Digitivity and the mobile marketing landscape

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Jonathan Bulkeley, CEO, Scanbuy

(live blogged from a presentation)

Jonathan Bulkeley

  • The mobile is the web access device of the future. In most of the dev world, it already is. In Japan, 90% access web on mobile. Phillippines, no computers, all phones. India is the same.
  • the web is difficult to access on phone now..so opp is navigation. How do you navigate from world to the web?
  • in Japan and other places, use the camera on phone as the navigation device. See something, point phone at it and get the web. You need the nav in the world. Visual tags, visual info.
  • they can be anywhere – posters, packages, information, products marketing – lots of things associated with it.
  • In Japan, 65% of phones have the software. In US 70% have cameras on them.
  • In France, one article with code – sent 30% of traffic to wap site via the code. Moving globally. Every handset will have the software.
  • In Japan, 84% of usage was in magazines. Read an ad…want to know where it’s selling..scan code, combine with GPS, can send you to places.
  • 47 different functions that the phone can perform on the phone. enter contact details, go to site, send an SMS, lanuch menus..can do about anything the phone can do.
  • You get info: who is scanning (gender, age, income, zipcode), where, what they scanned, when they scanned
    • Q: software on cellphone – is there experiences of advertisers driving it? A: In 1994, GM said they would never put RLS on print ads. We look for clients and agencies that get it.. early adopters.

      Q: In more advanced countries, are you using ecommerce? Can you purchase? A: not yet. but retailers are excited. they can put barcodes on the product..get product reviews in store. scan and pay and get it sent. The store can act as ecommerce. It will happen in next 3-5 years.

      Q: is there 2 way comms? A: In Mexico, geting people to transfer money between themselves with the code. the implications are limitless. You can put it anywhere and link it to anywhere.

      Q: can the tech be tuned to recognise logos and other images? A; the cameras are not great and won’t be for a while. Image recognition is there, but not yet with camera. We are doing client side decoding, you can do image recognition server side – but complex. Who decides what an image links to?

      Q: who designs code? A: you can change colours, but creative is limited to info. – needs to have the info at it. This is now web circa 1993.

      Q: who is the competition and how to you differentiate? A: there are a bunch of small tech companies worldwide. We have handset and servers and the background in media..we focus on that.

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      Update: Sorry for the up and down nature of the post. There are reasons. I’ve taken out references to what Scanbuy are doing and just left the general stuff about the state of the mobile web. Yes this means the post has changed from what has been quoted elsewhere. I’ve also stopped comments on the post (Saturday)- there is a lot of passion around the mobile marketing space – and what appears to be quite a few lawsuits about patents. I was getting statements from people who have a personal interest this, for a variety of reasons, and they were extremely partisan and getting too close to personal attacks against the commenters for me to be comfortable.

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  • Rachel

    Enough. For the moment I’m unapproving all comments and will go and take a look at what everyone has been saying. I’ll close comments on this article until then. There’s stuff being said I’m not sure about and would rather not have it on here until I understand a bit more of the bigger picture.

    For those who have not read the comments, there have been claims and counterclaims about interests, disclosures, investments and law suits. I’m not comfortable with what has been said, so doing a little investigating.