Monopoly at McDonalds

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It’s time for Monopoly at McDonalds again, a promotion that has been running for about 6 years over a few countries – if something works, repeating it is always a good idea. I’ve seen heavy TV promotion, lots of in-store stuff and online promotion. There’s bound to be print and radio out there as well. This is a big push for McDonalds.

They are actually running 2 games, one off-line and one on-line. For the off-line work, you need to colelct the various Monopoly properties from the game cards that are given out with the food. Make a set and you get your money. The on-line game cannot be combined, you play it completely separately; you get codes from food purchases, enter them into the site and get moves around a board. Again, get a set and win some money. The prizes are actually pre-loaded American Express cards, a great tie on for the two brands. They limit the number of times you can play to 10x a day, which is still probably slightly too much food for oneperson but would suit a family. The big prize is $1million, which is obviously large enough to drive sales up as people chase those missing peices.

McDonalds Monopoly

There’s a couple of things on the site that reassure players that this is for real, if they had any doubts even with a big brand such as McDonalds. The first is some stories from last year’s winners – rel people, real stories, telling how they have won the money. The second is the ever increasing ticker of the number of winners – if someone else is winning it gives you hope that you will as well.

Looking at the social media aspects of the promotion, I’m not sure if there was planned outreach.. The campaign has been going for long enough and has been successful enough that it may not be needed. There’s a lot of buzz about the promotion over the years already (for example, see this really nice analysis of the 2006 game and ways to win at badpirate.) There was a lot of anticipation on the game/prize/sweepstakes forums, with people discussing how many envelopes they need to write and other tactics needed to win; McDonald’s staff responded to emails from board members askign if it was being re-run with proposed dates and where the rules would be.

One strange insight that I found was a comment from a person who was unhappy with the rules this years and was wondering what McDonalds were doing about disappointing their loyal fans, then goes on to say that they only eat at McDonalds once or twice a year except during this promotion. The fact that someone identifies themselves as a loyal fan ONLY for promotions is something that probably never gets mentioned, from a value perspective they may not be high value over the year, but they could have a high influence factor for the rest of the year. The same person later posts about being a hype machine, getting all their co-workers involved in the game after explaining the odds. Interesting behaviour to take account of when planning these things.

Another side effect are the Craigslist requests and ebay auctions for guides, the Yahoo answers requesting information or pieces. The tools are being used to connect people about the game, far more than ever before.

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  • TG

    I did the online game first time and was given the virtual dice to roll it mentioned that if I had connecticut ave I won a $500.00 giftcard from Amex I had it punched it in and of course te site gave me errors and I contacted them I believe this is a huge scam not a monoploy maniac I had 4 little game pieces and was bored so figure I would punch them in

  • Charlene

    I can’t get on to play monopoly

  • ryan

    yeah its a scam half the codes you get robbed from rolling the dice, the other half makes you land on what you already hav.e

  • T

    It’s all a big rip off, I don’t know anybody from Kentucky that has won. Maybe that girl that sued them for 6 million pissed them off and they decided that no one from kentucky can win.

  • Marc

    I finally decided to actually get involved with the McDonald’s Monopoly game this year… I’ve spent a lil over $50.00 on random menu items at random locations and collected all the peices. I now find myself with all but one piece in every prize category… Conspiracy maybe??? Anyone else in this boat with me??? e-mail me at

  • ryan

    what a scam i got screwed outta 2 more dice rolls yesterday.. i won a stupid game download from real arcade, and the game just gives me an error installing… what a mother fu(king scam i am so pi$$ed

  • ryan

    mcdonalds computer programmers are a bunch of NOOBS you think when your dealing with a lottery like this, you would make sure your CODE IS GOOD peices of sh!t robbed me out of like 10 dice rolls now….. NOT COOOL IF I COULD KILL SOMEONE I WOULD

  • ryan

    yes i agree i have 2 of tons of stuff but cannot get the third, 90% of the time you land on something you have already., its defineatly a a scam, theres no way the dice rolling is even close to random. so gay its not even funny. .

  • JP

    The on-line version doesn’t work for many, many people. When I try to e-mail them the web-site keeps sending me to a FAQ. So if you play, you shouldn’t think you’re playing two games.

