Free Download: Baseball Mogul 2007

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    Oh, my. The good folks at Baseball Mogul are giving away the 2007 version of their game. No, it’s not brand spankin’ new, but this is a fantastic sim and did I mention it’s free?

    I just downloaded my copy and am replaying the Padres 2006 season. First move? Sign Roger Clemens for 1 year at $11.1 million. Second move? Trade Ryan Klesko and his $10 million contract to the Yankees for Wayne Franklin to clear a little payroll for Clemens. :-)

    Ah, I love a good sim. And I really love a good, free sim.

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      • Gilbert

        The Baseball Mogul games are a must for any semi-nerdy baseball game — it’s the only video game I’ll actually play somewhat frequently. It’s amazing the different kinds of baseball simulations you can do in that gaeme.

      • Joe

        Thanks, Geoff.

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      • ray

        anyone have the full version of baseball mogul 2007 the downloadable version is now off the market i can’t download it for free anymore can anyone post their copy on this site? thank you

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