Prince Sues YouTube

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Prince, aka The Artist Formerly Known As Clueful, has joined the litigious bandwagon ignoring the DMCA and suing YouTube — “to reclaim his art on the Internet.” Riiiight. Apparently, someone forgot to tell TAFKAC that his record label already has a deal with YouTube. Says the little purple weirdo:

“YouTube … are clearly able (to) filter porn and pedophile material but appear to choose not to filter out the unauthorized music and film content which is core to their business success.”

Like many other big media types suing YouTube, Prince makes three horribly wrong assumptions:

1) He thinks copyright infringement is as easy to spot as porn. Tits are easy to spot. Copyright infringement is harder to distinguish from fair use.

2) He thinks it’s YouTube’s job to spot his stuff. Actually, the DMCA says it’s his job.

3) He thinks YouTube’s value comes from copyright infringement. YouTubers upload two million clips per month. Even Prince himself claims only two thousand, total. The man clearly overestimates his importance to YouTubers. I couldn’t even find a good YouTube parody of the guy to post here.

This fool’s talking like it’s 1999. YouTube has already duly complied with Prince’s DMCA takedown notices two thousand times. Purple Rain my ass. We listen to Chocolate Rain now.

(Photo via Robert Burke.)

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  • http://none breanna

    prince is fuckin sav.
    you people need to stop
    dissin on prince and micheal
    jackson, because
    secrately everyone loves them.
    if it were not for them
    music would not be what it is today.
    so everyone hatin on them
    just shup up and stop throwin
    a hissey fit cuz you got no talent.

  • tahnya

    so did he win

  • Shirldene

    Odd. You would think he would be honored to have his fans and such showing they like him and his music enough to share it online for millions to see, like a lot of the artists do. They look at it as a fan thing and not a taking away from them thing. This comment is not a “hater” comment. I, just like millions of people my age, was a fan of Prince.. and still like his music from the back in the day. I don’t understand how someone with so much would ever sue because of fans posting their material… if it wasn’t for the fans the artists wouldn’t have shit.