  • Rachel

    Having seen how much work it takes to set something up like this – and how many lawyers are involved – there will be no intention of scamming. the game is not even being run by MacDonalds, but by a firm called Corsis, which is a promotions agency. You always tend to use specialist agencies due to the complexity involved and all the legal issues.

    That said, the website is unstable and does not always seem to appear.

    Reading the FAQs they seem to do it by time – randomly selected times are chosen and the first entries after those times are winners. So it sounds like you can keep going round and round the board collecting 2 out of three of each set until you enter a code at the right time. (as an aside, I’d hate to have to had to design that, it does not sound fun).

    So the dice sort of does not roll at random – it rolls to give you everything except the winning tickets UNTIL the winning time ticks by and then you’ll get a winner. The winning time is randomised. When it ticks by, the first person to enter a code that has a possible winning hand will get it. That’s my reading of the rules anyway.

  • V. M.

    “Instant Win” prizes: hourly go, hourly chance, daily free parking, community chest (game download) are tied to randomized specific “Winning Times” per cycle.

    “Collect to Win” prizes: the property sets, are tied to specific “Winning Codes”. Odds are the code that gives boardwalk is in a dumpster somewhere.

    Its all in the fine print on the rules or “how to play” page.

  • JMcC

    anybody got boardwalk? I’ve got park place

  • Briane

    i dont no how to keep going on the monoply game.And why do u have to keep putting in codes just to keep playing the monoply game.

  • Angie

    We have been collecting the peices also and have several of each but are missing one peice from each color, I am thinking that these peices don’t exist.

  • richard kenney

    This game is a ripoff. I rolled a 7 which would have given me atlantic ave for a $5000.00 win and it only moved 6 spaces. I think something should be done for such a scam !

  • taylor

    you guy give great imformation but did not
    answer my qeustion.

  • john

    corosis, which rachel say, {“randomizZes”} winners is such a bs term, nobody wins

  • faith

    trust me this is a scam. I got a few pieces when the game came out now in Alberta there are nolonger any pieces the stores are out of them. I also can’t get onto the website to play. That to me is scamming the public. The game is not supposed to be over yet and I just go in now and ask if they have there supply of cups and containors from the company yet. If not I go to Tim Hortons for coffee.

  • marko

    There are no O’s only zeros on your code entries. That means the stamps you threw away for not working are your fault not Mcdonalds


    One word!!!No two…Make it three….

  • Rachel

    nope – only two words by my reckoning

  • Nicole

    I won twice in a row…The only thing i Don’t like about the game is the wait. I won $500 dollars on the online game board, But i have to wait 8-10 weeks for it… its kind of Lame. The second prize i won was a game download, i got that right away and it actuall a pretty nice prize sine we play it everyday! *i picked the monopoly game*

  • Christy

    Come on people, this is a FREE game. It is supposed to be all in fun. McDonald’s is a big company, do you really think they are specifically targeting YOU to not get your prize? Wake up and enjoy it for the fun of it. If it stops being fun, stop playing, but really stop compaining.

  • Audrey

    Total Bull$hit, I lost out on the 6 spaces twice. This game is a total ripp off. Too bad they are ripping off our children as well. So much for Mcdonalds and their multimillion dollars they make on a daily basis. Total greasers!

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  • peapod

    Collecting Board game cards-

    I partly agree with Angie above who mentioned certain game stickers don’t exist. Oh they exist alright, just in very few numbers. I’ll use the stations for example. Fenchurch, Marylebone and
    Kings cross are in excess. But Where is LIVERPOOL ST ? Nowhere to be seen, except residing in the UK with lots of delays. Here’s a recent example on with one
    Liverpool station sticker going for a cool £51, (last I checked). 220218221451 – Note, there’s NO picture and the seller isn’t a 100% feedbacker. To state the obvious, I would not advise risking it if you own the other 3.

    Dodgey scandalous stuff mikey dee.

  • hanger

    Collecting game stickers,

    Posted this before but the draconian who owns the blog removed it, (assuming it was spam I guess). I won’t include the links to back myself up. I agree with angie above, there are in excess of certain game stickers, very few of others. I’ve yet to see certain stickers.


