more important things happening in the world right now then a life of one of severall junkie singers.

    My 0.02c

  • Sheba

    She is the ugliest girl ever!

  • Kristi Laughlin

    Wow.. what is that stain/mark on the inside of her right thigh (left thigh from our point of view).. looks like period blood.. ugh

  • Matthew

    “Leave her alone, all the great creative people of the world have problems, amy winehouse is one of those great people, ignore the tabloids and enjoy her music.”

    Sid Vicious

  • Winn

    Amy Winehouse has a great voice and a wonderful talent for reaching out to people with her music.
    The continuing usage of drugs will end that. Those of you who love her music should get that!
    She is not a bad person for using drugs! She is an addict. By her own admission. She knows there is a problem which is why she trys rehab. She has no discipline which is why she can’t stay clean.
    Tabloids, websites, etc will continue to report about her problems with the partial intention of getting her attention (the other intention is obviously money). It’s like hitting her on the head with bad publicity and hoping to knock some sense into her.
    Those of you who say it’s her life and it’s her body and she should be able to do what she wants, don’t actually support her. All you are doing is watching her race down a path of self-destruction and cheering her on.
    She needs to get clean, otherwise, her music will suffer, her vocals will suffer, her body, mind, and soul will suffer, and the world will again lose another talented person…

  • Phillip

    She is just a waste. Get her off the stage until she fixed herself. Of course i like her music, but i cant listen to it, when i know what (I dont know if i can even call her) person sings this.

  • RJ

    Haha wow you people have never dealt with an addiction I see? Leave the poor girl alone. If I had pictures anytime I went to lay in the sun saying Id just done heroin Im pretty sure Id want to leave it all too. She makes music, take it as that. I dont see pictures of random suburb pedestrians on here because they do whatever they do? You’re all fucking pathetic. Get a life, so what if she wants to use drugs and drink? She’s rich, are you? I think not. She can afford to do whatever she wants and die the way she wants.

    You’re all fucking losers.

  • RJ

    Go fuck god up his ass, listen to christian Be-bop and deny the world has messed up people.

    The world is way more fucked up then any singer doing heroin, coke and ecstacy and drinking if you want to take a bigger look at things. But nah, its easier to ‘make fun’ and talk shit about someone else you dont know just so you feel better and stronger like some pope on a chair.

    Have you dumbasses really not realized that drugs and musicians go hand in hand?

    Just like bible preaching and making money do. Its life. It sucks, yes. But you dont have to worry about people wanting your pictures anytime you walk into dairy mart to buy your choice of drugs (smokes, alcohol, caffiene) so dont even say shit about her choices, it makes you feel all mighty and godlike inside, i get it, but grow the fuck up.

    Oh and you can talk whatever nonsense you wish about my comments, I will never be on this random site I found again, so have fun wasting your fingers away so you can feel ‘right’ about something nobody has the power or right to say its wrong or right.

  • gadarf

    She’s die.

  • nitaa

    dsde CANARIASS…: antes eras wapisima pero t as destrozado, tu voz m encanta pero… centrate… :) eres una gran influencia para muxos, yo incluso qise qedrme anorexima asi q… x favr CAMBIAAA
    Teq! :)

  • Mark

    Amy is a trip, but I love her stuff, so what if she’s shooting.

  • Roagidderlord

    Sounds like a very interesting concept! I want everyone to know about my innocent handicap I have a good fresh joke for you! Why do birds fly south for the winter? It’s quicker than driving.

  • amy

    wow, can’t believe these posts.. I agree that if someone wants to kill themselves more power to them, but I also believe due to being a huge layne staley fan that it is an addiction a lot of people can’t control.. People who abuse heroin or any lethal drug aren’t able to help themselves because it makes you very week. They need help, usually people who are hooked that strongly get there because they think if they try it, it will make them feel better because of everything they hear about it, if they had fucked up lives and just want to escape..but they don’t realize the effects it can have on you..I am a chemist and Know it will definitely kill only takes about 20g for someone to die from a heroin dose..
    If anyone knows someone with the problem..I will suggest
    They all need help, as much as you might get mad at someone for doing it and want nothing to do with the person don’t expect them to survive very long if you don’t help them and you will regret it if you don’t later!
    Its so sad that so many addicts die alone and helpless and people just sit back and watch it happen slowly without trying to help them.. believe me those people are in pain and suffering..they might be high but they sure as hell don’t feel any better!

  • MBlack

    damn i love SMACK

  • H’in fan

    amy….not stupped,she knows what’s best-The Royal smack

  • SerbiaPandemonium

    the world is upsidedown,she’s rich,so?….I W’d like to be on her place!Anyone don’t?Think so!

  • Dinah

    Here we go again. That Amy girl has some problems! But, I would like to see her show if she ever tours America, hope she comes to the midwest. At the rate that she’s going, her US tour might be delayed indefinitely.

  • Kasun

    How to by it

  • Joka

    Fuck you, stop stalking her. Furthermore i must admit that your experts are real experts.
    “Amys sores are consistent with heavy drug abuse, shes definitely heading for the grave.

    People like this die.”

    Seriously… WHAT THE FUCK!?

    • Hector

      obviously she was a drug abuser. she’s dead now dude. Very sad.

    • jacob

      first of…heroin scars!?!?!?! they are called track marks< and as far as "people like this die" what do you mean people like this? an extreamly talented singer thats worth about 40 million dollars?…hahaha. stupid fucks. she was a struggling addict and now she is dead. r.i.p. amy. you will be missed

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