Unilever’s Axe Brand Adding Shampoo & Conditioner

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axe-body-spray.jpgUnilever’s Axe brand is extremely popular within its male target audience.  Currently, Axe is available as a deodorant body spray, deodorant gel and a shower gel.  It looks like Unilever (NYSE: UN) may be planning to extend the Axe brand to include a shampoo and conditioner.

Last week, The BrandWiki reported that Unilever trademarked “Axe Ready” through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office describing it in their application as hair conditioner and shampoo.  Of course, there is no word from Unilever yet whether or not they are working on a new Axe Ready product, but if they are, this sounds like a natural extension for the Axe brand.  In fact, I’m sure Unilever will have a great deal of success with it if and when an Axe Ready product rolls out. 

Unilever is proud of the Axe brand as you can see by the following key facts posted on the Unilever website:

  1. World’s most popular male grooming brand
  2. Excellent track record of advertising awards, including 10 Cannes Lions
  3. Established leaders in Europe and Latin America
  4. Developing strong positions in new markets, especially in the US and Latin America
  5. Sold as Lynx in the UK, Ireland and Australia    

What do you think?  I’d imagine Unilever will leverage the same kind of sexually implicit advertising they currently use for other Axe products to sell Axe Ready with similar positive sales results.  In fact, I don’t think they can go wrong with this brand extension.  It seems like an extremely safe way to exploit the popularity of the Axe brand name.

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  • http://www.perezfox.com Prescott Perez-Fox

    Well since men of that age group hate shopping, especially for grooming products, it makes this a natural choice. If the products aren’t packaged in the same box, they will be bundled in the minds of the consumer. And I’m sure we can look forward to some great work from BBH.



  • L

    I live in South Africa & am trying to obtain the “Organics” hair spa conditioner with essential oils for dry/damaged hair. I got a free sample quite some time ago. It’s the only conditioner that works with my hair. I unfortunately cannot get it in any of the supermarkets (Checker, Pick n Pay, Clicks & Spar) in South Africa and would like to know why. It is in a sea green plastic bottle. Please let me know where I can purchase this conditioner.
    Thanking You,
    Latticia Williams

  • Latticia Williams

    The only “Organics” that is in the supermarkets is the Dark green conditioner with mint & a red one.
    I’m looking for the seagreen bottle with essential oils for dry/damaged hair. I believe that Lever Brothers are the mnfrs. If not can you please inform me who the mnfrs are.
    Latticia Williams

  • http://www.brandcurve.com Susan Gunelius


    Unilever makes Axe products. I checked their website and found an email address for a contact in South Africa who works on the Unilever Carelines (customer service) for personal care products. You can find the information on this link:


  • IkeRay

    I know this is kind of old article, but just like to mention they have recently began market research on this by releasing a “trial” size in a bundle pack, just in time for the holidays.

    the pack includes body wash, body spray, deodorant/anti-perspirant, trial shampoo, trial conditioner, and (not mentioned on the front) 3 hair “gel” products, 1 time use packets. They also have a shampoo/condition (2 in 1) packed with 2 hair gel. first pack runs $9 (full body) while the hair specific (latter mentioned) runs $4.

  • AxeEffect

    Also of note, at Walgreens they are selling trial size version of two of the shampoos for 99 cents each. You will need to look for the cardboard display near the shampoo aisle.

    At this time, the Axe website makes no mention of the shampoo. This is the only place I could find mention of it!

  • elizabeth post

    you ad w/the pig is NOT RIGHT AT ALL – is that pig harmed in any way?

  • Fanny

    Why is it that you think it is all right to throw a pig down a flight of stairs in order to sell your shampoo???

  • karen beck

    It is disgusting how you cruelly used the pig in your commercial. The poor thing was most certainly terrified. You should be ashamed of your self and your advertising agency for using such a heartless ad.


    The Advert you are using with the Abuse of the Pig is offensive, cruel and inappropriate. Why would you think this would appeal to any normal sensible person ??? I hope your product is boycotted by all animal rights activists & caring people everywhere – SHAME ON YOU !!!

  • Alexandra Cull

    I am so very disappointed in your company. I have purchased your products in the past and after viewing your tv commercial in which a terrified animal is exploited for a “laugh” I cannot and will not support your company any longer. You have showed a serious lack of judgement and leadership and you should be deeply ashamed. I hope you do the right thing in immediately retracting the advertisement and publicly apologizing for your complete lack of awareness and compassion. Until that unlikely event occurs I will continue to share my disappointment with my friends, family, colleagues and community members and actively encourage them to make the same ethical decision.

  • Gary Shotlander

    Would like your comments on an article that demeans, degrade and is resented by the silent majority of men. This refers to the April 19th, 2010 article by Katie Engelhart in MacLeans Magazine page 39. There is explicit reference to mens genitals “CLEAN YOUR BALLS” campaigne by AXE.
    If this description of a womens genitals such as CLEAN YOUR CUNT” was implicated in the same way, I’ll bet you would have had millions of letters on your desk in a very short time.
    Could I please have your comments on this reference to a Unilever marketing tactic as outlined in MacLeans??
    Your comments will be expected.
    Thank you.
    Gary Shotlander