  • Rachel

    Hey hanger -don’t call me a draconian!!!! I’ve checked all the comments I received (they’re all in my email) and I’ve not got one from you before. What may have happened is Akismet (the automated spam trap) caught it and never showed it to me – I get that much spam I rarely find the genuine comments that get accidentally caught.

    If you want me to add some links to your comment email me – up in the top right side of page. I should get that and will edit your comment. By the way, this post is about the US game last October; if you are playing the UK game, there’s a discussion developing

  • hanger

    Apologies Rachel, I’m just tired of submitting stuff to boards & blogs only to have it removed 2 secs later. Many thanks for the link.

  • proslaviy

    Hi, how I can send PM?

  • Rachel

    A PM to me? email is in the sidebar.

  • O

    jeeze…u ppl who have one space left open on every color, the odds of rolling and landing on those spaces is NOT 1 out of 6 or whatever the odds of a fair dice roll is. The odds of you rolling that particular winning number are calculated based on how many prizes McDonalds is giving away. it’s fair and random, but the odds are against you (as given in the fine print).

  • http://notapplicable Jeri

    Scam or no scam – I’ve received 25 coke reward points twice with 18 codes entered. That’s 2 free 20 ounce drinks – with little to no effort!!! :)

  • Kris

    Its obvious; if you only have one space left until you win something, your not going to win it right away. they want you to go to their store, give them money, and play the game. If you buy alot of things, then you have alot of stickers. so if you have more stickers you acually might win, but you have to realize your not going to win with 20 stickers you might win with 100 trust me i know alot of business people its now a scam its a promotion and if you give them what they want they’ll give you what you want….I rest my case

  • Kris

    but there are only a few winners a year so you better get alot of stickers

  • http://yahoo SUSAN

    Hey is stamp number 271 a winner or #272

  • http://yahoo SUSAN

    compare stamps and lets win something – people

  • Glenda

    I have Arches Avenue. How hard is it to find Golden Ave? Is that the one everyone needs?


    What # do you have susan #272 or #271 Let’s compare

  • brandon jones 360-508-8448

    i have piece 272
    i need 271 its 100000
    ill split the winnings
    hit me up

  • brandon jones 360-508-8448

    my cell is 360-508-8448

  • Alyssa

    On all the color sets I have all colors except for one.
    These are the ones I am missing:

    Comment if you have any of these. I have read up on stuff and I realize these are the pieces most everyone is missing. But it doesn’t hurt to try.

  • Debbie

    Sandy if you have 271 I have 272. Contact me at


    gee, i wish i knew a way to get free mcdonalds monopoly game codes(if there is a way?)

  • sophia

    im playing both games to. (online and board game) i have two of most but need the last paice to win. i think they arent out there me and my boyfriend eat mac donalds all day everyday we get like 10-12 stickers a day. but they always seem to be the same stickers over and over but we don’t be to upset cuz we no we still got a chance online. but when we play that we either landing on the same things over and over. or we miss the winning piece by 1. sumtyms we think its rigged but we won’t give up cuz you never know.

  • Cat

    If anyone has #272 I have #271. We can split the 100K. Let me know

  • Jeffrey

    The Monopoly game is SUCH a scam. Ive seen the odds. You have a 5 times greater chance of hitting powerball than getting the Boardwalk ticket so if you want to get rich, spend your money on Powerball tickets, not Mcdonolds food. All youre going to do is get fat and be miserable. Its not worth it. This is as close to a illegal scam as you can get.

  • Cntryblueeyedgirl

    I am not just another random person complaining cuz I didn’t get what I want. I do BELIEVE 100% that this game is a RIPOFF!! I’ll tell u why. I had 14 dicerolls (and 2 double rolls making it 16 all together) and out of them all-I only got 2 new properties. Rest of rolls I landed on same properties going around board or landed on parts like the light company that don’t matter. I couldn’t believe it. So far I have 1 property from each property set color and I can’t land on another property within that set. Total ripoff!

  • trucker mike

    Does anyone have McDonalds Monoply piece #122 Park Place? Will split with you.

  • mark

    To Trucker mike,
    I have Park place sticker, USA game board.

  • Becky

    10-23-2010 Does any one have # 771

  • Toya


    Do u have boardwalk?