The ENTIRE Family Guy Star Wars episode

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Tue, Sep 25 - 6:39 am EDT | 7 years ago by
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Some kind soul uploaded the entire thing up on the webernets; let’s see how long until Fox tears this down, eh? Fascists.

Anywho, here is the entire Family Guy Star Wars episode for yalls!

UPDATED: YouTube keeps yanking these down about as fast as I can get them up – so be patient. I double-check that these are working almost every day.

Here’s the entire Family Guy Star Wars episode. YEEEEEE HAWWWW!!! (I apologize for the bad video quality)

Here’s some more higher quality clips:
Part 1:

Part 2:

NOTE: These are pretty much being yanked every freaking day, be patient, I AM checking this every day.

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  • Adoring Fan

    i luv u

  • your mom

    umm videos are no longer available, good job you ‘tard.

  • jared

    yeah i fox is gay

  • usuxor

    how bout you put some working links

  • fried chicken

  • darth griffin

    crap they took the videos down nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lilbz76

    Damn, I knew I shoulda stayed home and watched it when it was on, well guess I gotta buy it, Damn!

  • danzou


  • Wendy

    Got it – check again, I’ve got the entire episode.

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  • 950617

    famliy guy rocks

  • kenton

    FUCK you all family guy’S the fucking best

  • http://YOUTUBE.COM 950617


  • the guy

    umm if u want this episode that badly just dl it off torrents

  • Nick Kaske

    I was Able to see the whole family Guy on my computer and now I can’t. Do You think you can bring it back no!!

  • Darien

    that was awsome. i love this show and for some1 to show the entire episode, man o man. a @!#$&^* dream come true!!

  • Penis:YouAll

    u all like penis. Maybe for some its ok and for others not, none the less you will all die virgins and in your mother’s basment.

    No one loves you!

  • http://nipples me

    what season is that 1 from???>?

  • Miquéas

    I don’t get it. Anyone can watch the show on TV for free, but they can’t watch it on YouTube for free?! WTF?? That’s so gay!

  • El Barto

    Where in the Phantom Menance is it?!! I hate it when this kind of s#@&*! happens!!! (Didn’t Robot Chicken do this about 4 months ago?)

  • Uudd vader

    @#$%^&*($#@$%#$%$#$##@$##@$@#@#%WWWWhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn you fox network

  • Rakel

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  • nick

    mother fuker i never got to see it i hate you you dumb as i sware

  • Capt. Jack Sparrow

    Family guy Star Wars is the most excellent episode ever need I say more? make more sequels please!!!

  • dude

    put some dam working clips on there you dip

  • Stupid Fox

    Dang Fox, they took down every YouTube and Google video about Family Guy, due to copyright infringement. No one on this site took it down, Fox is just being gay.

  • Candice Pepperall

    I wish the entire Family Guy gang would just buy up their show from Fox so they never have to take orders from those pussy-trolls again.

  • hello

    penis in your mouth

  • http://idk hata

    this sucks i’ve been lookin 4 this movie 4ever and now i cant watch it cause it says “we’re sorry this video is no longer available”

  • penisbot

    u asshole get the working ones on here

  • http://shitface boby

    this is a massive peace of shhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttttttt
    its the worst website ever

  • Hella Pissed

    get the working ones on here!!!

  • montebest

    look youtube tears them down because they dont want to get sued. wendy has nothing to do with it not working, they where working at one time as any reasonable person would know.
    can you say “stick the blame”?
    no you cant, as much as you do it.

  • http://bob,com Bob

    You suck anus.

  • i hate haters

    why is it people who no nothing start telling the website owner hes/shes a dick and a fag when its nt there fault the links dont work the reason they dnt work is because fox made youtube take them off for copyright infringement i hate people who say things like tht ill tell u wat make a better website and put sme links tht fox hasnt took off

  • nate hansen

    copy the link into it’ll play

  • Gargon

    Try posting it on a lesser known site, such as, or

  • Devvin

    Hey, you may have missed the first one but don’t miss the second.

    Watch it before they take it down! Power to the people!

    Here is the link:


    - The Man